Horror Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2017

Horror Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2017

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Modern horror movies often go overlooked, but from time to time, a spectacularly terrifying film takes the public by storm. Perhaps 2017 is the year that happens again, and any number of the following horror movies could do it. Here are all of the horror movies that will blow everyone away in 2017…

Split | 0:18
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter | 0:53
Rings | 1:23
A Cure for Wellness | 2:07
Get Out | 2:43
Personal Shopper | 3:29
Alien: Covenant | 4:02
The Mummy | 4:48
Amityville: The Awakening | 5:26
Annabelle 2 | 6:19
IT | 7:00
Flatliners | 7:44
Friday the 13th | 8:27
Insidious: Chapter 4 | 9:14
Saw: Legacy | 9:46

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48 Responses to Horror Movies That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2017

  1. Randy Rodríguez says:

    Rings was so bad.

  2. the gaming channel says:

    where’s the fnaf movie it is horror right?

  3. Lee W says:

    Am i the only one who hated Annabelle due to it being so incredibly boring

  4. Malthael Reaper of souls says:

    Can’t wait to C it

  5. leetlargo says:

    "rarely makes bad horror movies…."
    paranormal activity
    the purge
    sinister…….. those all sucked.

  6. PhiXioN X says:

    Is that KSI in the thumbnail??????

  7. Christiaan Van den Akker says:

    The Void is the one to watch, and it’s not even on the list here…

  8. SLAYR says:

    amatyville is basically evil dead without ash

  9. Jettsons World says:

    And rings as well

  10. Edd Stone says:

    best horror movie ever … night of the balls suckers !

  11. CharmCitysKing says:


  12. Jettsons World says:

    I watched split 2 days ago

  13. Ace Fours says:

    The final chapter was a pile of absolute shit

  14. BattleFighters2 says:

    You mentioned Resident Evil as "horror movie" that will blow everyone away. get out of here. for those reasons, I’m out.



  16. Jeff Busby says:

    If a single one of these is good I will seriously be shocked and if any of you think more than one will be good… If you’re wrong by more than three… Yeah you shouldn’t critique movies anymore

  17. unique life of a gamer expertgamer says:

    I’m waiting for saw:legacy and IT remake also Halloween

  18. Camren Michael says:

    A cure for wellness wasn’t good.

  19. Traitors1991 says:

    Half of these movies were so bad

  20. unique life of a gamer expertgamer says:

    and who’s waiting for saw:legacy I am favourite horror movie

  21. PARKER Pittsburgh says:

    heres the next shit idea but im claiming originality of the idea….theyll remake a clockwork orange and the droogs will be a female cast lol kinda "hard" to rape a guy tho..

  22. pigtron232 says:


  23. Gab Ferguson says:

    omg I want to see split soooooooooo bad!

  24. daoneandonlyX912 says:

    gg, shit list (except for alien), fuck you guys

  25. Brian Koskinen says:

    I gave up on resident evil movies after the third movie

  26. Cliff Brower says:

    Friday the 13 is cancelled not happening! Too bad!

  27. Kizito Dzoro says:

    These directors deserve to be rich.

  28. Tails and Scales says:

    Well, that’s two predictions wrong. Rings and resident Evil were shit

  29. push a hippie says:

    Annabelle fucking sucked

  30. amora445 says:

    a cure for wellness was a discusting movie

  31. i SkyWalKing says:

    Was there one original concept in there?

  32. Chicken Noodle Minecraft and more says:

    you forgot the cult of Chucky

  33. BattleFighters2 says:

    You mentioned Resident Evil as "horror movie" that will blow everyone away. get out of here. for those reasons, I’m out.

  34. Hockeyboy624 says:

    I’m waiting for IT and Jeepers Creepers 3

  35. Hart - Gritzalem says:

    I hope Amanda is in Saw: Legacy!

  36. Kassa Prince says:

    Please like my comment

  37. Ghost Fan says:

    I’m airing for Alien Covanant

  38. BRAYDEN MUNRO says:

    Nice Vid!

  39. CuFa says:

    Hello guys, i just started my youtube channel and i’m doing stuff about
    horror so if you’re horror fan check my content i would rly appreciate
    it 🙂

  40. Alana Quattro says:

    I came here to see if Get Out would be on here. It is. And it absolutely blew me away.

  41. Neon Lights says:

    I saw the Rings trailer and oh my goodness. It was scary!

  42. big baller c says:


  43. David Zheng says:

    Wtf split sucked

  44. Tiffaney Cloyd says:

    I wish they would do another "Howling"…or maybe I don’t..?

  45. Dario Holton says:

    you forgot about the cult of Chucky and Halloween.

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