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  1. addy kelly says:

    In an apocalyptic situation one of the things I’d do is cut my hair. It’s less dangerous, you’re not going to get to wash it enough and it would look and feel horrible. Plus who’s going to care about your stylish hairdo when you’re just trying to survive. Completely off topic but I feel I should share so that should the worst happen people can prepare.

  2. Maria Chevielithae Piguero says:

    nice movie

  3. Devesh Sharma says:

    What a movie….😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. max stevens says:

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  5. Cherazad Swift says:

    i always read the comment section before watching 😋
    it’s a good one according to it ,i’m watching 😊

  6. kim delaluna says:

    i love this

  7. Nick Worley says:

    Why do these zombies burn in the sun? They’re not vampires. Anyway whatever, considering they do burn in the sun why haven’t they used the protection of daylight to construct a series of perimeter defences using razor wire or something?

  8. Prissana Coomber says:

    Very good action . Love the hero man xxx

  9. Deron Newell says:

    good movie

  10. William Arrington Jr. says:

    STAY IN SCHOOL ????????

  11. Haidar Boudani says:

    Nice filme😮

  12. dmkajnew says:

    Was very surprised by how good this was

  13. IMr LAPS says:

    1. Who else thinks the main character looks like a complete fuckin scumbag? I couldnt even bear to look at him. That actor looks like a rapist.
    2. Annabelle was the only character i cared for until the precinct was introduced. And by the end Annabelle and Ethan were my favorites. I like Harker alot too. And the Russian whose name i dont know.
    3. Sam has a lot in common with Julianne Moore <3 <3 <3 <3
    4. I think the dialogue is well written and most of the actors are amazing, which surprised me. But the logistics dont work. In the very beginning scumbag puts a pin, A PIN into the refrigerator. Its not locked its just a straight pin. And then pulls it with his car. That shit would have opened up on its own. Everyone loves to waste bullets to make the movie seem cooler. Prime example: One guy locks a zombie into a cell and then wastes a fucking GRENADE on him? GET REAL hes ONE undead thingy LOCKED in a CELL you could take him out with a melee weapon to conserve. Cmon now. Even a single bullet would make sense.
    Alot of the close range combat isnt believable.
    They die in sunlight and the day is considered safe enough that people walk around with their guard generally down, and yet towards the end theyre all out on the streets chasing scumbag back to the base….
    And like a million other things that dont make any sense.
    So i feel 2 ways about this movie because of the well written conversations and the good acting from most of the actors, Props to the writer and most of the actors, but that the movie often strays from logic.


    5. If they had all chosen to take the cars they would have avoided so many people dying. Scumbag is an idiot. His plan killed most characters off and they ended up taking the bus at the end anyway. It didnt save time, and only brought more danger to them. So at the same time his character is posed as a hero, he caused so many unnecessary deaths, just so he could get the fucking alpha. Hes a SHMUCK! I kept wishing he would die.

  14. ڤڕڤۧھ حڒۓڼہ says:

    Not scary and beautiful thanks⚠

  15. kim delaluna says:

    i love this

  16. Nick Worley says:

    Why don’t they block the exits from the outside and burn the place down? Am I missing something? They could also do with some flamethrowers, grenade launchers for the assault rifles, hand grenades, military shotguns and Claymores. A tank or two would come in handy. Why do these survivors always put themselves in compromising situations where they’re vulnerable and escape is difficult? And why don’t they wear some custom homemade body armour to protect their necks and arms, which is usually where they get bit? Just for once I’d like to see a zombie film where there’s a coordinated worldwide effort to rid the world of zombies. Then we can get back to killing each other like we normally do.

  17. Maria Chevielithae Piguero says:


  18. Cutest girls says:

    good movie

  19. Disht Sarkar says:

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  20. sports,games andme says:

    a very good movie I watched a lot of horror films

  21. PC Toby says:

    DayZ the movie? xD

  22. tygr černý says:

    ložní jj mi in Jung!mnnnnn NKÚ jj. h

  23. Nihal Kawale says:

    name of movie

  24. IMr LAPS says:

    For the record the movie is called Daylight’s End.

  25. Harrison Magige says:

    so scary

  26. Liam Whyte says:

    Zombie rule: always have a bayonet on your gun

  27. Naveen Kanabur says:

    horror movie in hindi

  28. bianca malunay says:


  29. thomas edwards says:

    Excellent Movie!! Is this DAYLIGHT’S END movie?

  30. Divas Beauty TV says:

    I love dis film the actors are all great

  31. Braulio Barajas says:

    it was a’ight

  32. Krishna Hari says:

    im jumping like a frog and screaming while im watching this films

  33. Matlala Matlala says:

    I like it ..it keeps me hppy

  34. Percy Barbarossa says:

    Is it me or does this movie parralell The Road Warrior in alot of aspects to the story. Is still a good movie, 2nd time watching it

  35. Siffa Azzahra says:


  36. Adam Carter says:

    This movie is not as good as it could have been but its worth a watch. It’s actually pretty impressive for it’s budget.

  37. CheeseFactory42 says:

    Great movie, good action and execution!
    Even love the main character (which is rare for me in an action movie)!
    After 20 minutes, the audio cuts out for a minute or two – all I hear is overhead
    music and a scratching sound.
    Other than that, very entertaining! 🙂

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