Horror Movie List – 1980s

Horror Movie List – 1980s

These are the horror movies made during the 1980s. Enjoy the video and remember to rate and comment…

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50 Responses to Horror Movie List – 1980s

  1. cymaddux31 says:

    Predator is NOT HORROR

  2. blasphemer9 says:

    Rabid Grannies? LOL! Never seen it.

  3. Shady Xeno Morph says:

    3:06 proves you have great taste in horror movies. i have the whole alien ‘legacy.’ including the books. all 8. 😀

  4. j892007 says:

    1988 where is child’s play

  5. slasher7555 says:

    Brain Dead is from 1990 not 1989 😛

  6. Qaivon says:

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    cant wait to hear some feed back!

  7. Armani Davincci says:

    bravo!fantastic!good list!THX for everything!

  8. DoowopJohnnyBoy says:

    Street Trash is from 1986 and Camerons Closet is From 1988 both are a year out on this list. There are some interesting movies to look out for on this list though cool!!!

  9. matt11708 says:

    great list of horror films.

  10. nintendovspcuniverse says:

    @Qarway gremlins is awesome but not horror.

  11. Themaniacnextdoor says:

    Halloween 3, 4 and 5, The howling series,
    Prom night, sleepaway camp, the burning, demoni, evil dead 2, munchies, critters 1/2, texas chainsaw massacre 2
    Terror train
    Cujo, christine, probably more stephen king, ect ect ect

  12. JudgeDread 305 says:

    A lot of movies were lefted out

  13. CaliforniaMetalHeadForever8642 says:

    now this is some good shit the 80s is the best when it comes to horror.

  14. Miguel Paz says:

    Where’s evil dead

  15. cutieprincesspeach says:

    Child’s play duh I was scared of that movie when I was little!!!!

  16. Gabriel Bench says:

    chucky ,creepshow , pet semetary , beetlejuice,(kind of scary)

  17. TheGreatDuck says:

    What is the first song?

  18. MsDmonie says:

    night of the demos is by far my favorite horror movie ever made roger made that movie for me he was hilarious and its good to see the black man make through the whole movie

  19. Colin Hussey says:

    "The Entity" should be on here.

  20. Onur Aktop says:

    @cymaddux31 I know. What made you think I said that?

  21. HollanderT12345 says:

    Great list man.

  22. Grotesque Snuff says:

    Lame ass shit

  23. ANuclearTaco says:

    Slient night deadly night was a good movie.

  24. nintendovspcuniverse says:

    im eleven but i love the 80s. i hate music movies and video games from nowdays. if you agree reply to this comment

  25. Bombeni says:

    Help me remember, the movie from the 80s with the star, a blonde w blue eyes, is homeless I think, and he’s hanging around homeless ppl near some kind of outreach church. One time they are outside watching tv and the illuminati breaks up the picture, they hear and see some stuff they shouldn’t. I hope this rings a bell with someone.

  26. Carolanne Fisher says:

    i’m pretty sure it’s the opening theme from "The Shining"
    but idk bro

  27. Alexandru Pont says:

    Does anyone know the name of an old horror movie from the 90’s with some demonic tombtone with flashing green lights, and people that were inhaling this toxic or poisonous gas, standing still like some freaking zombies, just inhaling that toxic gas, having their eyes turned over their heads….. that movie scarred me in the 90’s a a little 6 year old….. i’m searching for 10 years now, but no clue…. must be one of those old forgotten horror movies, but i remember being awesome!

  28. CaliforniaMetalHeadForever8642 says:

    Dream Demon or the Kiss could have easily been on this list.

  29. shadow21814 says:

    that’s the return of the living dead just look up the trailer and you will see

  30. Themaniacnextdoor says:

    forgot Bloody birthday in 1981, a horrible hlloween rip-off that was so obviously a rip-off it has been forgotten. Also missing thanksgiving, another rip-off of halloween from 1980.

  31. cymaddux31 says:


    Kubrick didnt write the music, he DIRECTED the film.

  32. Kaushik Bhattacharya says:

    There was a movie where a woman and her daughter have a breakdown and they are brought in by a man to their home where his entire family is a psycho. The woman and the daughter find themselves imprisoned in their home, while her husband enquires about them from the police. The man who imprisons the woman and the child sees the vision of his dead father in wheelchair cursing him for his wrong deeds. I remember the last scene of the movie is that the man had a daughter who throws the doll into the well. Can anybody tell me the name of the movie ? 
    I can’t get the name , but I had watched it in the mid 1990’s. TIA.

  33. Bazzc23 says:

    80’s through to the mid 90’s good time for horror movies.
    Some good ones from the 70’s too

  34. Nicholas Sindona says:

    Where’s Child’s Play?

  35. InmortalityDreams says:

    freddy the best ¡¡¡

  36. CaliforniaMetalHeadForever8642 says:

    Really nice list of 80s horror movies. It’s too bad alot of the young people in this generation will not get it.

  37. WebMonkey1000 says:

    There is much more than that

  38. Onur Aktop says:

    @Qarway Thanks…

  39. 3456jcw says:

    There was one video with a picture of the devil with elongated red horns, I think around 83 to 87. There was a large cardboard cutout of the red devil with these large horns at my local video shop, Anyone remember the name of the video ??

  40. DoowopJohnnyBoy says:

    There’s a couple missing aswell but who knows every Horror from that Decade!!! Here 3 for your next list THE FOG 1980, THE BURNING 1981 and NIGHTBEAST 1982…

  41. cymaddux31 says:


    Duh, the title says HORROR movie list.. Dumbo.

  42. Jamie Crafton says:

    what about child’s play?

  43. Darkus Diezel says:

    fright night absolute favorite…along with people under the stairs

  44. wayne gibson says:

    scream plays shit

  45. Stephen Barrett says:

    where was evil dead,dont know your 80s horror if you missed that out mate ????.

  46. Veljko Čiča says:

    Why they put the gremlins as a horror film?? It’s a good film but can not be horror. The Shining is best horror movie ever.

  47. atariiiiable says:

    good list, you just helped me to remind of a movie tha i really love, Life force, i saw it on cinema. thanks

  48. Electro Funk says:

    there is nothing like the 19 eighties where every single convenience store and pizza place had a video rental section….it was funny how those little mom and pop places always made sure they had the sleaziest underground movies on hand

  49. Mina Bloodlust says:

    You forgot Cujo, White Dog, Monster Dog, Monster Squad, The Gate, The Unholy, Watchers, The Boogeyman, The Omen 3, Of Unknown Origin, Vampire on Bikini Beach, Monkey Shines, Slugs The movie, To die for, Once bitten, Vamp, My best friend is a vampire, Robo Vampire, Swamp Thing, The return of Swamp Thing, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, The Evil dead, Evil Dead 2, Hellraiser, Hellbound hellraiser 2, Child’s Play, Pumpkinhead, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, Pet Sematary, Phantom of the opera (1989), Puppetmaster

  50. China Man says:

    What movie was the one where a woman with her kids are in an old Victorian style house, and she has a set of old keys that go to every room. She has to lock one door to open the next. The only thing I can remember is that the whole movie she is alive and sees ghosts. At the end, it zooms out and you see her going from room to room using the keys. It turns out the ghosts are living ppl and she and her kids are actually dead, inhabiting the house. Do you remember this one? I think it’s from the 80’s.

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