Good Night | short horror film

Good Night | short horror film

Good Night was a 2013 Screamfest official selection.

Country: Slovakia
Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere a couple is looking for a room to spend the night. The guests are rather weird. Their hosts are very tempted by the black suitcase. Something of tremendous powers is to be unleashed upon this world.
Directed By:
Peter Czikrai
Produced By:
Peter Czikrai
Written By:
Peter Czikrai
Main Cast:
Marko Igonda, Zuzana Sulajova, Tomas Gal, Stanislava Vlcekova, Gabriela Marcinkova & Alexander Barta

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6 Responses to Good Night | short horror film

  1. Marko Butković says:

    Amazing as always .

  2. KATE CREATION says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the incantations these people say have any validity cause I don’t want no jumbee crawling out my Tv lol

  3. Kris Latoya says:


  4. Astar Sheran says:


  5. Meredith Wilson says:

    Will there be a continuing story on this?? It was amazing!

  6. X3 Replayz says:

    🤢😫😫 bloody film

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