NIGHT NIGHT NANCY – Short Horror Film

NIGHT NIGHT NANCY – Short Horror Film

Directed by Lewis Farinella Music by Jacob Cadmus Starring Amber Collins, Leah Farinella & Mandrin Borrero Executive Produced by Joseph Mckeel Facebook: Sound Cloud:




Short Horror Movies Rating: 6/10

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50 Responses to NIGHT NIGHT NANCY – Short Horror Film

  1. photography photos says:

    but still a cool video

  2. kristina gasic twiligh saga says:


  3. Marco Fazio says:

    Fa paura e chi se lo vede più 😰😰

  4. Tahoe Smith says:

    good one nice job

  5. MonsterFuel says:

    Could someone plz explain the ending thanks

  6. Brandon Castillo says:

    I’d smash this chick yo

  7. Mahmoud Mohamed says:

    very scary

  8. Roundabout says:

    Good short. Loved the cinematography and the direction. However, as with many other shorts, the fact that fake-crying is so hard that the lead couldn’t do it, which is a big turn off. But it’s still solid, feeling a strong 8.5/10.

  9. NeverOne says:

    nice mask btw

  10. Melie Meier says:


  11. Nee xx says:


  12. rebel girl says:

    Pointy, black nails are WAY creepier.

  13. Lucy Whitesmen says:

    thats scary…really but that gurl is beauriful

  14. Лиза Камышова says:

    It’s my favorite horror film!

  15. evan reynolds says:

    she is soo skinny lel!!

  16. Oliwia Green says:

    There are lots of people around me so I can feel safe, but i don’t.

  17. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    hello, welcome to the comments my butler sebastian is bringing tea so please stay here at the mansoin

  18. Nee xx says:

    no babes, i dies

  19. Lia Luvs U says:

    Don’t worry, you’re safe in the comment section. <3

  20. Brandon Castillo says:

    nah but for real this girl is all kinds of sexy

  21. Cool Kaira says:

    I would have locked the door and called the police, instead of walking around the house, looking for it ,unarmed.😑

  22. Your Dad says:

    Daaaaaaaamn she T H I C C

  23. End unit says:

    Nice and creepy, good job 🙂

  24. Dylan O'Neill says:

    that was balls

  25. TheAmberBreeze says:

    She has death claws for fingernails.  It’s a fair fight.

  26. Ale x floppy Ale x flippy says:

    Scary but I didn’t get the storyline who was as the dude at the end?

  27. ESOclan GTAV says:

    That ass though…

  28. Jacob Robert Desio says:

    I wasn’t crazy about the acting or character motivations but I appreciate that you keep making content that is unique – keep up the hard work

  29. quentin enjalric says:

    great job !! Good footage

  30. Burak Köse says:

    İnciden gelenler .d

  31. Sara Odzic says:

    So scary😨

  32. J H says:

    I don’t understand why that dude at the end’s face was all messed up. He was in scrubs and had handcuffs on, some kind of escaped mental patient or something, still doesn’t explain his messed up face.

  33. Park shin-hye says:

    Oh I’m very afraid

  34. M.A.B says:

    Its almost perfect everything is good except the acting like the emotions and reactions

  35. Kaitlyn Morgan says:

    Why do I watch these things at night?

  36. JKK Films says:

    whats that font used for the sms?

  37. says:

    I like her nails

  38. ceth Bain says:

    but the rest was good

  39. xavier415 says:

    Night night keep your butt hole tight.

  40. Unicorn Master says:

    I pooed my self ZHAHAHHAAHHAHAA

  41. LP HyperActive says:

    This is fake


    cleansing ceremony like purge the movie ?

  43. Ann Deraedt says:

    Ahahaha actually this video makes me laugh cause of that mask!😂👻

  44. Marco Fazio says:

    Fa proprio paura e chi se lo vede più😰😰

  45. Vierge Lapommeray says:

    she didn’t even make a noise

  46. Scorpion Mee says:

    I like her nails 😛😛
    But gud 1 🙂

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