Haircut – short horror film

5 Responses to Haircut – short horror film

  1. Marcos Teixeira says:

    Awesome!!1! I really love horror movies/short films and recently i watched lots of them, but this one is for sure my favorite. And i couldn’t agree more with MotionBoatFilms.

  2. VXCV says:

    0:23 Lol is the dude on the right the Zodiac Killer?

  3. MotionBoatFilms says:

    Great short film! The voiceover is paced perfectly, very enjoyable and disturbing

  4. Dee Green says:

    So, creepy, and so good!!

  5. Henry Carpenter says:

    Great Video! Although I feel the ending would’ve been better had it not shown the face in the mirror. It creates a better feel in my opinion. Great Video Anyway!

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