Indra Shakti Hindi Horror Movie 2016 | Hindi Dubbed Horror Movie 2016

Indra Shakti Hindi Horror Movie 2016 | Hindi Dubbed Horror Movie 2016

Sowkarpettai is a Tamil comedy horror film directed by Vadivudaiyan, starring Srikanth and Lakshmi Rai in the leading roles. The film was released worldwide on 4 March 2016.the story is about Vetri (Srikanth) and Maya ( Raai Laxmi), who fell in love with each other are killed by Gothra Singh (Suman) and his goons. They came back as ghosts and start taking revenge on people who killed them. Watch The Full Movie and leave a Like if you Loved the Movie and do not forget to Subscribe to our channel.

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50 Responses to Indra Shakti Hindi Horror Movie 2016 | Hindi Dubbed Horror Movie 2016

  1. Rumi the eye says:

    so funny!!!

  2. Santosh Kavdiya says:

    ईश्क हम करते हैं हम उनसे वो हम सेप्यार करते हैहम जानते है

  3. SOMA DAS says:

    Very poor movie 😑

  4. Sharadha ' Ghising' Tamang says:

    I like this story.

  5. Savage_Fps-Gamer says:

    There should part 2 of this movie

  6. Kundan Bora says:

    super movie…..good story

  7. vikram gujrati says:

    super movie

  8. Malik Sajjad Haider says:

    last scene shakti entry was nice

  9. Monica Thapa says:

    That horror song😂😂😂
    That was super bad😂😂

  10. NIZAMUL ISLAM says:

    Nice horror movie

  11. Bhatti Here says:

    is that a horror movie??
    bro change the name it was the funny movie when me and my 5 year son saw it we laugh too much even our stomach gonna pain

  12. GAME ZONE says:

    Everything happens Soo fast bakhoas film

  13. Mad says:

    41:30 sunglasses reflection LOL

  14. gurbani guru says:

    Nice movie not very horror but ghost is very horror 😭😭😭

  15. dharmendra prajapat says:


  16. Rabeel Raj says:

    yar comment to thik sy KIA Karo pta to chaly kesi movie hai

  17. SOURAV DAS says:

    Nonsense & funny

  18. bgking501 says:

    Bahut bakwas movie… waste of time….

  19. Mishi khan says:

    bakwass waste time

  20. Ram Thapa says:

    best south indian movie i am a seen 🙂 🙂

  21. Neerma Bissonduth says:


  22. Dhanashree Sawant says:

    Isss bhoot ko rooz new new sareee kaaha se milti hai????😎😂😂😂

  23. Shamananda Wahengbam says:

    ghost is fighting wit ghost what a funny hahahaahh

  24. ImRan RaFiq says:

    very nice story

  25. amit das sinduriya says:

    good movie

  26. raza babu says:

    fltu movies nd sexy chudail

  27. Shaibaaz Ali says:

    light hai

  28. Pranay Sain says:

    Yeh movie mast hai ..😗😗😗😘😘😍😍

  29. md taruf ansari says:

    very nice movie

  30. Siddhkumar Nagvanshi says:

    Nice movie

  31. YO YO Ajay kc says:

    Nice movies hindi

  32. Balvir Singh says:

    Story achi hai but direction achi no

  33. Samar Jeet says:

    fuddu movie hai

  34. Shashikant Pawar says:

    Shashikant pawar

  35. SUBHAMAY DAS says:

    Acchi he bas …..

  36. Amazing Videos says:

    faltooo movie

  37. Amazing Videos says:

    Bohat hi bekaar movie hai waste of time hai koi be na dekho

  38. Global Tech says:

    bhai is movie mai to atna ka bhi rep hota hai kitni bwks movie hai

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