Last Night – Award Winning Short Horror Film – 2016

Last Night – Award Winning Short Horror Film – 2016

WINNER – Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival – Best Short Horror Film (Student)

This is a well told story, about a young woman who’s world kept secretly from those around. A promising short-film that excels in it’s sinergy of different art forms.

Written and directed by: Tal Bohbot

Cinematography: Amit BenShlomo

Sound: Geva Hason | Cfir Yaackobi |

Cast: Eden kokarko | Nadav Laieb |

Lightning: Yotam Sadot

Edit by: Tal Bohbot | Amit BenShlomo
Song: Cigarrets after sex – nothings gonna hurt you baby

סרט אימה קצרצר על נקמה נשית ביום האהבה.
הופק במסגרת לימודי קולנוע במכללת ספיר, 2016

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49 Responses to Last Night – Award Winning Short Horror Film – 2016

  1. Maheen Ahmed says:

    Should have offered her some of that steak

  2. pryncyss says:

    Not scary. I knew it would be her. There were subtle hints that it would be him. But well done overall. It made want to watch another one! Nicely done!

  3. videorizing says:

    IN LUBBOCK, TEXAS AREA — 100 year old 2 story brick building – at end of street — each floor 1600 sq ft — vacant many years — available for horror film crews – each floor 1600 sq ft — no traffic, no pedestrians — lots of parking

  4. Lilac Clover says:

    When she stabbed him in the neck.. i had to hold my neck anyone else?

  5. Subhra Jyoti says:

    who the hell she is?

  6. Lucie B Lindner says:

    Now this was awesome! Never Trust a hottee in a short dress! Great Job!

  7. Rebecca Nelson says:

    That was more gross than scary……

  8. Mikela Wilson says:

    what is the name of this song?

  9. Skitsterr says:

    I really like the artsy feel to this film great work! Ive been in the hunt for a good horror short for inspiration and this is definitely a good one!

  10. Linda Ciccoli says:

    Good switch! Nice no dialog needed.

  11. Mochammad Escorta Bayu Samodera says:

    this makes me hungry…

  12. Deadosis Gaming says:

    it needs more suspence

  13. Jeremy Fontaine says:

    Those guys should have been the source of her steaks!

  14. ken trea says:

    I love this! Could you cook the steak a little more?

  15. Jmoney Vevo says:

    Scary Wow 😱😱

  16. Freddy Plascencia says:

    Grill marks are off

  17. Katelynn Louth says:

    The way her thumb pointed upwards when she was eating really bugged me. That’s all.

  18. Mellisa -Chan says:

    Boom bo rom bom bom bo rom bombom she is a killer bom bom bo rom bom bom bo rom bombom was like o hell no

  19. alexander arkum says:

    what a body and her skin looks Chinese it’s so pale and smooth….sometimes I hate being a man

  20. sikender hussain says:

    m hungry

  21. nictheartist says:

    If she’s a vampire, which is what the lack of reflection suggests, she spilled a lot of her dinner on the floor. Well shot, although the stabbing at the end didn’t work for me.

  22. Dead D says:

    Holy shit I will try that delicious thing I don’t know what was that…. And I didn’t found anything scary in this….😂 😂 😂

  23. T-Tessi says:

    looks like he’s just throwing this blood on the floor haha

  24. Seth Winters says:

    Fuck you looking at? Scroll up pussy

  25. Lukas Coppens says:

    Sorry but it isnt so scary. She JUSt WANTS HER STEAK

  26. SAMIA AJAZ says:

    it was gross not horror

  27. Lars Chue says:

    Is it worth it, death for an evening with a pretty face.

  28. Somya Kumar says:

    Now how was that scary?
    (PS the girl’s cute though)

  29. sandipan Ghosh says:


  30. New Direction says:

    Loved your short!
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  31. Basavaraju V says:

    please watch my short film

  32. G38swag says:

    that was dumb because he walks in they eat steak he looks in mirror realizes that she a vampire she stabs him in the necks then stabs him with a knife the drags him away and folds his clothes

  33. amit salvi says:

    i love this song xD…

  34. Blazingwolf124 says:

    love it

  35. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    Yuck, I wouldn’t eat meat if you paid me thousands of pounds…

  36. defecate88 says:

    If only the camera quality was more clear.

  37. Gio Pirro says:

    that’s why he should have had something vegetarian instead.

  38. Sosha Losa says:

    honestly the staying part was so fake. sure ur stupid horror movie is award winning. like if u agree.

  39. Joshua Freemn says:

    the scariest thing about this was the way he ate that steak

  40. Sage Moonlight says:

    Bob Ross with nose ring! Oh my Bosh!!

  41. Dev Mitra says:

    Is the grilled meat that of a human she killed?

  42. ABT Studios says:

    Hey your channel is so good!!! we subbed and hope you can check out our channel and maybe sub to us if you like our content 🙂 we have the same sort of videos :))

  43. Apsara Chatterjee says:


  44. Horror future #7 says:

    Nice story and good direction..Well made mate!

  45. Equus 21-Aaron B. says:

    THAT was so cool! Nice effects and really eerie atmosphere. Movies like this make me WANT to make more short films, I have before-but thanks for giving me a confidence boost! 🙂

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