NEW Horror Movies 2016 English Thriller,Scary Movies redhouse

NEW Horror Movies 2016 English Thriller,Scary Movies redhouse

NEW Horror Movies 2016 English Thriller,Scary Movies redhouse

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48 Responses to NEW Horror Movies 2016 English Thriller,Scary Movies redhouse

  1. Yuliza Monzon says:

    She should of left from the beginning

  2. Maria Palumbo says:

    There R so many dislikes because the ending is sad & a bummer but, aside from that, this is one of the best, scariest ghost movies I’ve ever seen.

  3. Ann Judkins says:

    come on guys don’t have such a bad attitude about everything in life people need to care about other people besides your self people need to help stop animal abuse and child abuse and help woman abused give them hope and help if someone sees someone hurting a child a animal a woman help stop the abuse give hope. they have no right to hurt anybody not Even an animal help stop abuse tell woman there are social workers and public health nurses to help keep the baby and leave abusive relationship there are shelters woman don’t deserve abuse

  4. Meymey Battung says:

    This movie has no direction… RipπŸ’£

  5. Martin Alcoser says:

    what the man said 1:34
    i live that

  6. Jacqueline Ligon says:

    Good movie thanks

  7. Bryan Dott says:

    Enjoyable with a different look on haunted houses. Thanks for sharing

  8. Darcy Bailey says:

    Did anyone else look up the Eloise Asylum? First I looked up ‘Eloise" movie. Inquiring minds πŸ˜‰

  9. Ali bilmemne says:

    I am looking for very very scary movies. any body can tell me which movies very very scary?? I want movie name and watch it

  10. Abhiram Kumar says:

    It almost tops the verst horror movies in my lost. Not even a single element in the movie which feared me. Please dont watch this movie

  11. shantalee blake says:


  12. Stella C says:

    Protect ourselves when scared or disturbed by scary images, ghosts, spirits, negative energies, supernatural beings, etc. We can recite this mantra of protection from Tibet 108 times a day: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. It is important that we protect ourselves always.

  13. John Weber says:

    This could have been a good movie, but for the jackass husband and mother. I hated the ending as well… ahhh what ending?

  14. loopiewho says:

    Excuse me if this was my husband it would be the end ,this guy is a total pig ,
    why on earth would anyone be with a man like this what an arse hole
    HELLO your wife is pregnant and she don’t like the house
    any man would say ok baby lets go any where you want ,not your a loony shut up were staying here ,WHATEVER
    and as for the nasty vinegar tits mother in law boy
    was this girl unlucky

  15. Priscila Silva says:


  16. OME10S says:

    crap alert. Don’t watch it.

  17. Yuliza Monzon says:

    Who esle hated the husband and the mom

  18. Weezie Khay says:

    i swear thought something would’ve pop out in the end ..shit got me staring at the door lol…….. been a while they made a movie with just scares , no faces of ghost or anything … reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy intense.

  19. Florida Aguada says:

    Nice story.thanks for upload.

  20. Souhaila Kh says:

    Why are you lying

  21. Martin Alcoser says:

    that bathing scene though….

  22. Joshua Furness says:

    damn subtitles

  23. Wytri Anty says:

    Listen your wife or u’ll die..
    Haahahaaa….like my ex bastard husband

  24. hahaha nakakatuwa Garcia says:

    what the title of this movie plzz

  25. kelly anderson says:

    This movie was boring and cheap I couldn’t watch no more than 20 minutes of it..

  26. Muna Mohammad says:

    i love you

  27. orange44779 says:

    That was pretty good; I guess it’s for the audience to decide whether it is all in her head or it’s paranormal; I mean could she have pushed her husband; or how did he die? A twilight zone ending.

  28. Souhaila Kh says:

    It’s not a 2016 movie this one is an old movie I saw it a long time ago

  29. The_ visitor says:

    why people are narrating story in comments, can’t they just say good or bad movie?

  30. M. I. says:

    How can we watch this movie with all the writing on it!!

  31. Yuliza Monzon says:

    I hate this guy so much he doesn’t believe his wife was someone is with you you should trust them and believe them if you not gonna be happy with someone just leave if I was the the girl that is pregrant Jennifer I would just leave her gustan is to demanding and but head just leave alrady

  32. Bill Weah says:

    Still watching but, I have notice that the Husband is very much careless! !!!!

  33. Daniel el'don Feliciano says:


  34. Amiin Omer says:

    Red house not the right name

  35. babak ziaeii says:

    You cant make a horror movie by making people look like dum and super stupid

  36. Darren Clemonts says:

    Question why do white folks stay in a house that you know it was haunted. My black as would have done my Usain Bolt on the husband, mother and the house

  37. Latoya Ford says:

    The mother is a bitch

  38. April Rye says:

    The mother is a major narcissist

  39. stephanie bamber says:

    what is going on why cant the mother or husband see or hear anything that is going on in the house.her husband is a jurk yes pregnancy does things to u but why does nothing happen when he is around for him to see it.

  40. Maria Jenjay Toledo says:

    Pity wife she has been terror during in her 7months pregnancy it’s all about paranormal history!!!!

  41. Monira Yusuf says:

    omg she’s pregnant I can’t watch !

  42. Sharon Elliott says:

    Joshua Joshua recomend a good horror to watch plz if poss.. Be nice if some people could help by this method ..
    Cheers πŸ‘Œ

  43. M. I. says:

    The mother is a biatch…..

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