Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween 2017

Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween 2017

Halloween season is upon is and that means its time to binge on horror movies! Here’s my curated list of my personal favorites to get into the halloween spirit available now on Netflix US Streaming.

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50 Responses to Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween 2017

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    Call my old-fashioned, but i still watch my favourite John Carpenter-movies on halloween. I do it every year, and these flicks are just geting better and better.

  2. Bacon420 says:

    lol it snowed here on the 9th

  3. someasiankid says:

    Any asian movie will make me cry

  4. Shushant Upadhyaya says:

    You didn’t put IT.

  5. Allison Biddix says:

    TRUE meaning & origins of "Halloween"?…
    google: Samhain

  6. horrorghoul says:

    House of the Devil is on my Halloween tbw list!

  7. Mantas Dapkus says:

    Lets not forget the legend it self SAW Live or die make youre choice..

  8. Randall Flagg says:

    i might watch Ravenous..

  9. Scout Smith says:

    Anyone know any good anthology movies besides the ones on this list?

  10. Big Bang K-Kings says:

    Thank You so much for this !! <3 Amazing channel ^^

  11. Romina Rogers says:

    Train to Busan is great. Besides being action packed and a great horror movie, the character development is amazing!

  12. Kenneth Simmons says:

    You should watch From a House on Willow Street,it’s on Netflix also

  13. Danny Durden says:

    Baskin is brutal

  14. PTGKChrisHD says:

    Halloween 2K17 is filled with New Installments
    Jeepers Creepers 3
    Cult of Chucky (Child’s Play 7)
    Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 8)
    Jigsaw (Saw 8)

  15. Randomfools says:

    If you haven’t seen them, highly recommend: We Are Still Here, Starry Eyes, The House Of The Devil, Beware The Slenderman (incredibly unsettling documentary), They Look Like People, Before I Wake, Afflicted

  16. Frost Mage says:

    2:14 1984 not 1989

  17. Darla Bible says:

    If you want a movie that messes up your mind watch Surveillance. Julia Ormond, French Stewart, and the President from Independence Day. I forget his name. Anyway scarier than anything I’ve seen in my life.

  18. Austin Kohl says:

    Please explain the ending to the ending to the movie Cube. I just watched it on Netflix and I was so lost.

  19. CallumDeGr8 says:

    I’m surprised that All Hallows’ eve wasn’t one of these

  20. Gypsum says:

    I’ve been watching for a while now, and I don’t know your name LOL
    What is your first name?

  21. Holly Golightly says:

    I’ve seen Gerald’s Game,, pretty good.

  22. creepshow gaming says:

    I may be salty about that but seriously it’s a comedy Gene Wilder same guy that played the role of Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and don’t you dare say the Remake is better I love some Marty Feldman and Gene Wilder God Rest their souls

  23. Randomfools says:

    A few you didn’t mention: Better Watch Out (although it is Christmas based), The Babysitter (style over substance but dumb fun) and A Dark Song. I really didn’t like Raw and expected a lot after the good reviews. It couldn’t decide if it wanted you to take it seriously or not. I ended up disliking everyone in it and involving the police was a stupid idea.

  24. creepshow gaming says:

    Young Frankenstein is not a horror movie you dingus it’s a comedy I own the damn movie so I should know it’s a parody of original idea of Frankenstein good God it is a comedy classic not a horror movie

  25. democratic cat says:

    you the boss bro

  26. Fairy Dragon ball says:

    Where is it

  27. Adrian Sewell says:

    Omg I couldn’t deal with Baskin when I first watched it lmao

  28. SJ Gee says:

    Could you do Boys in the Trees?

  29. Oskar Elmholdt says:

    Do a review on “the babysitter”

  30. Joel Quinonez says:

    Where in Texas are u based?

  31. Malou says:

    Train to Busan isn’t scary

  32. NWOchaos says:

    What about IT (2017)

  33. Joseph Garcia says:

    devils candy was a great movie.

  34. MrHorror1971 says:

    Ok here’s my favourites


    Halloween II

    Halloween III ‘Season of the Witch’

    Halloween IV ‘The Return of Michael Myers’

    Halloween V ‘The Revenge of Michael Myers’

    Halloween VI ‘The Curse of Michael Myers’

    Halloween VII H20 ’20 Years Later’

    Halloween VIII ‘Resurrection’


    Boogeyman 2

    Tales of Halloween

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show


    The Cleveland Show – Nightmare on Grace Street


    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    30 Days Of Night

    Don’t Be Afriad Of The Dark

    The Other


    Pumpkinhead II

    Lost Boys


    The Legacy


    Grave Encounters

    Grave Encounters 2

    Scary Godmother ‘Halloween Spectakular’

    Witches Night


    The Mist

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Night of the Demons (2009)


    Curious George A Halloween Boo Fest

    Bride of Frankenstein

    Corpse Bride

    The Pumpkin Carver


    The Fog

    Regular Show ‘Terror Tales of the Park’

    Motel Hell

    The Clown Murders

    Dawn of the Dead

    House of Wax

    Fat Albert Halloween Special

    Night of the Living Dead

    See No Evil

    The Trouble with Miss Switch

    Miss Switch To The Rescue

    Friday the 13th

    Prom Night

    Corpse Bride

    Jeepers Creepers

    Hide and Creep


    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Halloween (2007)

