GOOD NIGHT SWEETIE – Short Horror Film (inspired by the Creepypasta tale)

GOOD NIGHT SWEETIE – Short Horror Film (inspired by the Creepypasta tale)

Directed and written by Priscilla Grijalva
First Assitant director: Gabriel Acedo-Márquez
Original Music: Nicolás Iaconis
Sounds effects: Michel Yadah Gonzalez
Cast: Rachel Quiñonez, Ernesto Grijalva

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30 Responses to GOOD NIGHT SWEETIE – Short Horror Film (inspired by the Creepypasta tale)

  1. Malinka says:

    I’ve seen just couple times more creepy bedroom. Btw. Best moment when u’re expecting some monster and suddenly Anna Frank! 😃

  2. JustHomeMade says:

    If my daughter said that there’s someone in my closet I would be like "nope I’m out fuck dis"

  3. NextGenNat says:

    What the hell was that!!! Now I’m fuckin stuck hanging off this cliff…. They should have cut to black, began to run the credits and allow viewers nerves to ease for about 1.5 seconds, then done a massive jump scare to end it.

  4. NewWave Productions says:

    Take a second to check out my short film titled HOMICIDIUM. The film is about a SCHITZOPHRENIC college student who has a MANIC episode that ends in his roomates DEATH.!!!

  5. Jessie Johnson says:

    I can see this evolving into a full length movie

  6. lisawinnphoto says:

    There aren’t enough comments to hide in ;(

  7. Itsmy Googlepage says:

    That was really good!

  8. NAIS Productions says:

    that sounds!!!! come on… theyre always in every horror movie

  9. Ags says:

    what the hell who it she other here

  10. Brian Wagenhuis says:

    the end hey you get out of my house

  11. This is what makes us dolphins says:

    Wasn’t that the picture of Anne Frank?

  12. Jazzy Moni says:

    Well done. Great ending.

  13. Golden Luna says:

    and the VERY firt time i see this crape im like: NOPE NOPE NOPE! *jumps out of window*

  14. Krystal Lee says:

    So the ghost made it seem like it was the little girl or did she have a twin ??

  15. Luiza Lyubomirova Georgieva says:

    this is really interesting , well done !!!

  16. Angie Twigg says:

    The girls scared of everything

  17. Spellcaster86 says:

    I would probably just walk away and let them handle it themselves.

  18. Manish Kumar says:

    The child was super cute nd her acting was fabulous good job☺☺👏👏

  19. zeba khan says:

    u dont have a single subscriber yy??u made such nyc videos

  20. قناة Gta_v_Parking says:

    So he had twin doughters xD

  21. Alejandro González says:

    This was literally me after I saw The Conjuring.

  22. Nicoleta Tibirna says:


  23. balqees arif says:

    I love watching all these short horror films.while I’m in bed with the lights of and kids in bed.

  24. MotionBoatFilms says:

    This really good, well done to you!

  25. Lennise Fuller says:

    very good👍

  26. Golden Luna says:

    id prob be like: AAAAAHHHHHHHH DADDY!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!! THERES A STRANGER IN MY CLOSET

  27. Sam's luvin says:

    huh? what happened?

  28. Brat says:

    I wanna kno wht happens next 👀😩😭😬

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