New Horror Movies English December 2016 Full Movie

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  1. Muscle4LifeX says:

    7 minutes in the movie and I fucking hate the main character. I would have worked something out to keep that poor dog alive. I mean, how hard can it be?
    Oh well, letΒ΄s see if he can win me over from here on.

  2. David vidal says:

    Love kills


  3. Vikas Gupta says:

    Watchable…!! Some Concept…!! Fools Pay…!! Let’s Play…!! LOL…

  4. big ron says:

    I could never put down an animal a preson no problem not an animal

  5. Lina Moores says:

    Well that’s an hour and 30 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. Smh

  6. faggot sign out says:

    All scary movies on youtube are fucktup.

  7. Narriman HOOLASH RIGAUD says:

    Borh are crazy and sick people

  8. stephanie mills says:


  9. Al Martin says:

    evil Hobbit! πŸ˜‚ Facebook stalkers got nothing on this dude! lmao!! good watch though! πŸ‘

  10. Debolina Majumdar says:

    horrible movie the bitch shud hv been punished……the movie ws good till she ws caught in cage……

  11. justin stevens says:

    good movie

  12. Ayesha Ikram says:

    That Bitch

  13. Ritambhra Singh says:

    motherfucker stalkers!

  14. wishbone103 says:

    I watched this on my tv last night with my 92 YO Mother … We both thought it was great … She even stayed awake during the whole movie LOL!

  15. tradron says:

    WOW ! MESSED up, but sad to say, I liked it ! Well scripted and directed. Please post more of this quality.

  16. Apple Domingo says:

    what a messed movie!!!!

  17. robert roussett says:

    good movie. different. excellent plot twist…rr

  18. pieterjean jacobs says:

    Wow he is psychopath but..she is real sick but it is love is blind ?

  19. gail tunnicliffe says:

    brill movie loved it ty

  20. Aniba HamtiRayay says:

    I Would’ve been watched this movie if I knew it was this good..

  21. Selloane Molutsi says:

    mind you she hasn’t brushed her teeth in days,but he still kissed her..πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ’©

  22. Johnna DeMoss says:

    That girl is messed up

  23. Irma Graciela says:

    The audio is very bad quility. Even I using my headphones, is a piece of shit the audio in these movie, the commercials sound much louder much better.what a piece of shit is the audio of these lousy shitty fuckibg movie‼️

  24. lazynut says:

    True pets lovers.Nice film!

  25. Mary Spain says:

    good movie- sick and twisted

  26. tony del busto says:

    thanks for uploading good movie!! scale 1-10 ; 4 1/2 sorry is boring….

  27. Gert Venghaus says:

    Isn’t he "Took" from Lord of the Rings?

  28. KajunMs39 says:

    Good flick with a lot of surprises,.. Crazyyyy

  29. stephany showers says:

    long drawn out-lost interest..

  30. Richard Anderson says:

    This is a very good movie. Thanks for sharing it. Well worth watching. Very clear Pic and and sound

  31. Steffanie says:

    Wtf. This movie is crazy. Literally crazy love, bitch

  32. Craig Kew-Moss says:

    Great movie.

  33. I Want You Babe says:

    good movie

  34. Tiffany Banks says:

    good movie but that Nate part yuuuuuuuck!

  35. Lauras Bloody Life says:

    good movie. I kept putting off watching it because of the name and my love for animals. Did not think it would be him in the end.

  36. stephanie mills says:

    5 min in and I hate it. killing dogs is bullshit. whether real or not. pfft

  37. rage more says:

    watch if you have not…. and do not read the comments because you know why

  38. Nicole Cortz says:

    So many commercials

  39. SaM4u SaM says:

    True love can make you a pet…

  40. Anybody Seen Richie? says:

    That feeling you get knowing people commenting about the movie are probably 5 year old’s.
    So you half to bite the bullet and risk losing an hour and a half.

  41. Olivia Jazmine says:

    Owhooo, good twist in this movie

  42. big ron says:

    this is not horror just fast forward threw the bs

  43. Gullible's Travails says:

    Thanx for sharing!Good :movie, acting, audio and video.

  44. psycopink says:

    i missed the title? -awesome movie ty πŸ˜‰

  45. Kathleen Brown says:

    I liked it and what it turned into. Entertaining movie. Satisfying ending. In horror that it hard to find. 8/10

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