My Most Watched Horror Films : My Dvd Collection Series

My Most Watched Horror Films : My Dvd Collection Series

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My Dvd and Blu-ray Collection series talking about some of of the most watched Horror movies I have in my Dvd and Blu-ray Collection.

Some of the films I talk about in this video are :

– Urban Legend
– Troll 2
– The Return of the living Dead
– Session 9
– Stephen Kings – The Stand
– Chucky Collection – Child’s Play 1 – 3
– The Lost Boys
– Jaw 3
– Gremlins 2 The New Batch
– Stephen Kings It
– The Hills Have Eyes
– The Fun House
– Sleepaway Camp
– Suspiria
– The People Under The Stairs
– Pet Semetary 2
– Motel Hell
– Dawn of the Dead
– Day of the Dead

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50 Responses to My Most Watched Horror Films : My Dvd Collection Series

  1. The Benana says:

    You have a very interesting taste in films… Haven’t seen much of these, or even heard of a lot. That pennywise impression is great!! I always loved gremlins 2 as well. The hills have eyes is one id like to see sometime. Are the pet Semetary films based on the Stephen King book? Anyway, great video, man, I’m a new fan of the channel.

  2. WALLY O says:

    Jaws 3 I’m the same I just watched all the Jaws again & I saw them all on the Big screen & I saw 3 in #D I agree because 2 is BOOOORING and Revenge is great, but 3 is Fresh

  3. manwtha12yobody says:

    i cant believe he thinks nothing of leaving that sticker on the tops of his cases. my OCD is raging right now. lol.

  4. DramaMoviezScalpel says:

    Pretty good "IT" impression haha, I was surprised!! And ya you’re right, NOONE WILL EVER TOP TIM CURRY, he made that movie, visually I feel the movie could be awesome, they should just make it a visual feast, because no one will do the clown justice

  5. Xavier St.Pierre says:

    Ravenous ! 😃

  6. iHelloway says:

    also have same stephens kings IT dvd, just got to own it for pure nostalgy and that damn cover 😀 island of dr moreu i remember watching some sort of ~80ish version, but have the original movie in my watchlist so would maybe be more intriguing with lagosi n good oldie stuff.. Sleepaway camp sequels haunts me to be watched just from covers, i mean kruegers glove and jason mask on a cover , just from that curiosity grows 🙂 Suspiria… recently watched beginning and stopped at the first kill cause i was not ready for that kind of gruesomeness while eating 😀 but very intrigued to watch all series , know even would think that italian slashers are quite hardcore comparing to halloween or friday 13th…I have same Cube dvd, it would go well with cube zero, cube 2 was intriguing but it was over the top… dawn of the dead is quite atmospheric mainly because the mall, but there is some unforgetible cheese which could not pass by me , u know what i talk about.. about pulsating arm at the end x) dead end quite nice plot gonna check it out, similarly identity was about "stuck region" and there was scene in" In mouth of madness" were stuff was repeating itself on the road, very creepy 🙂 cabin fever not liked to much but appreciated that it fitted genre "just in case shoot first everyone from contaminated region" Candyman i watched at teenage years, was quite interesting in atmosphere and that its not popular gem

  7. Amy says:

    Duuuude. I used to watch your vids a lot a few years back but I never subscribed…I was looking through some vids just now, came across this and thought wow I recognise this guy…well done on the weight loss! You do really interesting videos.

  8. MegaEnderman1 says:

    I love gremlins 2 as well and I’ve heard goulies 2 is better than 1 but I haven’t seen either

  9. iHelloway says:

    btw could u share your routine, like me i guess you do research for movies, than if u think its worth to collect you buy them, but you do more research watching than actually see your owned movies ? probably its just thing that its fun to keep in mind that if one day internet will get down with piracy, or some sort of apocalypse, u will get solar or wind power and can always watch your movies at your apartment with other survivors lol x)

  10. Warlock Productions says:

    Child’s Play 3 was also my favorite to watch as a kid.

  11. planetmark100 says:

    Great list. I caught your review of Dead End in an earlier post and ended up buying it. Good stuff.

  12. lewis burton says:

    That shirt!!! WOW 😲 LOL

  13. Tustari A. says:

    Congrats on your weight loss. It’ll add years to your life no doubt

  14. Alanis johnson says:

    Have you see final destination 3 is one of my favourites gory films in it is a best final destination film ever made James wong he directed this film he,s a brilliant director you’re gonna love this film p’s I never see worm eaters before I look on eBay before is got region 0 xxx

  15. iHelloway says:

    also i wanna ask, for what reason to buy shitty movies? unless i think you watch them for the first time, or not doing enough research for them ? my goal is like collect rewatchable and special for me movies, ussualy i see them atleast once and if they have impact on me than i buy usually better releaser, would appreciate an opinion

  16. nerdcity says:

    great video, glad to see video violence and cabin fever on there. also loved your singing from cannibal haha

    also wondering is that the original bad seed or the 80’s one?

  17. Tcho Tcho says:

    Shawn. I love horror movies on a mall too. My favourite. Every time I go to the mall and it is empty i keep thinking about movies. EVERY TIME.

  18. Kirsti Johnson says:

    6:42 That was actually my first horror movie. I watched it back in 2013 when i was 12

  19. Slippy Jones says:

    As soon as you said "Shot on video". I somehow know you were going to mention "Video Violence". I saw the sequel first. I rented it at the local mom and pop video store based on the cover of the skeleton with the video camera. I was probably 8 or 9 years old. That was the first SOV title I saw. "Video Violence" is one of my favorite films as well. I finally got it on DVD with "The Basement" box set, put out by Camp Video.

