Knock (2011) – Short Horror Film

Knock (2011) – Short Horror Film

A film about things that go bump bump bump in the night.

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Knock (2011)
Felicia Raye Diny and Deric Nunez

Written and Directed by:
Deric Nunez

Director of Photography:
Michael Papilla

Copyright © 2011 Cowmaster Studios

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49 Responses to Knock (2011) – Short Horror Film

  1. Franklin Gutter says:

    "who’s out there"……

    mom shouts

    "your bills!"

  2. Rico Rubante says:

    the first sound in the video feels me nervous i thought they are making love lol cause my dad is next to me

  3. Banana Gogo says:

    Wtf man the door was closed at 4:05 and in 4:41 door is open automatically??

  4. ryanredmond87 says:

    How does the creative opinion work with the you send a script or rough video shot and ask for opinions.ive always had a creative mind but disability,regular illness and lack of money and opportunities has meant it never lead to anything other than a few short stories as a kid.but to/film is still of huge interest especially horror,and I’ve seen so many from small low budget features to Hollywood hits and often think smaller scale ones work better.i would love to be in a short but being in the U.K.that’s not even an option but if paying 10 dollars gives me an opinion on a future project I’d happily pay it,but I need to know how it will work first as on benefits even 10 dollars is a decent amount to me.

  5. Gaandmaster says:

    The gasp at 6:01 proves that she’s got a promising career ahead…. in another genre of films!

  6. Trey Thatcher says:

    I liked it but did no one notice she turned her toothbrush into a bat? I’m sure she was fine after the situation. lol

  7. kian's gaming says:

    that was poooooooooooooo

  8. Ty28416 AJ says:

    Yep because toothbrushes totally just turn into baseball bats 😂

  9. Jack Budd says:

    In reality she’d ignore the knocking eventually

  10. Joseph Burroughs says:

    watch out the killer is in your house.

  11. Pietasticyummy says:

    dammit my parents are going away too oh no

  12. Amber Burrow says:


  13. lil Yu says:

    best one love it make more

  14. quentin enjalric says:

    Great film !

  15. Noel Fernandez says:

    how is it that she drops a toothbrush and picks up a bat the next second XD

  16. dream boy says:

    Camera?☺ Awesome😊

  17. Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival says:

    Sixth Sense Horror film festival 2017 welcomes all short filmmakers to showcase their talent in the horror zone. Submissions for the short horror film has already begun, but it is never too late, so hurry up and get ready to wow the judges with your scariest film.

  18. olawale olajuwon says:

    The 1954 phone though …

  19. Hail to the king says:

    She drops the toothbrush and notices the bat against the wall then grabs it, notice she didn’t lean all the way over.

  20. I JIZZ IN MY PANTS says:

    She has a very nice ass @ 2:31

  21. anubhav newar says:

    d horror video whch I’m watng is it real or its jst a fake

  22. Banana Gogo says:

    Kids of Africa could’ve eat that water

  23. John Clark says:

    Messi is best player of the world


  24. Seras Victoria says:

    SCROLL UP, Pussy!

  25. noble 7471 says:

    That acting at the beginning was well awful. And that magic tooth brush tho

  26. Ana L.A says:

    ermm.. thats it…wasted my time…

  27. Russell Russian says:

    I’ll never open when someone’s knock anymore… honestly they can use the doorbell…

  28. Rajesh Kumar says:

    nice horror story

  29. Ellybelly18 says:

    *Hears a strange and creepy knocking* "Better go check it out!! Even though it’s midnight and I turned all the lights off. Sounds smart to me!" No you’re an idiot

  30. Tatty Karle says:

    u rocked it ,hats off

  31. Arieannie Arieannie says:


  32. Christopher Kalt,Sr. says:

    Has working electricity, but won’t turn on a single light or call the police.

  33. Cutiefun mom says:

    This was one of the first videos I saw it was good

  34. Christopher Sweet says:

    I really enjoyed this.

  35. RISHABH SHARMA says:

    You earned a subscriber mate😊 Your work is amazing

  36. Adimas Duvitra says:

    Yang ngetok abang gojek

  37. matt Younger says:

    They have no lights on so it looks like there not there so fucking hide and make sure you can access if they find where your hiding lol

  38. CowmasterStudios says:

    Enjoying the film? For a few quarters a month, you can help support the future of the channel!

  39. cookie musical ly or strawberries says:

    why would you get up again at 4:01 after hearing that knock. Get your ass in bed before it snatch you.

  40. Huanted Places says:

    When blondie is brushing her teeth, she looks like one of the characters from gossip girl series, I love it good movie

  41. Full Time Girl says:

    How can she go to sleep when someones stalking her

  42. Aniyla Hall says:

    I hate it when people open the door on a horror movie, when someone is knocking at the door then say " Hello, Who’s there" and expect the killer to say " Its me, I’m here to kill you, are you ready??"🙄😒😂

  43. Malcsta Malc says:

    why would you open the door then tell who’s out there? PURE IDIOTISM

  44. Fancy Octopus says:

    hiding in the comment?
    plz stay with me!!

  45. owais suryo says:

    2 words= cringe and cliche

  46. Shaik Mohid says:

    That ghost’s lucky if it gets into her room;)

  47. Jessica _lovelies says:


  48. Edwin Alvarez says:

    she closed the door before going to bed when she woke up it was opened id be flying out that house.

  49. Princess Liv says:

    Even I don’t have a bedtime and I’m younger than her

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