Horror Amino Bans Creepypasta | Beth Morton Guest Rant

Horror Amino Bans Creepypasta | Beth Morton Guest Rant

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Admin “World of Horror”’s profile:

“Short horror story” he posted on the site:

First post made talking about Creepypasta’s ban:

The big post about everything banned:

The PSA about banning people that further shows their immaturity:

Rule breaking post:

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21 Responses to Horror Amino Bans Creepypasta | Beth Morton Guest Rant

  1. Rey Flamedramon says:

    Oh good, another 2Cool tryhard asshole who hates popular things, because that’s totally original and not what every bitter asshole on Twitter is doing to look like a total hipster. You can hate stuff like FNAF or Bendy but outright banning people from discussing it to try to look more "mature" or cool is beyond pathetic.

  2. D r e a m s says:

    What is wrong with underage members? If they act maturely I say they should stay.

  3. SadSushiRoll says:

    I’ve always found the Amino Apps very..shady in a ways and usually very disorganized. But I’ve never heard of a owner being so terrible, condescending, hypocritical, and having a god complex like this. I would hate to see, what could be a great app, go to waste for what many people find horror go to waste. Because if you look up the definition of “Horror” this is what you get.
    [hawr-er, hor-]
    an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear:” – Dictionary.com

    Now I don’t know about you, but to many people FNaF, and Bendy, and all of the other subjects they included in their post, many seem to find them quite scary. So movies, books, just just original stories is not just true horror. Because anything that causes the feeling of fear is horror. And yeah the fandoms can be..a bit out of hand. But if you can’t handle it, or can’t make a rule against the ones who make the application hard to navigate, then why are you in power? (Yes 6:00 AM sushi this is english)

    They also have no right in making people who do enjoy those fandoms feel any lesser of themselves for liking them. I’m not sure how they would feel if everyone started dissing them on their taste in horror.

    Also their hypocrisy is just ludicrous. As you can tell they must have such a high god complex, or the in-ability to remember their own rules. None the less be able to follow them. If you cannot do either of those what business do you have in owning a large Amino community?!

    People who are a fan of a FNAF, BATIM, DHMIS, Marble Hornets, etc. Come there because some of the communities are toxic. In short it is a joke that all of this is banned.

    On top of that, yes there are many immature and sensitive underaged members, but to basically think of tagging them as bait for predators is just insane. And because they are young and sensitive, instead of labeling them, and basically putting a spotlight on them, allow them to just blend in with the community! If they can prove they are mature enough to handle the content there why feel the need to mark them! And to more favour to those who are not of a certain age is very wrong. Everyone to a certain extent should be able to enjoy the amino, and is they are deemed too young then maybe their parent should watch what *THEIR* children are doing on their devices.

    Its a shame to see such a opportunity to go to waste. Hopefully better luck next time getting a capable owner.

    (P.S Sorry for any grammatical, and spelling errors it’s currently 5:30 am and I’m not sure how to even english but I hope this gets my point across)

  4. HyperThermal says:

    WoH makes me face palm so hard my frontal lobe is now my back lobe.

    Also a ban on icon characters would mean no more Jason Whorvees, no Mike Myers, no Freddy Cougar, and NO CRYPT KEEPER. I can see why this wasn’t chosen because then the quality would have been raised too high.

    anyway big ups for ya boy, my favorite creepypasta is hp lovecraft

  5. Joshua Boyd says:

    I was considering downloading since a few youtubers i like have promoted it, i definitely wont now

  6. World Of Horror says:

    This is great! I love it! Thumbs Up! Cheers my friend great video!

  7. Rose Shrimp says:

    Good to see this finally go up after all your internet issues, Beth.

  8. James Lynn says:

    I’m really glad I never got involved in any of the Amino stuff back when everyone and their mama was advertising it. It all sounds super shady.

  9. Mysterysoup Productions says:


  10. Ekat Clan says:

    I think allowing mature younger members to stay is okay, but the flair or whatever is most certainly not, and just asking for trouble. It seems like they just don’t want to put effort in to actually remembering who gets to stay around, and don’t even really want to communicate as a moderation team.

    While I’ve most certainly never lead anything as large as horror amino, I do have a share of large moderation experience. It’s not that hard to do these things, and all of this seems like pure laziness when it’s not downright malicious.

    It also seems like all he considers "true" horror is slasher movies, which isn’t that surprising judging by what the apps always looked like and favorited.

  11. Dead Palette says:

    Amino apps are skeezy all around. They advertise with Youtubers without disclosing they’re making ads.

  12. Slimebeast says:

    Let’s give Beth a hand for making this video. A big hand. A giant hand. A hand to dwarf mountains. A hand whose very existence is a testament to the unpredictability of our universe and a mockery of our understanding of reality.

