New Horror Movies 2017 English Full Scary Mystery Movie

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  1. Ted Duvall says:

    Eloise, great horror movie

  2. Lila Vafiey says:

    wow not a good movie dont !!!!

  3. Megan McMinn says:

    Eloise -as in Eloise Mental Asylem

  4. Yazmine Leger says:

    did he really die or is this fake?

  5. Juliette Phillips says:

    Is this illegally copyrighted. This is amazing quality

  6. HKZy AKA says:

    Damn good movie

  7. Nicole Bell says:

    I like how they put this movie in parables lol and i absolutely love it……

  8. MARIZ SHINODA says:

    nice movie πŸ€“

  9. Tahira Jackson says:

    it looks good sofar

  10. Faroose says:

    Ω„ΩŠΨ΄ Ω…Ωˆ Ω…ΨͺΨ±Ψ¬Ω…πŸ˜”πŸ’”

  11. reana reanes says:

    omg he is Paul Walker

  12. Michelle brooks says:

    I have lived in such a place, no fun u think your losing your mind. My friends would never see me as weird stuff happens, freaked them out we moved my daughter to this day remembers that house.Lights go on off computer turn on off stereo would come on volume would go up down kitchen doors and draws open all of them footsteps many other stuff. got electrician out to check wiring he told me that a lot of what happen, would not be because of old wiring.

  13. XaeeD says:

    What a nonsensical movie. Wasn’t scary, wasn’t very coherent at all, story was crap, hated it.

  14. Marge S. Deal says:

    I wanna spend one night in a haunted place….not alone off course πŸ™‚

  15. Sheila Mae Amoyan says:

    oh , love this movie . its scares me a lot . thanks for sharing this one πŸ‘πŸ‘

  16. Jeany Espanola says:

    omg great movie…. thumbs up.. too scared , how they scaped?

  17. Fatima Alhusseiny says:

    What is the movie’s name?

  18. Xiclalic Esparza says:

    I love horror movie and been alone in the dark

  19. Josie Perez says:

    wow a BIG THUMB UP
    awesome movie thanks Emad Pedersen for sharing it with us. do you know of another one as good as this one?

  20. Jeanette Manning says:

    pretty decent movie

  21. DeAnna Martin says:

    TERRIBLE actors.good theme. Some girls should NOT be actors after you get sick of their face three minutes into the movie. God she’s awful. So is the black dude.

  22. Rudy Agresta says:

    Good movie..thanks!

  23. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    the end tho so did he die

  24. Lila Vafiey says:

    pleas dont !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Juliette Phillips says:

    I’m always looking for free horror movies on YouTube that are good quality, I finally found one. I’m sleeping in my attic tonight, wish me luck PLEASE 😜

  26. Ron Campbell says:

    sure am in

  27. YaYa says:

    Makes sense that all that pain and evil could resonate in a dwelling and into someone’s consciousness. Thanks for the movie!

  28. Dipanwita Maity says:

    so nice

  29. Eric Hernandez says:

    good movie

  30. Theunknownuser 00 says:

    Not scared to stay any place alone at anytime. The only thing that would scare me is to not be forgiven from god and to left alone with the devil in hell.

  31. Selmon Tigi says:

    α‹¨αˆšαŒˆαˆ­αˆ ፊልም αŠα‹ αŠ αˆ˜αˆ°αŒαŠ“αˆˆαˆ α‰ αˆ«αˆ΄ α‰‹αŠ•α‰‹ αŠα‹ α‹¨αˆα‚αˆα‹

  32. Neetu Sedaghat says:

    Thank u very much for uploading this movie it is realy good one ..and I am watching alone at 2-30amπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±woooo

  33. keiryrivas says:

    What the fuck is this movie is scared only of the conjuring but from there all are easy

  34. Margareth Louis says:

    There should be a part 2

  35. suziq113 says:

    star of this movie was a rival vampire Slayer in Buffy the vampire Slayer series ! Hope was her name.

  36. Darcy Bailey says:

    Another version of "House on Haunted Hill". So far, I like the 1999 remake better.

  37. Jenny Trepanier says:

    that is my dream. but my husband us a big chicken shit when it comes to the paranormal.

  38. Azra Maliha says:

    awesome movie…how did I never know bout it ..

  39. Brian Beezie says:

    Horror film 4 kids

  40. Nina K. says:

    Need more movies like this one. I feel like I’ve watched all the good movies lol I need new ones, any suggestions? πŸ™‚

  41. jennifer McDonald says:

    Finished watching it now. Actually I think it’s great. It’s got something most of these movies don’t, a real plot. And a damn good one. Just for me, the ending isn’t what I wanted, but that’s only my thoughts. I do recommend it highly, however you do need to pay attention or you’ll get very confused.

  42. Mervin Lovina says:

    What is the tittle of this movie?

  43. Bibiche Alamba says:

    What is the title

  44. tanzy weaver says:

    could not understand this movie..

  45. Misty Blue says:

    I really wish you people who upload these would state the titles and the year they were released I love scary movies but not the kind with blood and gore I will watch this one later

  46. saint-turbo12 says:

    Comments are good…on a horror movie on YouTube. Now I gotta watch this, IT’S PRINCIPLE b. Lol. It’s like 12:20 in the morning

  47. Ken Junck says:

    the doctor is mental problems omg.

  48. Misty Blue says:

    EloiseΒ (2017) This movie was just released As a child many people would say teasing You belong in Eloise As an adult I have seen the outside building, I would have no doubt about it being haunted Not sure where it was but as friend of my mom’s had to have shock treatments back then that was how they treated nervous breakdowns in 1950-1960 I thank God never went inside although when I was waiting to get my clinical training 0as a nurse I lived in a house I could walk to that place That was after 1991. I thought it burned down inside I never saw cars parked in the lot

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