Moments In The 1990 It Movie That Are Scarier Than The Remake

Moments In The 1990 It Movie That Are Scarier Than The Remake

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There are a lot of reasons why Stephen King’s It was ripe for revival on-screen in 2017. It’d been 27 years since the last adaptation, which is a fateful number in the story. Clowns are still pretty damn scary. And, well, the 1990 TV miniseries simply couldn’t capture the most terrifying elements of King’s bestseller under network restrictions and a small-screen budget. The outdated special effects in particular have rendered certain portions of the original It film laughable, instead of frightening. Even so, there are certain scenes in the 1990 miniseries that still hold up — and are actually even scarier than the new big-screen adaptation…

The moving pictures | 0:38
Ben’s father | 1:43
Beverly’s bathroom | 2:15
Eddie’s shower | 2:51
Going clear | 3:37
The meta element | 4:24

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50 Responses to Moments In The 1990 It Movie That Are Scarier Than The Remake

  1. Eric Patterson says:

    I feel like the 2017 IT would be scarier for a kid than the 1990s IT

  2. Stormycat 54 says:

    I liked the original bathroom scene, it was really creepy and much better than the remake.

  3. TheNraveles says:

    The 1990 wasnt even scary at all..

  4. Pinguim demente says:

    How are those scarier than the ones from the 2017 movie

  5. TopaZe says:

    The first one isn’t scary at all

  6. Lego Master 109 says:

    The person that was talking in the
    Video is from smashbites

  7. SpoonToon says:


  8. Benas Streigys says:

    wached 1990 movie IT 😀 fakin comedy shit 😀 2017 IT is absolutley better 🙂

  9. Adam Skead says:

    The old one isn’t scarier than the remake that’s my opinion

  10. Brody Daube says:

    There are little things wish they added but all in all it 2017 was better

  11. GlitchAgate Gaming says:

    Dexter manning?

  12. Don't Forget To Get Schwifty says:

    Bill skasgard has a devious smile and that makes it a lot different

  13. Name says:

    I find it very funny
    Definitely watch it again

  14. papernachos says:

    The 2017’s IT is creepier

  15. Pennywise the Dancing Clown says:

    You die… You try

  16. Real_Hitta says:

    Sorry. But no scene of the old IT was any scary. Even watched it when I was very young and just laughed at most of the scenes. The new IT was so much better. Its CGI baby.

  17. Don't Forget To Get Schwifty says:

    I mean, in my opinion, tim currys it had less scary makeup

  18. Killua Zoldyck says:

    The only thing the 90s It had was Tim Curry without him it would be forget able lol

  19. Crash Bandicoot says:

    This guys the guy from if undertaker was realistic

  20. LiasGR1 says:

    One major problem I have with the 2017 version is the ending. In the 1990 version they only manage to beat the clown with a lucky shot. In the 2017 version, they literally destroy him in the end. I don’t know about you guys but that kinda killed the scary atmosphere for me, making this being that is so powerful and terrifying get bullied by a bunch of (annoying) teenagers.

  21. Logic Fan says:

    The old IT isn’t scary

  22. Candi Soda says:

    I think IT 2017 is a lot crazier than the 90 version. I saw the old IT when I was like 7, scared the shit out of me. Saw it like 10 years later and was like meh.. Then saw the 2017 one, that was pretty crazy. If I was a kid, I think 2017 IT is scarier than the old IT

  23. eliott A says:

    I don’t think it was scary any of them, I wanted to see it eating a kid lol, or be more scary, the first mini series lack of effects and it was cheese and funny, and the new was had to much effect and made it look very video game lol… and it was okay. I’m not a fan..

  24. Apfelkind4000 says:

    The new IT was just great. Nice humor and I have been on the edge most of the movie. That was great.

  25. Renske Dijkstra says:

    control contribution banking wrong power greatest gold experimental introduction.

  26. pirate crafter says:

    Really the pictures in the old are scarier then the new your joking right?

  27. proz hh says:

    Not really cuz the effect of edit is not that good!

  28. Sebastian Ekart says:

    Most of them are more silly than scary, tbh.

  29. The Bffs Bella & Kennedy says:

    I love the new IT but it didn’t scare me I think it you knew when pennywise was coming

  30. Cur Vie says:

    Honestly old scary movies are so much scarier than other movies these days

  31. Ashley Hodges says:

    I love the old it and all but the new it is a lot scarier. The old one isn’t scary like at all.

  32. Steven Dowens says:

    1990’s IT > 2017 IT. And the fact that 1990 had such a low budget and crappy special effects, and still induced as much fear as it did, speaks volumes for how good it actually is. Tim Curry couldn’t have played the role of Pennywise any better. One of the scariest characters I’ve ever seen.

  33. Xander Hess says:

    Your stupid the old one is not scary at all

  34. Night_ Ash101 says:

    we all know that the 90’s will always be the best.

  35. Admiral Gamer80 says:

    welp i found out that you dont just do smash bitz but this aswell

  36. Anna Goldstein says:

    No the remake is scarier the other one was boring

  37. Jeff Reeves says:

    ITT: Kids born after 1995 trying to claim that the 2017 remake is better than the 1990 mini-series they never watched, and/or it’s a better adaptation of the book that they’ve also never read.

  38. That PS Gamer says:

    All of these senses are laughable, try the flute girl from the new 2017 movie. You will wish for death afterwords.

  39. Candi Soda says:

    I didn’t even know there was a mini series of IT back in the 90’s. Thought it was just a movie

  40. XxSlayergamerxx O says:

    Riche is all about werewolf’s is it he

  41. Narwhal549 says:

    The thing is freakier than pennywise and Jason unmasked part 7 is freakier aswell

  42. Justine Lopez says:

    The 2017 is way scarier than 1990

  43. Isaac Boaz says:

    The 1990 mini series was not scary at all. The new It was pretty creepy.

  44. pirate crafter says:

    You say that the fact that his hand came out of the picture in the old is scarier then him coming out like a giant trying to eat them is ridicoulos

  45. Daisy Fields says:

    The new IT is certainly a product of the times. Boring, profane, derivative and pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  46. Chase Chilcoate says:

    Remake is scarier

  47. Rebecca Pina says:

    the original may not be considered scary for this era…but unless you lived in that time and experienced it when it was first introduced, you cant really conceive just how "scary" it was. I personally thought the remake was supposed to be a comedy horror but i’m sure all the 12 year olds feel differently- with all the effects they had available it should’ve been SO much better…but it just wasn’t

  48. Golden King says:

    the bond between 90’s IT kids was more deep then 2017’s kids, And 90’s movie took it’s time to make things horror slowly but steadily, but it had some flaws as well . Every era has, its style to present a movie . its a matter of choice sometimes which is better . None of them are remarkably horror like 1973’s Exorcist or Birds 1963 or Thing 1982 or even Nosferatu 1922 . These movies still stands in a different league . Both ITs are good .

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