Korean Guys React to Malaysian&Indonesian Horror Movies

Korean Guys React to Malaysian&Indonesian Horror Movies

Hey guys!!
This time, we reacted to horror movies!! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

2/19 update.
WOW!! It’s been only 5 days and 100K views! Thank you for enjoying our video! I’ll definitely make scaredo STEVE watch full length horror movie lol Thank you for your support!

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Videos used:

-Makmum- Hello Motion

-Munafik – Official Trailer- MD Pictures

Music used:

-Intended Force – Kevin Mac Leod
-Matt’s Blues- Kevin Macleod

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50 Responses to Korean Guys React to Malaysian&Indonesian Horror Movies

  1. Adlina Rusli says:

    Hi, I just learned about ur channel and your vids r awesome!! Im malaysian BTW.

  2. Haerin Lee says:

    Idk why you guys say ghost is real, ghost is nothing but nonsense. Real is satan if you read quran for my fellow muslim out there. But satan whisper things to us that make us think that there’s such thing called ghost. They’re satan but using our imagination to realize the ‘ghost’ in our head. Do not believe in ghost pls but believe they’re satans who play us all.

  3. Shin Kyuhyun says:

    I am Malaysian and i already watch munafik. Its really scary and now i would like to watch Indonesian horror movie. Its look interestingπŸ‘

  4. Bluish Girl says:

    Totally love the reaction XDD By the way, could you react to "Dirgahayu" by Faizal Tahir and Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, please???.. It’s been a long time since you made a reaction to Malaysian MV.. ^^

  5. Joan Edessey says:

    i hate horror movies and im from.malaysia hahaha. anyway, if u want scarier ones, japanese and Thai horror movies are even scarier

  6. Putu Ayu Hanny Artiana says:

    oh my god…
    I think you should watch indonesian movies with Kuntilanak (Indonesian’s type of ghost) in it
    I REALLY SORRY that I forgot the title but it’s about these teenagers go on a vacation in a remoted island and disturb the entitiy there who is a kuntilanak.
    Story wise…isn’t so scary but the fucking ghost gave me nightmare (I watch it when I was 6 lol it scares me s bit till today)

  7. Rahma Indah says:

    please react to GAC (Gamaliel, Audrey, Cantika) feat the overtunes -berlari tanpa kaki (ost cek toko sebelah)

  8. Ahmad Umbara says:

    Ntaps makmum direact orang luar negeri

  9. Retno Yuniarti says:

    i’m scared tooo….. (#makmum)…. #run…

  10. aiman tpl says:

    santau try watch it
    it the best malaysian horror movie to me

  11. Plain Zombie says:

    thailand have the cringest, most creppiest horror movie. salute

  12. wei fyi says:

    Srsly daebak πŸ˜‚πŸ€˜πŸ»

  13. sansy fancy says:

    It’s scary to know that malaysian and indonesian horror movies are usually heavily based on things that really happened before.

  14. ISωΔΠ _KΩΠKURI says:

    trailer sja pun suda seram ..

  15. Nurul Amirah says:

    when you say ghost respects god, it is kinda true in the muslim religion but instead of ghost, we call them jin,Β it is not satan but we still cant see them. we have muslim jin and kafir jin. so in this context, the jin who respect god is the muslim jin but the kafir jin interrupt people

  16. Bentara Garang says:

    It’s not freaking music,It’s our Islamic holy Quran verses.

  17. islam Nawal says:

    that was soooooo good video hhhhhhhh those movies are very scary I will make sure to watch them

  18. smoothsilkypearl says:

    Both movies are scary for most Malaysians and Indonesians because of the religion theme in them. Most Malaysians and Indonesians are moslems, so these movies are very relatable.

    In fact, a lot of people have experienced similar thing that is depicted in Makmum. Like, a lot.

  19. KAMAL RAMPAGE says:

    please react to malaysian true horor film.. penanggal official thiller

  20. PC LEON says:

    Satan not respect to god anymore but in Islam have 2 type of Satan
    2:Muslim satan

  21. there is no happiness says:

    what are you doing down here u pussy ? go back up there and watch the video !!

  22. Septiana Atika says:

    you should watch the full movie.. it’s really different from the priest and exorcism..

  23. Hafizah S says:

    sure to have something not human as your makmum is very scary.


