How To Survive A Horror Movie!

How To Survive A Horror Movie!

Are you afraid of Horror movies? Learn how to survive a horror movie and you’ll be able to survive watching one!

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50 Responses to How To Survive A Horror Movie!

  1. Marco Castro says:

    Lol instead of putting up two fingers when he said two he put up three.

  2. NøbødyDreamsWhenTheyBlink says:

    How I would handle a horror situation :

    Kill myself

  3. Alan Gutierrez says:

    kill your self thats my tip

  4. World Suplex says:

    I have gtfo sign

  5. It's LORiXX says:

    I thought someone was knocking on my door at 2:28 wtf

  6. TheAwesomeDr Playz says:

    Shoot it.

  7. Hex says:

    Let me be a dick and correct you: October is not about celebrating fear, and halloween is basically paying respects to those who deed.

  8. Swager kid090 says:

    kill yourself

  9. The Crazy Kids says:

    When Trump won the election……..GTFOO

  10. trainerkawaii says:

    how to survive a horrer movie:

    don’t call out being like "who’s there" LIKE WHAT TO U EXPECT "oh yeah I’m in the kitchen want a sandwich?"

  11. Anglewhoisacttuallyevil Sobecomethedemonkinginstead says:

    Twice now, I have looked away from the screen when he attempts to jumpscare.

  12. rose plays says:

    or basment

  13. val skell79 says:

    Pro Tip:
    When You See Lenny G.T.F.O

  14. TheFineYonaRich says:

    don’t be freaking stupid that’s how you stay alive

  15. Cesar Huchim says:

    4:43 "No one should have a record player anymore"

    T R I G G E R E D

  16. gaming wolf456 says:

    when you see ur teacher in public

    when you see a murderer shoot him or her then

  17. GungamesFreak 493 says:

    Ryan reminds me of me I have to hold my pee in because I’m so scared I’d if any1 calls me a kid

  18. jesse james carrillo says:

    best video ever

  19. novanexus says:

    how to survive that girl from ring:
    put another screen infront of her lol
    now your life is saved

  20. Danny Wilson says:

    i wouldnt be able to out run them beacause i have dispraxie

  21. Gaming Geek TV says:

    how to survive one:

    Step 1:
    _Read more_

  22. Princess Luna says:

    3:21 "Clumbsy"

  23. Gabriel Vera says:

    kick the girl from the Ring back to the TV

  24. Kyoka Haru says:

    1. Do not scream when you see a zombie which hasn’t noticed you
    2. Never look at one direction (not the boy band) for too long
    3. Don’t raise your deathflag
    4. HIT ANYTHING THAT JUMPSCARES YOU- better safe than sorry

  25. This owl is lucky says:

    What about saw?

  26. Squishy Cat says:

    Dudes… Watch his eyebrows

  27. rose plays says:

    i dont get scard over much

  28. FROZENGAMER says:

    just LOV


    the more u kill u will be alright with the horrors of this world

  29. Jeff King says:

    Never go into a dark room

  30. Katherine Lam says:

    how to survive a horror movie
    always bring a match with you to burn someone or something

  31. rhythmpoop says:

    always have protection and try to scare the scarier

  32. Jonnarie Abiera says:

    2017 still watching this!!!😂

  33. Gapple Juice says:

    How to survive a horror movie.
    Stay in a group
    Stay away from houses
    Stay away from woods
    Build a tent when it’s night (since you have no shelter)
    Don’t trust anyone
    Try and get barely any sleep
    Beat your friends up…

    How to survive a horror movie 101

  34. Ava Crosby says:

    How to survive a horror movie: be the killer, there’s always a sequel.

  35. Patty Aguirre says:

    never hide in a corner

  36. Killermax 22134 says:

    If moving to a new house bring a fucking gun

  37. Mr. Anonymous says:

    How to survive a horror movie
    1. Move away from were the ghost/killer/monster is known to be.

  38. Kodi Castillo says:

    for those who are paranoid of a murderer in the shower;

    what will you do if there is a murderer

  39. BFF_Edits says:

    Who’s watching in 4036?

  40. Game Rider says:

    i farted really loud when he said scarses

  41. Sydney Cole says:

    I was saying "I KNOW RIGHT!?" the whole vidio!

  42. Kamiioto // EdgyOtaku says:

    how to survive a horror movie:

    just shoot them with any gun by you. If your blind… Your f***ed.

  43. Killermax 22134 says:

    Isn’t it fucking dumb when the gun is right in front of the character and there’s a knife there on the side and the killer is coming in with a chainsaw they grab the knife hide behind the door then stab the killer with the knife it doesn’t do shit and it was at that moment the character knew he fucked up all I would say is GUN STRONGER than KNIFE two shots to the chest of the dude will drop him then get closer and pop him in the head but save bullets just in case there’s another fucker waiting then options jump the fuck out of the window that is just 3 inches up off the ground or take ur time to unlock the locks on the door and get fucked in the ass with a knife or chainsaw That’s All Jerks.

  44. Jaja Jaja says:

    step 1 Always look behind you and don’t go for the gun when the fucker is right Infront of you

  45. AKMR TheOriginal says:

    f**k this sh**t

  46. rose plays says:

    i dont have an atic

  47. Cruz Calles says:

    do draw my life

  48. Haru Ayuzawa says:

    I have never watched a horror movie because I’m too scared to do it 😀

  49. Lynnell Johnson says:

    Your weird

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