Mutants Zombie Horror Movies English Subtitles Full Action Movie YouTube

Mutants Zombie Horror Movies English Subtitles Full Action Movie YouTube

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50 Responses to Mutants Zombie Horror Movies English Subtitles Full Action Movie YouTube

  1. Citra azha Azha says:

    i like movies from indonesia

  2. Man Of Steel says:

    Thanks for uploaded

  3. tina martin says:

    good 🎥

  4. Badhon Mohammed says:

    I don’t like dihis movie

  5. Rafiqgold 999.9 says:

    really waste of time ….

  6. The Right Wing American Mexican says:

    if that was my wife or girlfriend sorry shot to the head, kid love you but your better off, I would want the same if I was in there place

  7. Munchie Moonwalker says:

    this zombie apocalypse fuck fest of terror blood and guts will leave you horrified and shitting your pants one of the greatest movies ever made this shocking and terrifying horror movie will blow your mind

  8. Rani septy saragi says:

    hmmmm sinyal wi-fi lolz😏😏😏

  9. So What says:

    its me scared right there…but sonia doesn’t really know how to act..not really showing her emotions…i dont know if i’m the only one who noticed it..

  10. Ирина Ива says:

    а перевод где?

  11. VanGhie Delapena says:

    i like this movie 😊

  12. Eliny Zafran says:

    When we watch a zombie movie we will scare a little but… when the zombies apocalypse become real we will be really scare until we just would kill our self

  13. Rana Shebiii says:

    wow I like so much good movie

  14. นาย จักรพล มณฑลชัย says:


  15. Jocelyn Vernon says:

    wonder if there was a virus breakout starting in 1 country what would happen? like Dawn of the Dead good example we had to try and survive…

  16. Angels Arehere says:

    Looks like it was quite a decent film…the only thing that let it down was the sometimes inaccurate subtitles

  17. Shiraz Uber says:

    what the hell was her zombie boyfriend trying to do in the end?

  18. sketchy ghoul says:

    TRES BIEN!!!!!
    jk I’m not French
    It’s just a reference from tsukiyama

  19. นาย จักรพล มณฑลชัย says:

    Danny (019).

  20. Mike Spano says:

    what movie is this?

  21. TrephineArtist says:

    Not a bad film, subtitles are very random, glad I understand French, thanks for the upload.

  22. Instatube says:

    57:50 why was she holding the fucking gun…wen she cant shoot

  23. นาย จักรพล มณฑลชัย says:


  24. Sion Silal says:

    in the end her boyfriend looks like Voldemort lol 😂😂😂

  25. Jocelyn Vernon says:

    if I was a vampire or even a zombie I’d go after the people I don’t like and that have done wrong towards myself and kids

  26. flamindigo says:

    WARNING! This movie is in fRENCH – BOO!

  27. Vesper Martini says:

    💩💩💩 out of 10, English translation is pretty bad.

  28. CichlidChic says:

    Yes, this is a good movie. Watched it in English and really liked it!

  29. Shane Bairstow says:

    ok end of the world , who is moving the snow of the roads?

  30. Nitsuj Rekoob says:

    So fucking good. sad she had to "shaun of the dead" her bf at the end. great example of how the french kill it at horror. very respectable movie and perfect upload.

  31. lilong rago says:

    Her role is simply a stupid wife/gf👎

  32. betty ford says:

    Kick Azz zombie movie, I cant decide if this is better or Train to Busan

  33. Jocelyn Vernon says:

    where was this movie made..the scenery is beautiful

  34. Jocelyn Vernon says:

    they speak in French and English subtitles then people know what they are saying. seen this movie few times I think it’s a great movie yeah sonja is a bit of a dummy but great action :):)

  35. Anees Ur Rehman says:

    very sad she killed her boyfriend

  36. Kelly Edey says:

    Had to cuddle my poor Chihuahua I was so scared,  this is  great scary zombie enjoyed very much.

  37. นาย จักรพล มณฑลชัย says:


  38. Pradeep Neupane says:

    Where is audio? I couldnot hear the voice.

  39. Ирина Ива says:

    а перевод где?

  40. Dairo Garcia says:

    es buena película pero q es tubiera en español fueta mucho mejor

  41. George MJP says:

    Very good

  42. kristaps sipenieks says:

    to much blood 4 stars sorry

  43. Appolos Geffraus says:

    why u dont put it on english language

  44. นาย จักรพล มณฑลชัย says:

    laura mundo angelo whitness.clahra susan

  45. VanGhie Delapena says:


  46. Angels Arehere says:

    Women with guns…BAD idea

  47. Sani Sani says:

    sub indo please..please…

  48. Shraddha Dubey says:

    good movie

  49. GhostBlower says:

    this movie has no beginning. how did it start?

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