Human Form – Korean Body Horror Film //

Human Form – Korean Body Horror Film //

Feeling isolated in a world where everyone wears the same surgically-altered appearance, a young girl takes extreme measures to change her own.

The director of the film, Doyeon Noh will be holding an AMA on Viddsee Community on Friday, 2nd September:



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50 Responses to Human Form – Korean Body Horror Film //

  1. Jack Ma says:

    Plastic surgery

  2. MITChie marie DESCALSOTE says:

    Beauty doesn’t matter life matter

  3. Ruxxrousxxfan Mixerxx says:

    If plastic surgery makes you confident and the only thing that will make you feel truly beatiful. Not only from the outside but mostly from the inside. Do it. Society is fucked up for telling especially young girls that there IS a version of ‘PeRFect’. I’ve always been told my large hips and my huge breasts made me look older older and that I should hide them at all times. God would be so disappointed if he saw you sad because you think you’re ugly and not prefect enough(What I believe) don’t let anyone tell you you’re not worth it or not beautiful. "Negative comments come from out of anger, mostly if what they think of themselves"💗

  4. 김재준 says:

    anonymous?? ㅋㅋ

  5. Rishika Raj says:

    From where do you get these creepy ideas?! 😨😢😭

  6. Aaron A says:

    A commentary on plastic surgery perhaps?

  7. YouKpop says:

    Try not to look in the mirror after this

  8. 머임 says:

    As a Korean I think this is too exaggerated..

  9. Misu lover's. says:


  10. Devin Cathey says:

    I hate these kinds of videos I wanna see what happens and I probably won’t

  11. Jisoo is my bloodline says:

    Why would she want surgery? Isn’t she already so pretty? She could have been an idol

  12. Ricardo Etienne says:

    @ 9:53 the boy was trynna eat waffles with chopsticks!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

  13. God of destruction biased says:

    Increíble ❤

  14. Lisa Li says:

    she looks so beautiful before tho

  15. RYAN 123 says:

    fucking nightmare

  16. Zxipzor dude says:

    dang it, I wanted to see her end results even tho if it was fucked up

  17. Sophia Racho says:

    they looked like monsters

  18. Bryanx21 says:

    Fuckin retarded

  19. Hi Hello says:

    I’m just writing a comment so that I don’t have to concentrate on this scary shit

  20. Ricardo Etienne says:

    wow the girl was drawing her mother!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL

  21. Jada Enkels says:

    i really wanna see her face..

  22. Devilish. Angels says:

    Great short film, so powerful and meaningful

  23. แอดมิน ประมง says:

    ไม่มีไรนี่ แค่เค้ามาเตือนว่า อย่าเห้นกับของฟรีแค่นั้น ต้องจ่าย

  24. Viddsee says:

    [Viddsee Community] The subtitles on this film are brought to you by the Viddsee Subbers Community. Join us in sharing more heartfelt stories across borders with translations and subtitles here! >

  25. Kiddomay Princess Cherry Icecream May Eve says:

    god this movie is pure Shit

  26. Flash Production says:

    That wasn’t scare at all

  27. 蒼天太白 says:

    Oh….my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel so bad!!

  28. Josh Lynas says:

    Does anyone know how they edited the plastic surgery or is it all prosthetics?

  29. shiny puthota says:

    Can someone pls explain y the women was so horrified at 9.10????

  30. Lil Sokz says:

    this film made me sad than scared….

  31. Eliana Quito says:

    she George is or ugly 😯😷

  32. Haggar Horrible says:


  33. dont look at my username cause its too ridiculous says:

    *oh dang*

  34. diana sabado says:

    This is like a message

  35. suri sam says:

    What happen to her face??

  36. Thalie Saillant says:

    Oh gosh…

  37. Rosemery Pauline says:

    All girls are Beautiful even
    have acne,pimple,or freakles on the face
    Don’t do anything with ur face cuz if you do something with your face I swear you’ll really regretting it

  38. Bao Khue Dang says:

    they look kind of like wood figures

  39. 팍익람 says:

    in short it talk about plastic surgery placein the korean society, everyone want the samething people almost had the same face and it become a normal thing to do, in korea mothers give thier daugthers a plastic surgery as a gift.
    and here we see the girl die but she’s replaced by another girl and no one know about it. by that we can take the idea that maybe her family members were also a replacement because everyone look a like

  40. FAGLY GAL says:

    – i have subliminalll😂😂😂

  41. angelica sendrejas says:

    I don’t get it? Why was the mom shocked? Im so confused😕

  42. Asagi Fish says:

    Я так и не поняла, ее изуродовали?

  43. Sorah Prk says:

    I think the girl died while in surgery but they sent another girl cause no one can recognize each other anyways

  44. no name says:

    Real life anime are scary!!!

  45. toothless toe says:

    I fail to see the horror in this.

  46. trkoby says:

    They gave her the internet Troll face

  47. unkown ?? says:


  48. Samara Dixon says:

    When I seen the doctor face I said hell no she used to much plastic I think she is beautiful and she need nothing done like the fudge you no what she need to be a artist not no fudge up looking Barbie doll oh no she did a bad choice

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