Lake Noir | Full Horror Movie English 2015 | HOT Scary Movie

Lake Noir | Full Horror Movie English 2015 | HOT Scary Movie

A group of friends head off for a secluded getaway and encounter more than they bargained for. “Nothing good happens at this lake,” warns Ol’ Mr. McAvoy to a group of unsuspecting campers looking forward to a sex- and alcohol-fueled romp at a secluded lake. Little do they know the lake’s sordid past, horrible atrocities, and the resident of the lake who does not take kindly to visitors. Michael J. Gonzalez stars in this old school horror film loaded with sex, alcohol, and the occasional unexpected life ending experience that traditional horror lovers have come to know and love.

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48 Responses to Lake Noir | Full Horror Movie English 2015 | HOT Scary Movie

  1. Richard Morrissey says:

    Mardi Gras is at the end of the month.

  2. dan oliver says:

    one 1/2 star

  3. Amaiya Boodhna says:


  4. Michael Hartzell says:

    At the 31 minute mark I still haven’t seen to lake. One thing is for sure, the budget wa kept way under control.

  5. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    THE girls or where’s the dog’s

  6. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    homeless people how can they afford the new vehicles

  7. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    lake of the woods or swamp murders on the ID CHANNEL

  8. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    grumpy older men can’t get erection didn’t vote in the election

  9. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    where’s the bong

  10. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    looks like a beer comercial

  11. Sabbu Fuchhee says:

    not scared and not horror

  12. James izlookin says:

    bad movie like really bad and bad actors extremely bad ha ha tools

  13. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    WHY are the men spreading they legs and the women are crossed

  14. christine chamblin says:

    Great movie and great low budget chills and thrills. I love the guys in this movie , as well. Sooo hot!!!!

  15. dan oliver says:

    Yes this movie is free. But it drags on and on. Low budget

  16. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    where’s Michelle Mayer or Obama a fucking nightmare because she didn’t want to work

  17. Raj M says:

    Fuck it…. Slowest movie I have ever seen!!!

    30 minutes and the movie has not even come near to:

    "HORROR, HOT OR SCARY" movie kinda thing this kings of horror has offered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Watch it yourself!

  18. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    where’s Magic Johnson the dodge truck’s or baseball

  19. Sonata Serrano says:

    dafuq nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    where’s bend Ladin or bin

  21. sabine berghuber says:

    YEASSsss !!

  22. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    where’s goddam rod ham Clinton’s

  23. Floyd Brown says:

    those guys aint fucking teenagers!

  24. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    I would like to know what they really look like

  25. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    drain the GAS tank by drilling a hole

  26. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    who’s on the pill the men or women

  27. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    REAL scary where’s the fucking suicides

  28. Christopher Scott says:

    Don’t bother!

  29. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    back in school a teacher. told the class the people will all be chocolate

  30. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    dongens and dragon’s

  31. Aseembehl over act says:

    fkk of just a bore theme

  32. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    THEM men can’t find a razor to cut their ball’s

  33. Archelyn Nicole says:

    wtf so hot

  34. William Elliott says:

    very boring

  35. Kamran Shah says:

    the conjuring 1, and 2.

  36. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    Boy’s toys or dykes

  37. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    THE men have dirty ball’s and the women have dirty fish

  38. Estella Arroyo says:

    the kings of horror movies are good but start out slow sorry people 🐣

  39. Nenita Dangue says:

    its ok

  40. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    Jello SHOTS where’s Bill fucking Cosby

  41. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    are they swapping girlfriend or boyfriends

  42. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    YO do you know who I’m working for now but don’t get paid

  43. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    he said drain the lake I heard drain the snake

  44. DNTME says:

    What an utter piece of shit. Those in here praising it must have made it or acted in it. Either that or they are totally brain dead.

  45. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    Dallas cowboys or mad cow’s

  46. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    fucking guy’s are together and the girls are going fishing

  47. Christopher Winkleblack says:

    WHERE does the Clinton’s get these fucks from

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