New Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie English – Best Scary Movie Hollywood #04

New Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie English – Best Scary Movie Hollywood #04

New horror movie 2016- English most scary Film
Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie English New Action American English Scary Movie hd
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15 Responses to New Horror Movies 2016 Full Movie English – Best Scary Movie Hollywood #04

  1. Brooke Martinez`Edmonds says:

    two big sisters are stupid after a woman tells them to be quiet or the creature was going to find them even though they knew that already.

  2. scorpion girl says:

    over acting ung girl arti mg react

  3. Brooke Martinez`Edmonds says:

    that one guy got what was coming after saying that the girls and that guy are stupid enough to go look for their sister and girlfriend.

  4. V.I.P Movies says:

    not bad

  5. Michael W. Smith says:

    not a bad SyFy channel original flick, a bit slow and drawn out but cooked up a weak: C.

  6. DK M/A says:

    It looks great, but the sound is bad and i’m unfortunately pants at lip reading so couldn’t watch!

  7. Hetvi Rocks says:

    no any sense in movie

  8. vshnu sai janjanam says:

    nice scary movie

  9. Troy Sanders says:

    I’ve got one of those as a pet. They’re not so bad.

  10. MERA BAP says:

    can u tell me this movie name

  11. lela landry says:

    anyone knows the name of this movie plz

  12. Fuad Daher says:

    I Have Heart Attack:)

  13. Bret Terry says:

    Title: The Hollow (2015)

  14. D Zuke says:

    Was…this an experiment in seeing how much a movie could possibly make you loathe the protagonists? It’s like a visual diary of 3 mentally retarded women Forrest Gumping their way through a horror movie, with their desire to scream incessantly and run around like morons doing infuriatingly idiotic things resulting in the deaths of countless more likeable characters.

  15. Rita Herbst Thorsen says:

    I think that it wars a werry god movie  and the sound wars ok  🙂

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