HORROR | MOVIE | HARD LINE | latest horror movies

HORROR | MOVIE | HARD LINE | latest horror movies

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16 Responses to HORROR | MOVIE | HARD LINE | latest horror movies

  1. Khuliso Jeanie says:

    lmfao this is the shittiest movie ever. lol

  2. Bogdan olivian says:

    ce-l ma-i neinteles pst

  3. OMG Oh my god says:

    Thank you my all viewers & subscribers….

  4. Marie riojas says:

    was this a zombie movie

  5. Andrew Pilcher says:

    it was awfull film but thank u

  6. Tooksies The kitty says:

    that sucked like OMG

  7. Nasya Taylor says:

    I hate this

  8. The Master says:

    Shitty movie .

  9. Tuga777 says:

    I thought it was a pretty good movie. The ending has me a little confused but I do understand he found the girl who couldn’t be infected. This is the Last of Us in a different perspective.

  10. MrSihrus says:

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I thought this movie was good! I mean that incomplete ending threw it off but besides that its a solid film.

  11. Muhammad Shahbaz says:


  12. Haleigh Brents says:

    so Scarry😦

  13. Amir Young says:

    weakest movie ever

  14. deshaun spencer says:

    its really ok…didnt think it would be 3.5 out of 5

  15. GaTiChiKa says:

    This shit it’s to dark I cannot see…

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