New Horror Movies 2017 February Full Scary Thriller Movie

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  1. The Greatest says:

    good movies

  2. shevegen says:

    The only horror is watching it. πŸ™

    Thrillers != Horror.

    I’d rather watch a boring zombie movie than this … thing.

  3. juliana agnes says:

    what is the tittle of this movie?

  4. Gary Roy PeΓ±a Gonzales says:

    I was crying at the end of the movie. I don’t know what happenned to me, but the ending was touching. He didn’t deserve to die :'(

  5. Balpreet Bhatia says:

    Bullshit movie

  6. Monica Harrold says:

    good movie

  7. Dreania Chandler says:

    I love this show so muchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

  8. Quagmire P.nisse says:

    What the fuck did I just watch.

  9. KJ Smith says:


  10. Neetu Sedaghat says:

    Watchable movie liked it 😘thanks for the upload 😊

  11. Flix Fanatic says:

    A couple celebrate their anniversary with a camping trip in the woods. They are not alone……. More of a psychological thriller than a horror movie. Plenty of dialogue and tension. The Donald Sutherland lookalike is a great actor. Enjoyed the film, would recommend. Thanks for the upload.

  12. T. T. says:

    1:25:14 – 1:25:26 he gave her the look and she knew what she had to do- he was such a wuss and an overdramatic waste once he was shot in the leg…lol. well, there goes camping…

  13. Michael 42 Nez says:

    I think it was an awesome movie?

  14. Juanita R. Hagedorn says:

    good movie

  15. Alisha Denator says:

    not worth

  16. Michael Ward says:

    theres an hour and a half of my life ill never get back,

  17. Johnny Victor Marcial says:

    Fuck this movie bullshit boring… moroon director fuck idiots

  18. Black Royalty Inc. says:

    fiona dourif is brad dourif Aka chuckys daughter.

  19. Amy Penny says:

    REALLY????? This movie could have been sooooo much better!!! Especially the ending like REALLY!!??!!?? So disappointed. But thanks for the upload. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

  20. Stefaan Vansteeger says:

    lilk this movie

  21. Socrates De Guzman says:


  22. Monica Williams says:

    this is a boring as movie

  23. Margaret Currie says:

    good film , and put me off going to the woods for a while !

  24. Flix Fanatic says:

    Movie title: Arbour Demon

  25. Anisa Abdikareem says:

    Valentine kraft u are awesome this is my second movie I am watching on your channel I loved your videos πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  26. dasha from new Zealand says:

    1:10 28 what in the he’ll is that

  27. Aafatsuki_Aafat Aafat says:

    bad movie

  28. Flix Fanatic says:

    Loved the line"although my grandma had my grandpa stuffed, put in the lazy boy to watch re-runs of jeopardy" Lol! Brilliant!

  29. Neal_1990 says:

    you could go to jail for this youtube will shut down your account copyright laws sorry but i must turn you in

  30. Maria Jenjay Toledo says:

    What was that?????

  31. Janina Lee says:


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