Horror Movies New 2016 – Full English – Full Movie #02

Horror Movies New 2016 – Full English – Full Movie #02

New horror movie 2016- English most scary Film
Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie English New Action American English Scary Movie hd
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49 Responses to Horror Movies New 2016 – Full English – Full Movie #02

  1. Θεοδωρος Λαγωνικας says:


  2. Aisha Mir says:

    It was a good movie until the end which kills it .
    can you guys give me a list of good horror movies as ive watched so many so now stuck lol

  3. notafeminist !!! says:

    i suppose im a follower not a leader because i read others comments before watching the movies on Youtube



  5. Angelica Fernandez says:

    Good movie but I’ve seen it like 3 times next

  6. Jesset Hollywood says:

    if I was that entity I would’ve fuck that girl in the ass.

  7. Gilbert best of sugar ray leonard Morales says:

    if it’s good I will if it’s not I won’t ,a lot of lies with movies on utube

  8. Sue Coelho says:

    I’ve seen this movie. It’s good, but, I’ve seen it in better quality. Look for it.

  9. leon bonney says:

    better than american cum stain horrors

  10. MadHatter says:

    Rubbish festival.

  11. Pam Scites says:

    Good movie!

  12. Nox Stepheno says:

    where can i see this movie?

  13. Alikhan Keshwani says:

    bl as

  14. notafeminist !!! says:

    think of all the trouble these people would have saved themselves if ghosts could talk. good movie though. thanks!

  15. D Zuke says:

    Aha, I KNEW bass would get someone killed on day. This is why rappers are bad news.

  16. Waheed Bhatt Waheed Bhatt says:


  17. Jocelyn Vernon says:

    that was a good movie creeped me out..didn’t like the ending

  18. a gosling is a baby goose says:

    That wasn’t too bad acrually

  19. אאוץ מבינים יה קייפ אאוץ מבינים יה קייפ says:

    bagus terima kasih

  20. Virendrasinh Sindh says:


  21. Tracee Baby says:

    Was not a 2016 movie awful recording

  22. The best bodybuilder says:

    not clear very low pixel’s like 140

  23. maungmaung win says:

    လဥ သရဲကား

  24. محمد الحميدي says:


  25. Donwill Boy says:

    good movie to watch it

  26. Musharraf Ashraf says:

    Nice so sweet horror movie

  27. MNINR says:

    can someone explain the plot please?

  28. Kay Ma says:

    its a good movie for the simple minds

  29. MNINR says:

    horrible choice of music

  30. Edith Agraz says:

    very bad sound.

  31. Thursday Adams says:

    Bummer. the sound is way too low to watch.  oh well, guess I go somewhere else. thumbs down

  32. peyman sror says:

    ننه خیز

  33. Waheed Bhatt Waheed Bhatt says:


  34. suziq113 says:

    poor quality but great nonstop drama and action. a must see for spook fans!

  35. Meshack Litanda says:

    a good english movie

  36. iPoop says:

    The quality of the movie… Quite ok for a free movie. Having no issues on the ipad pro.

  37. antony kulik says:

    I liked it. If your into gore,loud abrupt music,girls getting mutilated ,this won’t inter st you.

  38. Syed Shah says:

    no good movie just wast of your time

  39. Bryan Dott says:

    Pretty good wish it gave you more closure, but I guess that’s for the sequel.

  40. boo who says:

    the parts i didnt like was the motion cameras didnt move at first they did then they just stayed in the same spot and to much light

  41. jung lee says:


  42. summer Eeljiee danzshit says:

    Okay guys thanks for ur comments 🤔I don’t give my time to this shit movie

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