By ˙Cаvin 〄 on 2007-04-26 18:07:57

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17 Responses to Horror

  1. Joe Peter Brown says:

    well creative! love it!

  2. Damien_Toman says:

    Great night shot. Strong composition.

  3. molinete77 says:

    Awesome!!! maravillosa composición.You have a really fantastic photos.You are an artist

  4. 3 & 2/3-quitting flickr says:

    I like it. I decided to start your ‘stream backwards as what is one more comment when there are 300+.

  5. 酷vin 。hang says:

    Your photos make me feel like you are a Vampire!
    I Like 🙂

  6. Senzio Peci says:

    Excellent shot!

    I would feel honored if you check my new picture, and comment or award it.

  7. the8thfloor says:

    very cool shot. love the lighting and composition.

  8. FYP07 says:

    Great photo, i love the composition, very original. Thank you for your comment it means a lot. Love your gallery, great, great job

  9. Antonio Torres Sánchez says:

    Composición muy ocurrente y original. Un saludo desde A Coruña, España.

    Very ocurrente and original composition. A greeting from A Corunna, Spain.

  10. AlfonsoLeytonOliveros says:

    buenisima, una de las muchas q encuentro genial, los gatos tambien están buenisimos

  11. Definate Images says:

    Ummm. Nice shot. Very cinematic.

  12. leif_85 says:

    Post this magnificent shot to the Exemplary Shots – Flickr’s BEST GROUP Exemplary Shot - LOGO copy

    Exemplary Shots – Flickr’s BEST (Post 1 Award 3)

    cool, excellent shot !

  13. Jesus Roldan says:

    Man,you are realy,realy good,congrats…

  14. Laurent Saleh says:

    Yeah, really strong, with a bit of SF novel feeling. Really good.

  15. krateboy says:


    A Big FaveA Big Fave
    You are invited to add this image to http://www.flickr.com/groups/bigfave
    Please tag this photo with ABigFave when you add it to the pool.

  16. sarbathory says:

    very nice shot, I’ve used in my blog.


    thanks for licensing it 🙂

  17. Anotherschmuck says:

    I am so confused by this image but I what I do know is I really like it, feels like a Lynch’ian nightmare!

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