If You See It You Live – Short Horror Film

If You See It You Live – Short Horror Film

If You See it You Live.

Peoria Film Fest (Horror Skit) 2nd Place Winner.

Directed, Written, and Filmed by Garrett Bennion.
Starring Isabella Rebb as the main character.
Along With Corey Gschwend.

Requirements were:
1. Had to be under 3 minutes black to black
2. Had to be at a park for at least one scene

If you see it you live is a short story following a girl at a quiet park at night. Two letters come to her, telling her that she will hear ‘it’ coming and that if she ‘see’s it’ she’ll live.

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15 Responses to If You See It You Live – Short Horror Film

  1. Phil Louis says:

    Hi nice effort. I think you should post it in my short film group https://web.facebook.com/groups/madflix/

  2. Natalia Marazita says:

    Im yelling at the screen: LOOK IN THE BACKSEAT JUST LOOK IN THE BACKSEAT!!!

  3. Tony Delorie says:

    Sorry, It just wasn’t scary or freaky. It was weird?

  4. TheRealGunfish says:

    alright.. who leaves a bag unattended at a public park? exchange between her and the dude.. poor. Nice change up with the whole you see it you live, but IMO not fleshed out enough..

    seriously.. that bag thing kills me.. i waited until the end tho, thinking it was left on purpose.

    but it wasn’t. 🙁

  5. catchis cet pet says:

    If you see It….

    You hit him in the penis and ran around like you’re crazy throwing the keys of the car in him and call the emergency assistance XDDD 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  6. Anu Radha says:

    i think its a horror short film..
    2 mins silence for me

  7. BBradshawProductions says:

    if you smell it….you dealt it

  8. Nory Vasquez says:

    I can’t believe that she’s so stupid that she would rather stay and cry than actually save her fucking self.

  9. scaredy bird says:

    1:58 the monster is a guy in a hoodie. the most terrifying predator of them all.


  10. Miaow says:

    This reminds me of a stranger I met in the street. When I was crossing the road, one of the passers-by leaned to me shortly and said: "You’re watched." while passing me by.
    I have never seen him again.

  11. Garrett Newsome says:

    I really liked this video! One thing you might want to consider in your next short film is investing in some sort of camera stabilizer. Sometimes the camera shake was jittery enough to actually distract from what’s going on in the video. This was a great short film, though, and you just got another subscriber!

  12. demon miku666 says:

    this is why i never get out of the safety of my bed

  13. Avatar Brothers by ActorBhagatsinghThakur says:

    wow nice movie bro…
    and can u tell me how is it my movie what can i improve my self
    here is a link tell me bro.. https://youtu.be/03bw9oqmbyo

  14. Mislav says:

    Pretty creepy and well acted. Keep up the good work.

  15. notafeminist !!! says:

    wow she’s a real dumbass

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