Home Alone? – Short Horror Movie

Home Alone? – Short Horror Movie

Thanks for watching! A lot of hard work went to this so hopefully you enjoyed it!

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14 Responses to Home Alone? – Short Horror Movie

  1. Paul Ziolo says:

    A mere hammer’s no use against Sammie. Was she in the car with him at the end?

  2. Abigail Sargant says:

    This was brill full on frightened 

  3. Jay Newman says:

    Nice film. I really liked house also.

    What was the final song on the radio and where can I get a copy?

  4. menameprasam1 says:

    m sleepy n its scaryyyy shit

  5. احمد احمد says:


  6. Alee Javaid says:

    Great. Thanks.

  7. lordt78@gmail.com says:

    This is pretty good. Should have more views. The kid was smart in running out the house even though he didn’t really escape.

  8. Sivagurunathan N says:

    What app you used to edit this video bro??

  9. TheGroovyGamer says:

    playing games with that cereal, bro clearly had a box of golden crisps, but you poured cheerios? I don’t think so m8

  10. Horror Fan says:

    Film is very amateur but I liked the house 🙂

  11. Tasneem Ahemd says:

    I just get scared without horror movies I mean I can’t sleep all night and when I just click on a horror movie I just can’t stop watching it and after it I just hope that I will stay alive to the next day god why om like that

  12. Thomas moua Yang says:

    Preston you got a nice place there. but I like it. I hate the pop out tho. it’s scary the heck of me. this short film seems real tho.

  13. IJustWannaComment NotMyRealChannel says:

    DUDE I’m in my room with my two sisters in the DARK watching this and this was kinda perfect man.. Wow u scared the hell out of us, subscribed

  14. IJustWannaComment NotMyRealChannel says:

    Preston Ray are u the guy in the film??

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