New Scary Horror Movies 2016 Hollywood Full Movie in English

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  1. Hadassah Clark says:


  2. Kim Keister says:

    The Easter one was pretty creepy. The Easter Bunny looks like Jesus and turned the girl into the Easter Bunny and the mother never heard from her again.

    The father’s day one, I’m guessing was the father committed suicide in an old building and wanted his daughter later come back and find him. Possibility joining him….

    These were the 2 I liked the most out the rest… The Valentine’s Day one was kind of like Carrie, less Carrie and more scary…….

  3. Gunga Galunga says:

    Ian’s been out-pimped! Big time!

  4. Melissa Winn says:

    someone should hit that little bitch what did that girl ever do 2 her what is this even called

  5. Aubrey jones says:

    wft is that

  6. DubsteP_Fan says:

    wtf is this movie

  7. Jamiya Walker says:

    this movie is sad at the beginning but sometimes that’s why people are with the devil now because the way they get treated it changes there ways

  8. bobscomic1 says:

    Excellent movie. Thanks for the upload!

  9. RegTarg011 says:

    Where did they find the female cast? Incest. org

  10. Eryk Sicak says:

    silly piece of crap

  11. Jay Alex says:

    SO DAM SCARYE… πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

  12. Nat Hayes says:

    what was the dad one i didn’t get it

  13. lena keem says:

    horrifying yet oddly beautiful and surreal images

  14. Aubrey jones says:

    and that’s what when you talk to much shit on Valentine’s day

  15. David Bachmayer says:

    This should be not a horror movie IT should be a funny movie Because IT is so funny

  16. Jamiya Walker says:

    is this the same movie from the beginning or no because I’m confused

  17. Nat Hayes says:

    please can u get me intouch with seriana from that from the Ian thing please

  18. Gibbede Memes says:

    The bully in the beginning looks like her mom got hit in the stomach when she was pregnant with her. Ugly af.

  19. Johnathan Hitchcock says:

    this movie fuck up what is this

  20. Jaclyne Amison says:

    Thank you for sharing this video 😊

  21. Tiffany Humphrey says:

    please wha is the name of this mvie? its awesome btw

  22. Lynn DeBeal says:

    Thanks . Good one. Great seasonal stories. Scary. I love scary and humorous.

  23. Mario Evans says:

    she push that girl in water I not her out

  24. kelsey ewing says:

    I like sex

  25. Nat Hayes says:

    bunny man scary

  26. Angel Moore says:

    Yay its "Holidays"

  27. Jay Alex says:

    SO DAM SCARYE… πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

  28. D e e na says:

    wow! interesting stories.
    I can definitely say I’ve never seen anything like this before. it was entertaining in a sick way.

  29. Lhey Bundal says:

    nice movie

  30. Mary Cuenca says:

    holidays!! 😍😍

  31. tradron says:

    WOW ! One of the most bizarre twisted collections of weird stories I’ve seen in 69 years ! LOVED the Easter Bunny. Keep em’ coming, please.

  32. topcat 1771 says:

    +Emad Pedersen Cool! Thanks for the upload! Wasn’t expecting that?? Do you know of anything similar eg-Wierd short stories?..

  33. random person says:

    I watched this movie calls holidays on Netflix and it was sooo stupid and not scary

  34. Navales Michille says:

    It’s good movie with different titles and episode.

  35. Alan Postscript says:

    that creepy redhead girl and her smile X)

  36. wats good says:

    this movie is on Netflix it is called holidays plus is not new so yeah

  37. Bl00d__ Nehi says:

    This was a great movie! I have to say that my least favorite bit was Mother’s Day.

    Also, in case you guys are wondering, the name of this movie is Holidays.

  38. xXRealistic GamerXx says:

    this movie is called holidays and it’s free on Netflix too

  39. MzHershey Kiss says:

    The Halloween one was Hilarious,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  40. francisco guadalupe de la rocha says:


  41. Ethan Etheridge says:

    I love this movie teach me how to play with someone else.

  42. Kittiya Laemmer says:

    Bunny man is nice

  43. Rocky Piper says:

    can someone explain exactly what the hell the Father’s Day one meant and what was he

  44. Kieryan Jackson says:

    when they were in the pool they were necked

  45. Yasmin Beltran says:

    what the heck am I watching??

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