New Horror Movies 2017 Hindi Dubbed

50 Responses to New Horror Movies 2017 Hindi Dubbed

  1. SUMAN KUM AR says:

    I love this movie this is very emotional &love you papa

  2. Ridoy Roy says:

    Just Seeee This

  3. HI IS MASTER says:

    very good movie

  4. Pragya Singh says:

    what’s the name of this movie??

  5. Shidul Haque says:

    class horror movie…

  6. How to says:

    worlds best film

  7. Madhurima Kar says:

    yes very heart touching movie and ausom movie

  8. Happy Monkeys says:

    so horror and emotional yaar rula Diya nice movie

  9. Priyanka Waghmare says:

    wow great movie.and very emotional too

  10. sana shaikh says:

    awsm movie & emotional too

  11. Express Money says:

    No words

  12. Usman Ghani says:

    Very Nice Move

  13. Naman Kumar says:

    very good

  14. city choiee says:

    too much great storie but i really not stop my tear . when she ask that father don’t leave me alone

  15. Meenakshi Gupta says:


  16. bb ki vines says:

    movie name

  17. pawanpreet singh says:

    awesome movie must see

  18. DEEPESH. says:

    yo train to bhustan ho

  19. Real Dude says:

    must watch.. great movie

  20. Aishwarya Vijoy says:

    nice concept and the actors were amazing…..especially the husband of the pregnant lady and and the lady and the father of girl..

  21. M Shahyan says:

    amazing l like it

  22. Sandeep Bagri says:

    Wow Super …Its really so nice

  23. Paul Thin says:

    who unliked it they r just mad ….

  24. rishu rawat says:

    Its not just an ordinary zombie movie its more than that!

  25. Manjusha Vibhute says:

    very sad😢😢😢😢😢

  26. majedar videos and funnys says:

    superb and 100% marks for this movies.

  27. BRazz Shrestha says:

    Best film ever

  28. Haider Shah says:

    very very amazing movie,…Love From The Great Pakistan

  29. sandip nikam says:


  30. Beauty of world says:

    so so so emotional movie this is one of my favourite movie ever

  31. Ejaz K says:

    So nice movie, it taught us the lesson that v shud never b selfish, v shud help each other in order to live happy life. spread love & brotherhood on this planet earth. God bless us.

  32. Huma Siddiqui says:

    So horror nd emotional movie…. I still can’t stop my tears…. I want to write too.much but I dont have words to express my feelings…. Aaahhhh…. it was so heart touching nd suspenseful…. I loved it even i’ll recommend my friends to see this movie…👍👍👍

  33. Geeta Rani says:

    I like it it was very emotional movie

  34. sama sama says:

    very very sad movie 😢😢😢😢

  35. Zeeshan Ijaz says:

    Train To Busan___!!!

  36. Taranjeet Singh says:

    nice movie

  37. Shivani Sodhey says:

    nice movie

  38. Lorn Chanyuphyea says:

    Train to Busan

  39. Shubhi Tyagi says:

    Such a amizing movie
    A love of daughter to his father
    And father lv for her daughter….
    Such a vry vry nic movie…
    I like it vry vry much

  40. pooja Kundur says:

    it’s really awesome movie it’s a emotional than emotional and horror than horror totally it’s awesome and fantastic great father actually they had not died no one can leave without cry after watching this film totally its superb

  41. SHIVAM BHARTI says:

    koi new horror movie ha

  42. Sohan Khan says:

    Awesome movie

  43. kcw7032 says:

    lovly and amazing film i like him

  44. samsul Alam says:

    awsm… ….love it

  45. Sujan Mehamud says:

    its really heart touching and horrible movie

  46. seema rai says:

    .lOve.foR EaCh OthErs..(FaTher n daughter)….its.too..good..😍😍

  47. Romi Sharma says:

    Yar je last ke seen ne to rula deya

  48. Zenys Kawaii Mini World says:

    i didnt understand nothing that was said verbally, but I totally did understand the situation in which the characters were in and the whole movie had me on edge. I also cried at thhe end when her dad had to be forced to let go and leave. I loved this movie and feel that it was so well directed. I feel thhat it was way better than any american movie and a slight better than world war z, and I feel that movie (wwz) and 28 days and weeks later are in the same category as this movie when it comes to best zombie movies written created or directed. two thumbs up. AMAZING MOVIES DESERVE A STANDING OVATION.!!!!

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