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  1. sidineia Oliveira says:

    fico com ódio quando quero assistir e não tá dublado esses filmes devem ser ótimos

  2. Salma Mohammed says:

    Nope…. I don’t take things for granted or am discouraging d effort some one did for uploading ds movie..i was talking abt me in a fact of wasting my time on ds.

  3. Omega Plays says:

    Terrible ending in my opinion. I hate when main characters die in horror movies. Especially good main characters.

  4. Dicky Permana says:

    Pararoek ahh…teu jelas 😄

  5. Thuy nguyen says:

    ya guys please don’t let your mom or your dad get new boyfriend or girlfriend ya might don’t even know them at all they can be abuse or killer or murder or rapist trust me call police

  6. Thuy nguyen says:

    ya guys do not rent a room in motel or hotel haunted by a ghost room number is 12 13 14 16 19 1006 trust me it happen to me and my family too

  7. fast eddy says:

    no discription ?

  8. Victoria Whidbee says:

    I loved it!!! I really did

  9. asamia alabadi says:


  10. Syafiqah Samat Samat Bin Haji Abdullah says:

    good movie i like

  11. Angela H says:

    The movies get looped under wrong title, this is called "havenhurst"

  12. sexystef thomas says:

    what a wicked little girl. she didnt even try to help the woman by telling the police what happen. instead she joined the wicked old hag and her sons. its like she was apart of the whole thing all along.

  13. Thuy nguyen says:

    stepfather and stepmother is a abuse and rape i don’t know what in their mind please protect ya kids and believe them and trust them call police record and so them and prove the police

  14. Phon Som Dara says:

    The Fucking Story, I ever never seen before!!!! beat

  15. Barah Kill says:

    Kdo tam byl

  16. gerard max says:

    Aren’t the good guys supposed to win in the end?   Bummer!

  17. sefik dizdarevic says:

    15 maj

  18. Tina Sage says:

    Julie Benz from Buffy the vampire slayer

  19. Deana Ayang says:

    Unlike it,shit fucking ending.

  20. 3366 Khuat says:


  21. Mrjolie 666 says:

    Omg that’s the chick from JawBreaker, "Foxy"I believe her dad was gay and desperate for living vicariously through her high school life 👌🏼👏🏼

  22. Ilinca Mihalache says:

    I don’t like this movie…this is bored …

  23. Ana Suhendry says:

    Gx ngrti yg pnting q mngerti lw ni serem hhhhhaa

  24. Nicole Hall says:

    what is this about

  25. Thuy nguyen says:

    ghost they can grab thing like iphone iopd ipad and they hide it ya can’t replace where to look if ya scared live in hotel or motel alone with ya family on vacation

  26. GO TRUCK YOURSELF ! says:

    Looking for thriller films. No ghosts or demons, just humans freaking people out. Any sudgestions?

  27. Marcel Doucette says:

    ok wtf

  28. Nicole Hall says:

    waait this is similar to america horror story ..the hotel

  29. Lashswnda Evans says:

    well is it a part two or what?

  30. Marquies Ross says:


  31. Victoria Whidbee says:

    I loved it!!! I really did

  32. Thuy nguyen says:

    poor sarah she need someone protect her if i had a daughter i wouldn’t let nobody rape my daughter i would get a knife stab them on their hand and kick their balls call police

  33. asamia alabadi says:


  34. stan marsh says:

    to dark to enjoy… your electric bill

  35. Thuy nguyen says:

    that old lady is a sweet heart but she is evil and her son too she a good actor

  36. Chance St.Thomas says:

    Good…but strange.

  37. Decent Neymour says:

    It wasn’t bad.

  38. Paolo Sorreda says:

    I’m verry afraid..

  39. patsy long says:

    well the elevator ate her


    why don’t they call to police when they see or feel danger … they try to become master of their own that’s why they all die Imao

  41. No time For B.S says:

    So this is where the good movies are hidden !! Great upload btw !! Thanks

  42. Debra Caron says:

    Thank you, enjoyed it👍👍👍

  43. etta peay says:

    cool movie/ dont like the old lady

  44. Angel For Animals says:

    Havenhurst (2016): A troubled young woman takes up residence in a gothic apartment building where she must confront a terrifying evil.

  45. Mahfun Ali says:

    Who thinks that the girl is sexy the Main ones

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