LILY – Short Horror Film

LILY – Short Horror Film

LILY – Written and directed by Sylvain PELISSIER
Original Music: Valentin SIMONELLI
Casting: Catherine LECOQ / Pascal D’IVERNERESSE /
Stephane MULLER / Chrys BENS
Assistant Director: Cyprien DE KERRIA
Director of photography: Tom HOUGUENAGUE
Cameraman: Paul BONY
Chef Electro: Coline JEUNET
Electros: Olivier MAURIN / Nicolas Von BORZYSKOWSKI
Sound Engineer: Michel JACOB
Editor / Color Timer: Sylvain PELISSIER
Make up: Melanie RATHELOT
Régisseur: Jean Marie CAYET
LILY is a french film
Production filmaginaires
All rights reserved.
Myriam, an auxiliary of social life, has been on mission for some days, Mr. Bariani, a seventy-year-old widowed and touched by a heavy handicap. Taking advantage of the weakness of the old man, Myriam adopts a detestable behavior by abusing her.

. “LILY” is a sort of phantasmagoric revenge, treated on an inescapable problem of society: the maltreatment of the elderly or with reduced mobility.
It is by the fantastic genre that the writer and director of the film wanted to deal with this problem of society, which is also a subject of reflection on the place of the individual in our society.

– BEST VILLAIN Actress (SHORT) Cinefantasy IFFF
– Prix du jury Los Angeles CineFest juin 2016


– Hollywood Screenings Film Festival
– FANTASTURKA ‘Turkish Fantastic and Horror Films Festival’
– Retour à l’Anormal 3ème édition
– UMBERTIDEAD 3ème édition
– Post Mortem Horror and Bizarre FILM FESTIVAL 2016
– Festival de Terror y Fantástico Terroríficamente Cortos
– Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei 2016 Espagne
– Festival du film fantastique de rouen 2016 france
– Festival du Film Fantastique Torremolinos 2016 Espagne
– Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine VIDEOFEST
– Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2016 Londres
– Focus International film festival FIFF Summer 2016
– Fright Night Film Fest 2016 Kentucky États-Unis
– FERATUM, Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico 2016
– Cinefantasy IFFF (International Fantastic Film Festival) 2016
– Los Angeles Cinefest 2016 selected as a finalist
– Premio Cinematografico Palena 2016 Italie
– Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival
– La Nuit du Court Métrage en Haute Provence 2016
– Festival International du film Fantastique d’Audincourt Bloody Week-end 7 ème edition
– Short Film Corner festival de Cannes 2016

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23 Responses to LILY – Short Horror Film

  1. Fred Baumann says:

    Merci mille fois!

  2. Purusharath Daudharia says:

    Really loved the concept …….but the scenes of ghost were kind a funny …….need of some more views

  3. Marceline Hocquaux says:

    Bravo ❤️

  4. Baki Bousmaha says:

    Excellent et très bien interprété

  5. Pryncezzz Shrek says:

    do not speak French, but BRAVO!!!!!!!

  6. Molly Fixxxer says:

    Amazing quality and amazingly well done! One of the best short films I’ve seen.

  7. Elizabeth Walker says:

    This is fantastic! I hope your work continues to bring you the success and recognition it deserves. Definitely going on my favorites list (why can’t Americans make movies this good??)

  8. Elias Barghash says:

    Loved this. Fantastic that we grow to hate Myriam so quickly, and love how endearing Ovidio is. I truly felt sympathy for his situation, and could tell that something unsettling would happen with Lily. Well done — what I liked even more was how effectively you ended the film, causing us to begin sympathizing with Myriam (and the other care-takers) with a semi-twist ending.

    I think this works very well as a short, however I would be interested to see if (or how) this concept might be expanded to be a bit longer to create a more balanced character in Myriam. Why is she so nasty? It is fine that she’s a greedy character, and it works fantastically for the film, but did something compelling happen that made her this way? I imagine the answer could very well be yes, but that was really the only thing I thought could be improved. Ovidio (and Lily) was shown to be not so pure by the end — which worked fantastically — and I would be curious to see if the same could be done (somewhat) for Myriam.

    Another minor note — the "photo wall" of the trapped caretakers at the end came across as unintentionally comical, which broke the tone for me. I wondered if their faces could’ve been more stoic or brooding, much like Lily in her photos.

    Overall, great work. Brilliant music, good pace, good scares, GREAT lighting and camera work, superb acting. You’ve got a new subscriber.

  9. Catherine .Lecoq says:

    Très heureuse d’avoir pu rendre crédible cette maltraitance à personnes âgées en si peu de temps …Bravo Sylvain encore une fois !

  10. Digi191 says:

    OMFG that was really good.. Amazing Film. ♥

  11. Kevin Ozturk says:

    This is actually really good I knew it would happen but the build up was amazing and the reveal was great too I ll right it in French below through google translate

    C’est vraiment très bon, je savais que cela arriverait, mais la mise en place était étonnante et le révéler était super aussi je vais le droit en français ci-dessous par google translate

  12. stephanebaude says:

    Efficace et bien mené bravo vraiment.

  13. Yohan Desvaux says:

    sujet intéressant, réalisation intriguante, bon casting. Bravo pour tout ce travail !

  14. Akkane pocky says:

    Esta genial!

  15. Cercle Rouge Auteurs says:

    Un réel sujet inquiétant de maltraitance , traité sur un fond horrifique, c’est un mélange très savoureux,
    félicitation !!

  16. David Lagneau says:

    Tout simplement colossal !!! bravo à tous !!!

  17. Baby Blue says:

    well done.

  18. Jake Wright says:

    Gets to the scary part and… my dog barks and makes me poop my pants

  19. Cutiefun mom says:

    this was great

  20. Armand GIORDANI says:

    Bravo, très bien fait !

  21. Yu Hazama says:

    素晴らしい!! from Japan


    très heureux ; D’ avoir interprêter Lily ; bravo a vous tous ……

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