New Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie – Best horror American English Movie Scary Action 3

28 Responses to New Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie – Best horror American English Movie Scary Action 3

  1. Rancho Murieta says:

    movies horror …… Hi there, does BAKU mean UNCIRCUMCISED?

  2. Nagrant M1943 says:

    What’s the horror?

  3. ALINA ALI says:

    great creepy

  4. Mike turner says:

    This family is totally screwed!

  5. Kobra Immy Akiiki says:

    Not bad but didn’t get it at the end, they ended up in that place and they become a human eater or???

  6. life is beautiful says:

    fuck those dislikes

  7. tony del busto says:

    movie is ok, 1-10 ; 6 …thanks !!!

  8. eardrumm says:

    Why does everybody want to split up when shit starts to go south. Katie, the pessimist…is the only smart 1 in this movie. Great flick btw, reminds me of "The Hills got Eyes". Thx for the upload ✌

  9. badhuman says:

    go to settings change to 2 d

  10. MsKerryanne says:

    What a thick bitch the step mother was… I wouldn’t want her looking after me that’s for sure…

  11. Abdul Babalao says:

    I wouldnt sleep that first night, place looks so scary..good movie

  12. Atheist STONER says:

    This is a bad copy– there are better of it on the tube.

  13. Akhil Rani says:

    what is this foolish filim

  14. Kegine B says:

    I kept waiting for something scary to happen. I was disappointed. boring nothing made any sense.

  15. movies horror says:


  16. ALINA ALI says:

    who d fck cud xleep in dix horrible plce

  17. ALINA ALI says:

    they excaped yupii GREAT

  18. ailed swarovski says:

    very mysterious place, community ,

  19. bebe y says:

    I’m not understand ..can you tell me. What ??

  20. Maureen Petrucelli says:

    Not a bad plot if you can ignore the RED & Green Spilt Screen, Very Annoying.

  21. Perry Bird says:

    well this really sucks!

  22. Cheryl Walker says:

    Yea, was confused on the ending, what happened why they joined the town people? They even end up living there and shit… kinda twisted, but great movie…

  23. Flix Fanatic says:

    Disappearance (2002) Mystery/ thriller:- A family on vacation in Nevada decide to take a detour to a small town named Weaver, where the inhabitants seemingly vanished in 1948. Being unexpectedly forced to stay the night, they find a video left by a previous family who’d visited. The next day their car has gone….Who has taken it? What happened to the inhabitants & previous visitors? ….. Great mystery movie & so many questions.. This will keep your mind boggled! Reminds me of The Hills Have Eyes but with far more plot twists. Would highly recommend….

  24. Salice McCool says:

    Harry Hamlin & Susan Dey, reunited 20 years after LA Law! They look good for 51 and 50, respectively, here – especially her.

  25. Flix Fanatic says:

    Thanks for the upload. Really enjoyed the movie…. More mysteries like this please.

  26. Aj Collins says:

    Good movie, thanks

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