If Life was A Scary Movie! Halloween 2015 | Niki and Gabi

If Life was A Scary Movie! Halloween 2015 | Niki and Gabi

If scary movies were real, or if life was like a movie .. This is how it would be. This video is a Scream Queens spoof mixed with touch of Mean Girls! We wanted to give you guys something special for Halloween 2015! THUMBS UP FOR HALLOWEEN!

Written/Directed by: Niki and Gabi

Emma- Niki DeMartino
Vivian- Gabi DeMartino
Becca- Chanell Heeter (youtube channels: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChanellHeeter + https://www.youtube.com/user/elegantchanell)
Adam- Jerry Pascucci
Molecule- Brandon Grube
Diandra- Alessandra DeMartino (youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/xxYourPalAlxx)
Dan- Mike Leddy
Violet- Allie Bennicas
Vanessa- Nashaly Torres
Mike- Sean Walborn
Roger- Jeffrey DeMartino (Dad.. Lol)
Extras- You all are amazing. Thank you so much for being a part of this and making this movie happen!

Shadow and Sound is a New York based production company, for updates on their projects like them on Facebook at Facebook.com/ShadowandSound. And for live tweets from the Shadow and Sound team while on set follow @LadyCatFashion.

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If you’re reading this comment.. “PLOT TWIST!!!” LOL

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50 Responses to If Life was A Scary Movie! Halloween 2015 | Niki and Gabi

  1. EvieTevie says:

    I had to pause at 10:16 because things got too intense.

  2. venugopalan venu says:

    ._. …

  3. Magic Abril Avalos says:

    Wait did u guys really kiss like I’m wondering

  4. Laraine Anderson says:

    who was the killer?

  5. Sabokoun Shiraz says:

    i know i feel like this is another version of scream queens

  6. Liana Pascarella says:


  7. Daniella Sanchez says:

    There’s always that one person that ruins the love part.

  8. You are so beautiful says:


  9. Jazz DIY segovia says:

    Cinderella is cico

  10. Me As Leslie says:

    8:10 i dont think tgat purple outfit is meant for him

  11. Aimee says:


  12. Student Violet Caluneo says:

    My name is Violet and I don’t like that she said shutup in such a rude voice

  13. Mallorina Ballerina says:

    this was so dumb they didnt even care that all their friends were DEAD!!!

  14. Kate Hazova says:

    Gabi look’s sooo like ari grand!

  15. Camryn Porter says:

    That was creepy as shit!!!!!!

  16. Emma Lundy says:

    Bipiti bopiti boo your not gonna tell my step mother ****

  17. Lit Asia2304 says:

    I loved it plz make more plllllllzzzzz

  18. Olivia Phillips says:


  19. Addie Gonzalez says:

    Lol the endingπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  20. amna creations says:

    my life as Eva was better and scarer

  21. Inaaya Uddin khan says:

    It was amazing

  22. Alina Longino says:

    Is this a spin on scream queen

  23. Bryn Hewitt says:

    I love when they do these videos

  24. Kristopher Cavazos says:

    that shit freaked me out

  25. LILLIE MACK says:

    This reminds me of scream queens and mean girls but also a hint of Pretty Little Liars

  26. Alana Eleese says:

    When ur crush is literally named AdamπŸ˜‚

  27. Allie Kat says:


  28. Sunset_city YT says:

    1:43 omg! My antisocial best friend has a crush on a boy named Adam….

  29. Julia Clarisse says:

    I wish this really was a series like they said in the end of the video

  30. Esther Shaw says:

    I love you nikki and gabi

  31. AdalynnJones says:

    The music gets annoying, but otherwise AMAZING!

  32. LondonTheTroubleGirl says:

    The Part Where Emma And Adam kissed

  33. SofiawolfGamer 78 says:

    I don’t think how life would be like this if life was a scary movie :/ I would care about my friends and be super scared!Really,the kissing part of Niki and whatever that boy is was not scary at all!

  34. Iliana Marie says:

    I wish they actually turned this into a series

  35. My Cup of coffee - says:


  36. Caitlin Repose says:

    Not gonna lie…. without the murdering thing…THAT LOOKS LIKE A LIT PARY

  37. bella gonzalez says:

    5:44 i didnt see a dead body

  38. Deirdre Hauptman says:

    whose watching in 2017 March

  39. Febe van den Bossche says:

    i was like watching scream squeens😍

  40. Khushi Dhillon says:

    -everyone- -have- -a- -good- -day- -or- -night-

    -love- -Khushi-

  41. tannim torres says:

    Macerly they made a weirder and shorter version

  42. Genesis Escobar says:

    It was scary

  43. Vidushi Sanjanwala says:

    If life was a horror movie, i would not be at the party, just watching Niki & Gabi at home….

  44. Litecore Music says:

    If my life was a scary movie I would 12/10 be the killer

  45. SofiawolfGamer 78 says:

    I’m not trying to be mean but I didn’t enjoy this or either think it was scary,they didn’t even care about their friends!

  46. loser life says:

    the end was boss

  47. Kitty Lover123 says:

    My fav part was wean they kissed

  48. David Valenzuela says:

    niki is the one that always live she is the one that never die in any . i don’t want u to die like u r cool but in every video u r the one that has good luck

  49. Rachael MSP says:

    I did this with my sister and some friends but it took place in my porch I was the first person dead XD (I got electrocuted) LOL

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