    Hi, please react to The Raid Final Fight Scene, it would be great reaction!

    and please react to Wonderful Indonesia – Visual Journey if you want to know how actully Indonesia is πŸ™‚

  25. MEYN BUTTON says:


  26. Plain Zombie says:

    it does happens in real life man.. seriously. but when u watch american horror movie.. for example annabelle or something.. u will be like..’duhh~. i know its coming. is that it..?’.. or, perhaps u watch seekers. finding ghost or stuff with their gadget. hearing voices and a few picture of shadow..like, what d heck?..its not scary at all. u guys need to come to malaysia or indonesia or even thailand.. experience it urself..learn more about our best horror movie.

  27. lady Q says:

    just wanna say. makmum movie is really creepy. because me n my mom have really experience it for real in mosque. its still creep me out when i think bout it

  28. Stephanie Ak Ibang says:

    hhhhaaaa.. 2orng krn tu.. takut sngt knpa

  29. atiqahj says:

    Hi~Please react to faizal tahir sejati music video πŸ™‚

  30. Maliha Zulizman says:

    5:33 dia pandang belakang lol tak khusyuk

  31. Lady Ezra says:

    aku msh ingat tme aku solat maghrib..msa tu blackout..tetiba lembaga itam ‘setan’ merangkak dpn aku..aku abaikan..msa sujud akhir bnda tu tarik skirt aku..abs ja slt aku amik tasbih n hayun 360ΒΊ..aku dpt hit bnda tu d blkg aku.lps hit tu aku rsa tng blk..mgkn sbb bnda tu da lnyp..sjk kejadian tu aku xslt sndri da bla blackout..nsb org yg lhir dgn ‘mta batin’ mmg mnyedihkan..=_=
    bkn mnyeksakan ok..haha..

  32. COCONUT Channel μ½”μ½”λ„› 채널 says:

    For those who doesn’t want to watch entire video, here is a shortcut!

    0:13 Munafik
    2:50 Makmum <- Hillarious! hope you enjoy till the end! (You might get to see Steve cry)

    Don’t forget to "Subscribe" and "Like" our video!

  33. alfin syah says:

    i think they both scared but in a different style…but maann…they r really funny!! 😁😁😁 good 4 u guys thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘

  34. aripFTW ForReal says:

    tbh i watch horror movies for fun

  35. Nuran Meliha A. says:

    You guys are so funny. >,<
    For the Makmum scene, it usually happens when we pray. We felt like there is something behind us. We supposed to concentrate while praying. It just a ‘setan’ trying to disturb.

  36. Rahmat Subangkit says:

    recommended : macabre / rumah dara

  37. Akama YeaYea says:

    makmum is the stupidest movie ever . the movie make a kid scared while they praying . sorry to say πŸ™

  38. ridha akbar says:

    react beauty and the beast

  39. L Sevensins says:

    The best of Indonesian horror imo r kuntilanak 1 and 2, mirror, and disini ada setan.
    My fave is kuntilanak tho. especially with that javanesse song as bgm.

  40. Me Only Stand BTS says:

    im watching this alone rn at 3am. im okay with munafik but yall mukmam was LIKE WHAATTT THE HELL I CANT😹😹😹😹

  41. Tinah Agasshi says:

    Oppa noton berdua sampai rameh gitu.hhhhh

  42. haj hayef mira says:

    omg that guy is soo funny how dare the ghost get lost hhhhhhhhhh

  43. dizzyanddrunk says:

    just by watching them watching those horror movies or trailer whatever it is, make me scared like shit to open my eyes. rip me

  44. FLXlovesick says:

    that late night prayer suppose to be calming and spiritual but I’m actually scared myself whenever I want to do it. that Jin Islam alos wants to pray but leave us alone! 😨

  45. Fatimah Safiqah says:

    search ia wujud or highland tower .. i guess u will not sleep well at night .. gudluckπŸ’•

  46. from got7 world says:

    Please watch Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 1 & 2 and Jwanita

  47. Sani Bross says:

    hantu pun solat.. so korang yg manusia yg tak solat.. baik pi solat Asar skarang ..

  48. sabriah sabri says:

    why you just try to make reaction to shila amzah..

  49. Maiza Daalina says:

    i hope u watch the entire movie munafik. u will be really wet your pants. i’m still scare of watching that movie.but love it so much.

  50. Chii235 says:

    asia movie..esp malay movie…so scary 😱😫

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