My top 10 Horror movies HD

My top 10 Horror movies HD

My Top 10 horror movies
I forgot some videos … but anyway that’s my list.

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50 Responses to My top 10 Horror movies HD

  1. LichKing9326 says:

    all grudge movies the best ones

  2. amit rawat says:

    Yeah a sex video

  3. Jakewolf69 says:

    A lot of horror hack and slash movies would be cut short if the victims were pro gun.

  4. C Summers says:

    You do realize the best decade for horror movies was the ’70’s? Most original and scary/atmospheric horror movies.  

  5. Terra - says:

    i just watched the Uninvited.. great movie! also good actors

  6. Paprikusz HUN says:

    51 en már a válogatástol is beszartak hülye pöcsök 

  7. Franza Eindhoven says:

    Haute Tension, The loved ones, The midnight meat train are all better then this ones

  8. Megalomaniac says:

    Thanks i didnt know alot of these now i know them 😀 (no sarcasm)

  9. Elin Thörn says:

    I’m here laughing and smiling while my friend and dad says "hell ugh" and screaming hhahahahhahaha

  10. Juliana Mendoza says:


  11. Rvdxr Klvn 1000 says:

    the strangers was horrible

  12. Lizbeth G says:

    Another reason to be afraid of mirrors hint,hint the movie mirrors

  13. Dimitris Theodopoulos says:

    not bad i agree with this but you just forgat ”dead silence”

  14. MONSTER743 says:

    Why is every top horror movie list I’ve seen is just a combination of trailers, instead of telling us what the movie is and why its on the list?

  15. sean chou says:


  16. hala ali says:

    Woow i love it

  17. Rachael Comiskey says:


  18. Francesco Trentin says:

    insidious 1 was not that good tho

  19. Soundchaser2010 says:

    What makes a real good horror movie ?, what makes your skin crawl ?, the hairs on the back of your neck to stand at attention or that uneasy feeling that someone is behind you, but you keep looking anyways, knowing that no one is there. The feeling of sitting in a room that’s so dark you can’t even see your hands in front of you’re face. To feel fear when you lay your head down at night, dreading another nightmarish encounter with the unknown, even though you’ve said your prayers before falling into a night of un-restful sleep. What truly makes you scared ?

  20. Andrew Skar says:

    The Ring = The movie of my childhood… One of the best Horror films ever

  21. RSStarfire says:

    I liked the ring, but it didn’t scare me

  22. nitin bhat says:

    which is the movie where a old man sleeps on a bedside all the time by carving out inside of the bed, and the person sleeping next to him never finds it out. please tell the movie name

  23. BlueGuppyShoes says:

    Although Insidious isn’t that scary for me anymore cause I watched like a billion times, it will always be my favourite. The 1st time I watched it, it scared me shitless. The music also gives it so much more suspense:)

  24. irukaio says:

    The uninvited had an amazing plot twist. First one looked creepy. 😀

  25. Jessie isCursed says:

    The Strangers was just like The Purge but anyways..

  26. DaphneSims says:

    You go, bro! Mama is an awesome movie. It’s scary, funny, sad and it has a great plot! 🙂

  27. Veljko Čiča says:

    Insidious is the best horror movie of 21. century. The Unborn is shit, but Odette is so beautiful. And she has a great ass.

  28. nancy yapp says:

    same taste, i’ve watched before, good~

  29. Helen Sutton says:

    A lot of these actually suck, but Bradely Cooper. 😛

  30. ExicuteGaming says:

    ive seen everyone but strangers should be #1

  31. Lorde Fever says:

    While you are certainly entitled to your own opinion you really owe it to yourself to start watching more horror movies.

    Everything you listed came out after 2000, you do know that horror movies did exist between 1922-1999????

    Many of your picks are inferior US remakes of foreign films and most of your picks fall into the same sub genres (the ring, grudge).

    I guarantee you that if spend the next year or two really exploring the many great horror films that are out there, especially the 70’s to the 90’s that none of your current movies will make your top 10 list.

  32. Wolf says:

    Willy Wonka’s secret

  33. knight 995 says:

    Oh did i miss Conjuring ..?

  34. Sophia Armfelt says:

    love the grudge

  35. BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

    not good list,only Strangers was OK film and that ain’t horror genre.others are either remakes of better foreign films or new adaptations of original ones.

  36. The Best says:

    Evil dead and the conjuring is good

  37. TheVideoDivine says:

    Thank you guys, for the 159k views 🙂 should i do 1 more vid.. ?

  38. Kwnstantina M. says:

    the uninvited was perfect movie!!! 

  39. barbrothers holland says:

    what about halloween.

  40. herrdoktorA says:

    1:13 : Why it’s French?

  41. Neon Black says:

    What about you’re next

  42. Lizbeth G says:

    Ok why isnt exorcist on the list WTF that was the best horror movie of the 70s going along with The Texas Chainsaw 1974 again WTF!?!?!?!?

  43. Sunny Sharma says:

    The 1st time I watched it, it scared me. Thanks

  44. Kiddle Comix says:

    i’ve tried every horror movie but not one freaks me out but I do like chuckey

  45. Beto Perretta says:

    What about ‘the others’ and ‘what lies beneath’.

  46. achraf112 says:

    Insidious 1 and 2 were good movies but I don’t consider them "scary" at all.

  47. Violeta Uvalle says:

    Insidious is the best

  48. Archana Chettri says:

    No 1 suckss…the others in the list ws fine bt i dont think dat the unborn is dat scary…

  49. LeagueOfKings LOK says:

    Nice Top 10! 🙂

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