Enjoy everyone and thank you 🙂

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49 Responses to NEW HORROR MOVIES 2016 – MOVIES 13.02.16 HORROR

  1. Wise Monks says:

    I like being spooked

  2. Loyalty Last says:

    I never in my life seen this shit.

  3. Jump4y W says:

    Interesting movie, jumped at every scream. I enjoyed the movie.

  4. fyou0307 says:

    EWWWWWW!! Why is the movie FRAMED????

  5. Cheery Pop says:

    thus movie OMG I’M gonna freak out

  6. sunka horse says:

    I could barley hear it. Except the commercials blasted me out of my chair. As usual.

  7. Alison Dawson says:

    Great movie – bad sound, am nearly deaf — this didn’t help and yes, make it full screen. Other than those two things, great movie ! Thanks xoxox

  8. Cherese Simons says:

    did anyone know that this is insidious

  9. Marc Poirier says:

    dramas no good for horror

  10. Laila Selma says:

    my hart stop brrr I don’t want to be a pet zombie my god

  11. malik faizan says:

    good movie

  12. jennifer McDonald says:

    This is INSIDIOUS 3. The first two were brilliant and so far this one matches up. True the volume is very low and that’s a bit annoying, but for goodness sakes it’s FREE, so stop complaining. I will comment again when it’s finished.

  13. amit sharma says:

    Load of shit …

  14. drop_d Siyangdhan says:

    what’s the movie name???

  15. Wytri Anty says:

    mau komen soal iklan, rada kurang stuju sma hijabers yg nyanyi rock, msih bnyak ko cra mnyalurkan kreasi dan seni tnpa hrus mnodai ksucian dri hjab itu sndiri dngan brnyanyi mngeluarkan suara yg bisa dbilang tdk halus. igatkan, bhwa suara wnita pun adlah aurat?? aqu sndiri rada malu ya liatny, wnita yg sharusnya brsuara dan brsikap lmbut sperti istri nabi aisyah, tpi knapa lantas kaum hawa skarang mlah brnyanyi dngan nada dan aliran msik yg kras sperti itu??

  16. Cheery Pop says:

    I will let you know what I think o the end or middle

  17. Ursula Martins says:

    Scary! Even watching during the day! Thanks.

  18. Luisa Muňoz says:

    horror my favorite

  19. hailey miller says:

    unoriginal, boring and very predictable; the variety of movie you watch just once.

  20. Maria Wattie says:

    Where is the dam sound

  21. Natural Truth says:

    Seen it…

  22. Cheery Pop says:

    I just started the movie

  23. Jenny Hofer says:

    I shit myself watching it but so good

  24. Joy Warner says:

    hate the screen,didn’t watch.

  25. Michelle Godoy says:

    The last jump scare with the face from the original about made me shit my pants!! Lol!! No but for realz I wish I woulda seen this in a theater because damn it woulda been crazy scary on the big screen!! I really woulda shit my pants, but thank u for putting this in here n since it was free that made it so worth watching even if it was on my phone in stead of the theater!!! Loved it thanx!!

  26. alexander dela cruz says:

    Not a bad upload,but the fx jump.scare is way too loud and plot is not that good.guess thats why it isnt that big a hit,unlike the first 2.

  27. Iva Wells says:

    what # is this 1 😕

  28. Slan Isa says:

    the speaker in front always disturb my view…

  29. Taylor Shetty says:

    this is not scary at all

  30. Sherry Prestage says:


  31. Rebecca Hunt says:

    pretty scary i jumped a couple times. its one of the insidious movies i think cause the old hag does kill her in one them i think its insidious 2 not positive though. thanks for the upload

  32. Maria Abigail Garde says:

    Insidius ko mga muka nyo

  33. armpitfuzz says:

    Ewww who calls their daughter Quinne, sounds too much like Quim & you really don’t want that.

  34. Kevin Eagle says:

    What’s with the fake theatre room ? Distraction

  35. Raiden says:

    Not sure how many time i have to click on the x’s button to get rid of it, but i stop watching after a few sec. Annoying has hell.

  36. Allan Newman says:

    I like watch Full screen but this is like watching my tv .
    Why put it in a tv and have Background like this , sorry I dont like the set up

  37. Pi Roft says:

    what a nice movie! Thanks for uploading.? :))

  38. Jay Zheng says:

    l pee on myself watching this

  39. Shane Tuni says:

    gosh!!! Why did i have to watch this at 1:35am in the dawm morning…. Now i cant sleep!!! Great im going into work tomorrow scared and tired smdh

  40. Helen McCombs says:

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  41. T. T. says:

    11:42 – 11:49 that look right there says "I’m not paying attention" 😂 😂 😂

  42. armpitfuzz says:

    Ha ha haaaaaa…….. must get my ears checked, "I was looking for a lease".

  43. Vanill says:

    Slow and boring

  44. Loyalty Last says:

    hold up, we gotta watch this on another TV from a TV?

  45. Lala Gunalez says:

    I absolutely hate this old lady

  46. Luyanda Bhengu says:

    shit this movie is scary true horror

  47. Velma Lebron says:

    Awesome! Very scary! Had me in suspense! !!

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