  20. MegaEnderman1 says:

    So many movies for me to see all the ones I have not seen look gear I love horror

  21. Alanis johnson says:

    I never seen troll film before xxxxxx

  22. Hawaiian Brian says:

    You should check out BLOOD RAGE (1987) and THE BURNING.

  23. Slippy Jones says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Pet Semetary 2!

  24. MegaEnderman1 says:

    Sorry by gear I mean great

  25. MrGuyTv Evan Link says:

    Wait your an actor?

  26. Thomas white says:

    evil dead…Exorcist…salems lot…pet semetary…night of the living dead (tom savini version)..original dawn and day of the dead…demons 1 and 2…hellraiser…pumpkinhead..phatasm..puppet master…amityville horror (original) the thing (original)…hills have eyes (original)…American werewolf in London…the omen (original)..and it…pretty much sums up my childhood lol

  27. iHelloway says:

    return of living dead 2 , my fav from the series, even have same dvd 🙂 also has quite nice cover, always loved to see the movie on TV at childhood 🙂

  28. Scott Thompson says:

    Hey Shawn i’m the same way with JAWS REVENGE.  I’ve still seen the original JAWS more times, but I’ve seen JAWS REVENGE so many times.  I’ve never quite understood the pure hatred over that movie.  What are your thoughts on JAWS REVENGE?     SOME OF MY MOST WATCHED ARE

  29. ViciousGees says:

    Just watched Bad Ronald for the first time this week and it was a really good movie

  30. Creepy Prez Gaming says:

    I love The Gate 1987

  31. MegaEnderman1 says:

    I just watched canibal the musical yesterday a hyseical almost as funny as South Park and with a bit of horror too

  32. The Benana says:

    Oh and killler Klowns is ridiculous but that’s what makes it great.

  33. LOLWEISER says:

    I love a good horror movie.

  34. c winter says:

    Sweet video, sweet shirt

  35. Uppity Negronomicon says:

    Nice pics. I have come that ye may have new life.

  36. Andrew Toone says:

    Your impression of Pennywise the Dancing Clown was pretty good…

  37. iHelloway says:

    ps i remember seeing u promptly from ~2008 videos, and quite liked you, damn i was in a shock to know how you look differently presently 😀

  38. Contra 2075 says:

    Childs play 1 and two are the scary ones. The best ones too.

  39. HorroRviXenKate says:

    DEAD END ( Ray Wise ,Lynn Shaye ) , is frikkin awesome ,Shawn ….yeah its deffo not talked about enough and its very underrated man

  40. chinchillaka says:

    OK, I’ve been searching through my collection and tried to find the most obscure films I have. You probably have most of them so I’ve broadened the genre to include thrillers and ghost stories, here goes: Paperhouse (1988) Vamp (1986) The Nanny (1965) The Innocence (1961) Waxwork (1988) Freeze Frame (starring Lee Evans) 976 Evil (1988) Hardcover (aka I Madman, 1989) Equinox (1966) Come Play with us (1976) The Lady In Black (1989 ITV version) Leave her to Heaven (1945). Have a crack at those and tell me what you think.

  41. JLBZombie says:

    My most watched horror film is Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981) its also my all time favourite horror movie.

  42. Incision Reality says:

    Awesome list there, I’ve seen about half the movies you’ve mentioned and you’ve given me some interesting movies to add to my watch/buy list. I grew up watching Nightmare on Elm Street 1-7 over and over again. Other than that The Thing, Vancancy, Strangers, Dead End, original Wicker man, Evil Dead, to name a few I’ve watched a lot.

  43. groovass65 says:

    Session 9 is such a good movie but everyone I recommend it too are all unimpressed by it and say it sucks. Dummies.

  44. planetmark100 says:

    Coolduder, Many you mentioned I have in my collection. Also, some of my most watched, Night of the Creeps, Fright Night (the original), The Haunting (1963), Night of the Demons, 976 EVIL, The Innocents (1961) , Dead and Buried. To name a few. Always enjoy your posts!

  45. Sharrel Wright says:

    I remember JAWS 3 getting it’s first UK television screening back in the 80s the local TV guide magazine came with cardboard 3D glasses to coincide with the premiere, JAWS 3 being a 3D movie, a movie I’ve just got into is the Australian zombie Wyrmwood, where a meteorite crashes on earth and makes gasoline useless, but the zombies breath is flammable.

  46. Melanie P says:

    Just found your channel and, of course, am now a subbie. Love that you included Troll, Ghoulies II (I wasn’t a fan of the first one either), Motel Hell and Dead End. All movies that don’t get mentioned that often and I grew up on them (well not Dead End).

    My most watched would have to be: Nightmare on Elm Street, 3 and 4, April Fool’s Day, Ghoulies II, Motel Hell, Dolls, Poltergeist (all of them), It, Pet Sematary, Child’s Play 2, Dr. Giggles, Leprechaun, and The Lost Boys.

  47. what the will wednesday says:

    i’d say mine is House of 1,000 Corpses. Rob Zombie is great!!

  48. Richard Pavlik says:

    zombie 2 is an Italian so called sequel to dawn of the dead

  49. Thomas Pizinger says:

    Hey Shawn, Disturbing Behavior is going to be released by Scream Factory this spring!

  50. Stacey says:

    lmfao a teacher threw chalk in ur eye?? wtf I thought I had it rough. I fell asleep in class one day and a teacher kicked under my desk and the force bust my lip haha

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