    Halloween II(2009)





    The Possession

    Evil Dead

    Children Of The Corn

    Paranormal Entity

    Ernest Scared Stupid






    Final Remains

    Dear Dracula

    The House On Haunted Hill

    April Fools Day


    The Last Exorcism

    Cat’s Eye

    Trick or Treat

    Scary Movie

    Silent Night

    Son of Frankenstein

    Hallow’s End

    Student Bodies

    Invader Zim ‘Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom’

    An American Werewolf in London

    Tales from the Crypt

    Followed Home


    House 2

    A Nightmare On Elm Street

    The Grudge

    House of Wax [2005]


    The Cleveland Show ‘It’s the Great Pancake, Junior Brown’

    Race With The Devil

    Lurking Fear

    Home for the Holidays

    Idle Hands

    Murder Party

    Ginger Snaps


    Fright Night

    House on Haunted Hill (1999)

    Return to House on Haunted Hill

    Donnie Darko

    Dr Seuss ‘Halloween is Grinch Night’

    Regular Show Season ‘Terror Tales of the Park II’

    The Stuff

    Devils Playground

    The Thing

    Tales of Halloween


    Demon Knight

    My Sweet Killer

    The Ghost of Frankenstein

    Twilight Zone The Movie


    Day of the Dead

    Muder so Sweet

    The Wolf Man

    Halloween Night

    Dr Giggles

    Bugs Bunny ‘A Witch’s Tangled Hare’

    Maximum Overdrive

    Puppet Master

    A Lure

    Bread Crumbs

    Howling Reborn

    Hocus Pocus

    The Amityville Horror

    Thir13en Ghosts

    Sleepy Hollow

    The Omen

    The Shadows

    Sundown The Vampire in Retreat

    Fright Night (2011)

    The Prophecy

    Dark Night of the Scarecrow

    The Shining

    White Noise

    I Know What You Did Last Summer


    Creature from The Black Lagoon

    It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

    The War of the Worlds

    House Of 1000 Corpses

    Last House on the Left

    Lesbian Vampire Killers

    Black Christmas

    Return of the Living Dead

    Return of the Living Dead – Rave to the Grave

    When a Stranger Calls

    Terror Train

    Trick r Treat

    The Funhouse

    Scary Godmother ‘The Revenge Of Jimmy’

    Ghost Ship


    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Killer Klowns From Outer Space

    Night of the Demons

    Tales of Halloween


    Halloween in Sleepy Hollow

    Pet Sematary

    House of Frankenstein


    Rosemary’s Baby

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [2003]

    Dracula 2000

    Hell Night

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Are You Scared

    Child’s Play

    The Gingerdead Man

    11 11 11


    7 Nights of Darkness

    The Frighteners

    Scream of the Banshee

    The Amityville Horror [2005]

    976 Evil

    Frankenstein’s Army

    Warm Bodies

    Junkyard Dog


    The Devil Rejects

    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

    The Exorcist

    Blood Diner

    Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

    The Women in Black

    The Devil Inside

    Hellraiser 8

    The Haunting

    When a Stranger Calls [2006]



    Jacobs Ladder

    The Hills Have Eyes

    The Lords of Salem

    Stan Helsing

    The Haunting in Connecticut



    Stan Helsing



    Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn 5

    The Collection

    Amityville Haunting


    Billy and Mandy ‘Billy & Mandy’s Jacked-Up Halloween’


    An American Haunting


    Insidious Chapter 2
    Just to mention a few

  35. Shelby U Matthews says:

    Damn does anybody know how I can get the us version of Netflix here in Canada? I used to be able to do it but have no idea how to anymore

  36. Goofdookie says:

    I love the old movies The Void was supposedly trying pay homage to, but I thought The Void itself sucked it pretty hard. It’s just dark dark dark, with no fun to be had. The Thing’s kills were ultraviolet but crazy impressive and just awesome to watch, void’s are just gore for gore’s sake, just a pile of flesh and tentacles with no good human characters. I’d rather watch Chopping Mall again.

  37. joseph lesage says:

    What he lives in texas

  38. Finn Games says:

    Train to Busan isn’t on Netflix

  39. Jake E says:

    Not out at the time of this video, but The Babysitter on Netflix was a fun halloween popcorn flick.

  40. arnb8907 says:

    Omg you’re in texas?!?!!? Will you ever do a meet and greet?!?!?! @foundflix

  41. otherguys2809 says:

    The Invitation is pretty good too. Its on Netflix. It’s more of a thriller though. It’s also a pretty slow burn.

  42. Gary Bedell says:

    @FoundFlix You should see Tourist Trap (1979)

  43. Maria Paz says:


  44. agedcone 981234 says:

    what part of texas are you from

  45. SukoYote says:

    You could also watch some, "The Real Ghostbusters" for some nostalgic spoops.

  46. ExtraCheese says:

    Thank you for this video!

  47. Jessica Anderson says:

    Thanks for mentioning Ravenous.. good movie 🙂

  48. ComfyTush says:

    I love Ravenous and the Void!!!!!

  49. Random 7272 says:

    Donnie Darko is love, Donnie Darko is life…

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