‘HELLO’ (A Creepy Short Horror Film – Don’t answer that phone!)

‘HELLO’ (A Creepy Short Horror Film – Don’t answer that phone!)

‘I wouldn’t answer if I were you’ Hello is the story of a young lady who falls prey to an evil killer.. alone in her apartment, eagerly awaiting the return of her boyfriend, the phone rings…

We filmed this on a zero budget with no crew. Just myself directing as well as filming, lighting and doing sound! I owe a lot to the 2 cast members Iggy and Claire. Iggy (the intruder) helped with moving equipment and sound etc. Claire did a stellar performance and even helped out on set too. This was real good fun but hard work! Filmed on a DSLR over 2 evenings with just one or two simple lights etc. If you’ve any questions feel free to post below. Thanks for watching!

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50 Responses to ‘HELLO’ (A Creepy Short Horror Film – Don’t answer that phone!)

  1. Lucie B Lindner says:

    This was sooo good!

  2. Latangela Gaba Kuehe says:

    love the picture of MJ on the wall nice movie tho.

  3. kuroko chi says:

    It’s a great film but , I suggest you add some satanic voices when the ghost hand grabs her at 1:28, and when she wakes up , make sure have a close up shocking face, heavily breathing,like you wake up from a falling dream. but nonetheless great job!

  4. Hey! It's Me says:

    it’s just adele :/

  5. toothpickvideos says:

    Nice! I jumped so bad near the beginning. What audio equipment did you use? I’m in dyer need to find some decent one.

  6. Trevor Phillips says:

    I don’t know about you, but I would have tooken a huge step forward, say "hello" in a trolly matter, than kick him in the balls. Then, take his axe, and torture him like the way that girl did to that dude in that one short film. Forget what it’s called…or just get Mr. Pickles.

  7. c. j. macq says:

    that Jackson painting behind the couch was enough to scare anybody! nice job and thanks for the film!

  8. Elke Park says:

    she should have been safe they said the killer was going after young couples and she clearly doesn’t look young. she should have called the police she was so damn stupid how and why would darren do that. damn how stupid is she I would have tried to call my husband and don’t look for a weapon some people don’t fight hard enough for her life

  9. Jimin's Mochiqueen says:

    This is so realistic and professional and scary
    very good job❣

  10. Stephanie Mullen says:

    +Hugh Sweeney, sir you did good!!! Thank you so much!!! Please keep up the good scary work and I will be watching!!! ; ) ; ) ; ) Also shouts out to Iggy and Claire!!! Without them they help made it possible!!!

  11. Ethan Hall says:

    It’s me
    I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet

  12. Christian Gerhardt says:

    Now….if she had the right to carry a gun…..

  13. Paul Mccafffery says:

    Pretty good compared to the usual uninspired dog dirt.

  14. Tom T-C says:

    This is probably the scariest short films I’ve seen.. even though the actual murderer encounter wasn’t really scary, the suspense building up to it was killing me! And it also played on my biggest fear in horror movies…. something being inside my house with me.

  15. Himsipoto says:

    Don’t know why your such a bitch about people not thinking your piece of shit work is good but I will applaud you that your fucking shit old ass knows how to use a computer so good on you for that but seriously don’t be a fucking bitch no need

  16. Itz Ashlxy says:

    When the tap went off that scared me..

  17. geo tack says:

    What happens when you finally answer Adele’s phone calls…

  18. Greg Jones says:

    Nice! Really enjoyed this!

  19. Mohamad Omar ALBosaty says:

    luv it Hugh…

  20. agg adfgawdgv says:

    this would have been better if the woman wasn’t wearing any pants.

  21. wild sandshrew says:

    Looked like a Juggalo broke into her house.

  22. Chalmskinn Productions says:

    The Micheal Jackson picture and the images on the news certainly helped to set the mood. Also really liked the shot of the phone under the bed

  23. Shannon Quinn says:

    I wanna meet these people since their from ireland and so am I…

  24. craig wright says:

    Good job buddy. A short version of "scream" haha

  25. ThouArtAnuli says:

    Amazing! Which DSLR camera did you use?

  26. HXZAR says:

    That guy’s phone bill must’ve been high after that

  27. Pink Chocolate says:

    this is also funny as ‘ dont answer phone" i dont know why everyone do this damn shit movie

  28. Ansherina Mercado says:

    oh my this is so good! im so happy i found this one, had been watching alot of bad shorties recently. convinced me so much i thought i was watching one of the scream movies. hahahahah

  29. Milchmann Ziehtdeischuhan says:

    uaaaa I died when I saw dat black dick appearing under the sink

  30. Zeshaan Sheikh says:

    Wow! amazing! i would love to know from where did you get the background music from?

  31. Stephanie Mullen says:

    Got damn jump scare!!! That black ass hand!!! Hugh Sweeney you did good!!! I like that Michael Jackson picture behind the couch it looks nice!!!

  32. Ahmed Malik says:

    what was the shutter speed, frame rate, aperture and ISO while shotting this movie?

  33. Arainea CuteBrownNurse says:

    Loved it

  34. XxToxicGamerXx says:

    OMG So Scared!

  35. Yasmean Iqbal says:

    Sir which camera do you use for this film

  36. br0dskalk says:

    this video does not play further than 2 seconds. too bad i wanted to see it but youtube is fucking it up

  37. Adam Painter says:

    Awesome film, there needs to be a sequel people come on. In fact you could make this masterpiece into an original series. 😎

  38. kuroko chi says:

    and 1 more thing you should have add is use 2:39:1 ratio with 24fps

  39. melodramatic llama says:

    this makes me feel better about being single

  40. MoreLikeCappuccino says:

    wow same ringtone as me.

  41. Ruth Campbell says:

    that was excellent great acting and creepy .

  42. Molden says:

    8:31 Holy shit that part made me jump like hell XD

  43. Lucky lucy Jayne says:

    that was so stupid

  44. Katerina Kajevska says:

    Ginosaji, spoon killer. Haha. Nice acting though. 😀

  45. MakWak productions says:

    Great work Man, what lights did you use in this film?

  46. TheRealGunfish says:

    that wasn’t half bad.. kind of interesting how theres no twist.. she just gets murdered. straight up.

  47. Cinematic India says:

    hugh Seeney bro the first step you shoould do to nice movie sound design is to put your equalizer on flat mode and not on any custom mode. sound in this movie was ver y poor .

  48. dead inside says:

    6:48 anyone notice the guy behind her

  49. stephen street says:

    this was soooo awsome and i am thinking of making the new chuky movie

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