I Heard It Too – Award Winning Short Horror

I Heard It Too – Award Winning Short Horror

If you enjoyed this please check out my latest short horror Charlie Boy! https://youtu.be/RZXthQBUXVQ Based on the two sentence horror story: A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said “I heard that, too.” Drrd777 Screened by the British Film Institute and Talenthouse for the Unscreened film competition. Will be releasing a new horror short in October so make sure you subscribe!



Short Horror Movies Rating: 8/10

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50 Responses to I Heard It Too – Award Winning Short Horror

  1. mrspopcorn 556 says:

    that was terrifying

  2. Sanjida Sara says:

    I didn’t understand it

  3. Ayana Boyd says:

    Had to pause to come visit the comment section. 😥

  4. bernadettejean panizales says:

    i need to watch cartoons after this

  5. BitterLoveRabbit says:

    Is this based on the "two sentance horror story" or is the story based on this?

  6. Luis Meloni says:

    Anybody else got the Fugees song ”ready or not” in mind after watching this?

  7. why so thirsty says:

    I loved it

  8. Grace Dreyer says:

    Still not as scary as the animated one. The animation was really creepy.

  9. Cagz Merced says:

    im scared

  10. Belinda Bautista Portillo says:

    i want 2 see it

  11. Ala pro Gaming says:

    Idk 😐 I just don’t know if I was the girl I would never close my eyes or go out of the room dumbass

  12. Next Gen says:

    You heard it but I really saw it 🙂

  13. Draven says:

    Somebody call CPS!

  14. Yandere Chan Fan Phycomelanie says:

    made and nice job

  15. Matt Sears says:

    For those wanting to see more I have a new horror short called ‘Toby’ coming out in the next few weeks!!

  16. fulltimeartist2 says:

    Why Stephanie why you leave from under the bed you should have bolted down stairs and left the house😂😭

  17. Iamdeadwhen Death knows says:


  18. Paul jack says:

    the only scares were the Adobe software’s poor visual effects

  19. Fuzzims McFuzzface says:

    This was great! Nice effects, sinister and the acting was very good!
    A small child that can act like that is a rare thing!
    Good stuff!

  20. Red Mage says:

    Sorry but no. This takes all the scaryness from the original short horror story. The scary and creepy part about the original was, that it ends right after the mother pulls her daughter into a closet whispering "Don’t go downstairs, I heard it too." Not knowing what was going on exactly and how it goes on was the creepy thing. This right here? In my opinion it spits on the original story. And really putting a "monster" there in the end? Monsters aren’t scary or creepy, but the unknown is creepy as fuck. Thanks for ruining one of my favorite stories.

  21. grim reaper says:

    7:08 "Hi, whatcha doin?"
    Me: "Mom.. Diggin the new looks!"
    Good job on the short btw, loved it.

  22. steve Russo says:

    I believe I just shat myself.

  23. Aashish Panchal says:

    it scared me

  24. Malinka says:

    The monster looks amazing !!! Like it pretty much

  25. Carl Grimes says:


  26. Sprinkle Cat says:

    …. i think i just pissed myself XD

  27. Loubna Maait says:

    omg 😂😂😂 I almost tried to wet my bed

  28. Marilyne ™ says:

    I want more movie like this😐

  29. -StoneClaw - says:

    Maybe I should reschedule my suicide for right fucking now.

  30. HuskyHuska Creations says:

    Oh shit, the voice didn’t fucking scared me the mum did when she groped the fucking little girl into her bedroom

  31. Geoffrey Albury says:

    I couldn’t keep full screen 💀💀

  32. Darneal Craig says:


  33. Genuine Peach says:

    Why do I do this to myself.

  34. Antonio Delgado says:

    The short story is perfect, this is 7 minutes too long

  35. Blackbox Kt says:

    Is this the remake of creepy pasta?

  36. Akaash Rahman says:

    What did the monster do to the girl? does anyone have any explaination? and what did it do to the mother?

  37. mikecox05799asd says:

    aaaaa! oh I screamed for nothing

  38. Khaye M.E says:

    anyone else clicked a comment so that the video is only on the bottom right?

  39. Political King says:

    this reminds me of Lights out, especially the design of the "creature". But this is a solid 8/10 video, keep up the good work!

  40. Sailor S. says:

    She got scissors😂😂😂

  41. Jamisha Branch says:

    pretty sure she is old enough to close a door

  42. Smiley Creepy says:

    Mamãe, porque você fez isso comigo!?


    sooooooooooooooooo stupid

  44. Baskerville1000 says:

    This one is really good, but I hope you didn’t actually scare this cute little lady she’s far to young for having recurring nightmares….

  45. slip knotist says:

    this sucks the animation is way better and creepy as hell.


    y dont they put on the freaking light????😵😵😵😵

  47. Ana Lopez says:

    OMG FROM 3:05 TO 3:09 BE AWARE

  48. Tato msp says:

    TBH if that was my mom I would of said,"WOMAN I am trying to sleep shut up!"

  49. Alex M says:

    That sentence "Go to sleep"
    Jeff the Killer xD

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