  13. Allen Chaney says:

    My second post on the Horror Amino was about Texas Chainsaw Massacre and was deleted for not being ‘horror related’ so I stopped using it because apparently I don’t know what horror means. Apparently it’s some sort of flaky custard pie? A kind of goose? Not sure.

  14. FireroseNekowolf says:

    Man, fuck this guy. What an shitty little whining idiot.

    Thanks Beth for bringing this to attention, and Slimebeast for hosting it on his channel.

  15. Abysmii says:

    I thought things were bad in 2015 when they were banning my original content for "not being horror". I see that they have only gotten worse by placing inept morons in charge.

    I was really looking forward to this video and it did not disappoint. You stated well-thought positions with concrete evidence. Great work, Beth.

  16. ShwintyKat says:

    It says a lot when even Furry Amino seems to be run better than this Horror Amino shitshow.

  17. Pajama Man says:

    In defense of the community itself, these fandoms such as Creepypasta, FNaF, Bendy, etc were removed mostly due to a younger target audience.  While there is an older audience out there that enjoys these fandoms we found that this number was minute. 

    Sure there are a lot of creepypasta stories I would definitely consider horror but the ones of lesser quality (normally icon characters as you mentioned) seem to gravitate the most attention. 

    The solution that was brought about was that only original content would be allowed when it comes to creepypasta.  This meaning that if you created the story, character, etc it would be allowed in the community. So what happens to unoriginal creepypasta (in regards if you wrote the story or not)? Well fortunately the Creepypasta, FNaF, Bendy, etc all have well equipped communities on Amino that support these fandoms.  I even heard one of the larger figure heads of creepypasta, Mr. Creepypasta, runs one of the larger creepypasta communities on Amino himself.

    Our team sort of felt that since Amino already supports these fandoms to a very large degree (and because of the audience is so massive) we wanted to construct a community where these topics would have limitation so that other topics were able to shine. 

    Now why does it say that our community allows creepypasta on the app page? Well that’s unfortunately something we have no control of.  The admins of Amino control the layout of the app as well as its moderation, not the marketing. For a while we’ve been trying to contact the Amino marketing team to change this but unfortunately we’re still waiting.  I know, it’s definitely annoying that the app store says one thing but our guidelines say another.

    As for the whole age thing I can understand some of the confusion it might bring. It was originally set out to allow users on the fence of becoming 16 years of age to stay in the community but it kind of transformed into some sort of mass ball of confusion coming from all parties. Something that will need to be address in a future update so thanks for the reminder.

    Now I understand that the community guidelines weren’t really the focal point in this video but I just wanted to clarify some of the reasons behind our guidelines.  You’ll find the official guidelines pinned at the top of the Horror Amino featured page titled, "Guidelines 3.0".  There you will be able to find a deeper explanation of some of the subjects addressed in this video.

    If I missed anything regarding our guidelines or if there are any questions concerning that matter please feel free to ask.  I’ll try and answer to the best of my ability.   

    Now I’m sure there will be questions regarding my colleague World of Horror but let me state that there is sort of a strategy behind all of this. As featured in the video a lot of the posts made by my colleague do take an aggressive approach. A lot of this is mostly made for comedic reasons as people have tended to remember our guidelines better when presented in this fashion. Now is it a perfect method? Probably not but it has shown good results since users would normally read the post in its entirety. As for the Trump thing, well you raised a good point there. I’ll have to address that one later with the team as well as a few other points.

    I hope this book was able to clear up some points. Again, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,

  18. TheLawliet10 says:

    I’m honestly surprised that WOH is still even running the app when he’s alienating a large chunk people who would use it, and letting the ‘underage member’ thing happen. The latter seems really creepy (pun intended), and I’m happy I never downloaded it.

  19. Username159 says:

    “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

  20. Tiberiu Zamfirescu says:

    Since when the fuck is DHMIS,Salad fingers,Marble hornets, a creepypasta?
    Why no scp?
    I’d like to hear his opionon on Borrasca,Penpal and many more.
    How can a human be so hypocritical?
    How can a human be so unfunny.
    I fucking hate this idiot so much.
    Does he realize that his opinion doesn’t matter?
    Also the underage idea is fucking stupid.
    An original horror story is a fucking creepypasta.
    This just makes me so angry.I hate this so much.hrhdfoapwldkjvjjckaivjjsiagjjdixchjdjdieidowofjjsksncnjsoksghndosknkslavmdofoJFMdyauDDHjyDjDYmduddhmmydhnsehamjmdZdjhDKuzkrfzjfu.

  21. MegalaDan says:

    There is creepypasta communism!

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