New Zombie monster Horror Movies 2017 English – Great Thriller Movies Full Length HD

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  1. Lord Live style says:

    Abonnirt mich

  2. Jitender Soni says:

    He is very very beautiful I love Horror movie and sweet dreams beautiful and he came the best movie 🎥I love ❤️💯☠️💀🚭💔❌⭕️❌💯💯🗡

  3. Radioman909 says:

    If this really happen, everyone would be armed in the U.S. and you could forget about restrictive gun laws!

  4. TruthGaminG says:

    1:22:20 look at his right arm :O the tatoo

  5. Lance Kuznitz says:

    fucking little faggot had to be with daddy and screwed it for his girlfriend and mother

  6. Tute 185 says:

    jajaja jajaja jajaja no puede ser taaaaaan mala está película!

  7. Maria Goldsby says:

    White people man just stand there and watch frist time my friend tells me to pack my family up I’m going I’m not gonna stand around waiting to die….smh

  8. Matière Vivante says:

    Name of this movie please ?


    Por que no esta en español por favor

  10. salty peanutz says:

    Why the fuk u lyin, why u always lyin mmmmm omg stap fkin lyin

  11. Thomas Sumner says:


  12. Hani Emad says:


  13. Curtis Person says:


  14. Sambreen Khan says:

    very bad movie waste of time

  15. Horatio Lewis says:

    Those demons are muslims.

  16. Mary Aberilla says:

    I seen this before no Zombies what a crock

  17. Mrjolie 666 says:

    3:00 into this and I can’t….

  18. LaFonya Gray says:

    this is a zombie movie mix with a whole bunch of creatures n monster I think

  19. Vernon Thomas says:

    The girl with the knifes is the funniest oh I am good LMFAO.

  20. Irfanullah Barekzai says:

    Good movie

  21. Riyam Falah says:

    Why that boy (the son) LOOKS LIKE SHAWN MENDES?!!!

  22. Migdalia Madera says:

    This movie was one of the worst movie’s I’ve ever seen, I’m a movie fanatic and if I had to give this movie a 1 to 10 star it wouldn’t get shit.

  23. Siobhan Airey says:

    Good movie

  24. XxCarbinekills x says:

    We get some massive flame throwers to burn them all.. MUWHAHAHAHAHA

  25. مخلد محسن says:


  26. ENI NURAENI says:

    I am scured…. really

  27. Jacque Brown says:

    What’s the name of this movie?

  28. Radioman909 says:

    DHS stands for the Department of Homosexual Security and should be disbanded!

  29. filthy com says:

    The movie is color blinded

  30. John C says:

    Already saw this, and due to saying new zombie movie clicked on it again.
    Get your sh*t straight.

  31. Minh Vu says:

    🙂 This shit happens every year elsewhere. It’s only in California that libtards die.

  32. christopher saas says:

    Gotta say, very well made but cgi wasnt so great looking.

  33. Leohnix vang says:

    pussy ass dad wasn’t even good with the gun. It took a teen girl to chop off the head of a monster.

  34. AMANDA BARNES says:

    What a load of crap

  35. Paul Douglas says:

    Why do movies always show teenagers stupidly run off during world threatening events.?

  36. Tracy Hall says:

    I liked it good movie

  37. sam sam says:

    Sub my channel for best movie fight

  38. Thomas MacLeod says:

    funny looking zombie movie if it says zombie movie then damnit put a zombie movie on

  39. Jason M says:


  40. Thanasis Derilas says:

    If I just had a gun a bullets on it and there was zombie outbreak or monsters take over the world I would just shoot my self and not take the pain of getting eaten alive or even worse getting infected and ‘living’ the rest of my life as my own enemy and have control of nothing on my body and just….. Yhea if nothing like that happened I would really do that one bullet to the Head and with God eating and having a party with pizza coca cola and all I would ever wish for also no I would never suicide without one of these happening suicide is not an option wen living a normal life…. It’s never an option but just for that thanks for reading this.i hope you have a great day or night 🙂

  41. مخلد محسن says:


  42. Bryansso Sso says:

    There always has to be a dumb blonde in a zombie movie

  43. David Cortes says:

    These are not new you fucking nigger

  44. black wolf says:

    lol this movie is an accurate description of how Europe looks after rapefugees arrived.

  45. Jmal Zumbalicious says:

    What is the title of this movie?

  46. Anthony Huntley says:

    Didnt anyone tell them that when viewed from a single location an eclipse only lasts a few minutes.

  47. مخلد محسن says:


  48. lenz hernandez says:

    i kidda like riddick movies

  49. Indira Poitier says:

    this is not a zombie movie, but it is a movie i’ve never seen before. since i can’t sleep i’ll watch it. many people like strange movies you know. if i really wanted to see a zombie movie i would not continue to watch. give viewers the benefit of a doubt and advertise properly

  50. Leohnix vang says:

    so the eclipse made these creatures come out and eat us? okay I’m going to stack up on ammunition and food. Get myself ready for the next eclipse.

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