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  1. TheDarkKnight says:

    lol you’re asking t-bag for help. i was so glad when that pussy guy’s wife got smashed.

  2. bima Perwira says:


  3. Harley Quinn says:

    I almost threw my phone when someone grabbed her hand.

  4. Fransesco de Wolff says:

    apaan nih

  5. Lovi Chishilimy says:

    useless movie

  6. Kbrg Music says:

    Fucking amateur movie man!!!

  7. Tianna Reid says:

    f*cking and f*ck asshole shit 😐 too much fs for this damn movie

  8. Linda Burris says:

    so this is supposed to be scary

  9. gamer pro says:

    thats mean GIRL

  10. amanda klock says:

    It’s called "Bunker" I guess this chicks fiancé has a secret-and she is intent on finding out what that might be…..16 minutes in and already have a person down- a creepy unknown person/creature and I’m pretty sure this will be at least suspenseful and interesting

  11. Ma.mekaila Acenas says:

    wasting my time grrrrr

  12. shiera meer murtaza says:

    bad ending.

  13. dasawaqa says:

    Why USA creatures say "FUCK" every 5 seconds?
    Murder Pokemon(pocket monster), Fraud Switch nintendo evil terrorist cult.

  14. Lisa Martinez says:


  15. V Gammers says:

    subscrib me

  16. Tianna Reid says:

    2.3 million views beat that dislikers😛😛😆

  17. SNSA DL says:

    this movie is just okay to watch..not bad or not even good!thanks 4uploading!

  18. t8er says:

    what’s the name of this movie?

  19. Shasha says:

    i wanna kill that jiggly fat yellow shirt asshole !
    look at how he ran , like a fuckin pussy ! shit ending ,serious for that diary ? girl you dumb

  20. Erica Valiente says:

    why turn off the lights everytime lol

  21. awaneesh kumar says:


  22. Ayesha Felder says:

    I dont really think its an alien saw movie twice It looks like it could be a person with his mouth staple shut 🤐

  23. Linda Burris says:

    does everyone die???????

  24. Mariae Botones says:

    Don’t watch. It’s a crap! 🙄

  25. Shiela Muego says:

    No good movies. Never to watch this movies… Rubish

  26. Zfmn Sid says:

    o.m.g…what’s film

  27. Harley Quinn says:

    I don’t like the ending… shit

  28. Sheik Naushad says:

    But they will make part 2 with her,,

  29. James Phillips says:

    the ending could have been that she lift the grill when she’s up then boot him in the head so he falls off the ladder as he reaches the top, quite a disturbing film though, the overall aim was achieved I think, maybe a 7/10 I really wished that fat desk guy was killed off for his wrong doing lol

  30. Aiza Nhor Marohom says:

    Fuck that diary dumb girl 😠

  31. Harley Quinn says:

    why did they went back down?

  32. Nicky Rathor says:

    Fucking asshole diary man seriously why would you do that

  33. yasi khoshgele says:


  34. Toushia Mason says:

    the stupid girl was safe, outta there and she had to reach for a stupid notebook, this go to show the dangers of snooping. some things are best left alone. good movie, different. I’m mad at dingle berry chick, now she fat psycho fattys pet. dumb ass bitch. and she lied to her friend the bitch wanted to steal her sneaky secret book for her fiance to not find out what she was about ,got that woman killed because she lied and what’s worse the dumb girl couldn’t read or she never would a stumbled up on fat psycho fattys twisted asylum of harvested humans. what a dumb dingle berry chick.

  35. Harley Quinn says:

    11 mins in the movie, I’m already scared

  36. Dominique Taylor says:

    i dont understand how they couldn’t beat that fat niggas ass.

  37. Bighead cheats says:

    I would have said, screw that diary and bolted.

  38. Nataly Montes says:

    I liked this movie. Not that much but it was different , not to much horror but suspense it has some good scenes totally unique Ive never saw. I appreciate the ending! It had to be that way to worth it.

  39. David Caldwell says:

    But why???

  40. Ayesha Felder says:

    What was up with that alien looking thing👽

  41. steve Russo says:

    Skip to 123:30…you won’t miss any good parts.

  42. Laboni Sorkar Mim says:

    what is this place?

  43. Bighead cheats says:

    I would have said, screw that diary and bolted.

  44. Jenelyn Romero says:

    Stupid girl!!!!

  45. Sk Ishrat Sk says:

    stupid girl 😡

  46. valere kedia-Louise says:

    wow blowing my head off nice movie

  47. Joshua Muoka says:

    i always like to see teeabag

  48. MOBSTAx says:

    whats this movie called, Storage Wars?! lol

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