Laundry – 2 minutes Short Film/Horror/Thriller/Mystery

Laundry – 2 minutes Short Film/Horror/Thriller/Mystery

Starring Julian Tomescu & Ellen Dunphy
Directed by Minkyung Jenna Kim & John Chris Lopez
Written by Minkyung Jenna Kim
Photographed & Edited by Solomin Encarnacion

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7 Responses to Laundry – 2 minutes Short Film/Horror/Thriller/Mystery

  1. c. j. macq says:

    that was very clever. I think it was very nice of her to wash his shirt for him. but the shirt needed to be bloodied don’t you think? you know, if you changed ONLY the music on this it could be about blossoming love at the laundry mat. I liked the young lady’s stare. I’ve had women stare at me like that but for completely different reasons (I think). the entire crew and talent did a masterful job. condensing everything to under 3 minutes, and with no dialogue we knew exactly what we needed to know for the film to work. nicely done and thanks for the film.

  2. CJV FILMS says:

    Nice job man. What is your thoughts on "The Willow Grove Woods" short film?

  3. Jess Jung says:

    Almost didn’t catch it at first I like it! Simple and implicit.

  4. Hermit says:

    I always feel bad for giving young new filmmakers criticism. But, I honestly wasn’t scared at all by this. If you want I could tell you in more detail my criticisms.

  5. Digital Infotainment says:

    Not that scary. But the way you took the film was pretty good. Good Job!! 🙂

  6. MotionBoatFilms says:

    Simple but effective work!

  7. Chaaykarak says:

    I really liked it

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