Occupied | Short Horror Film

Occupied | Short Horror Film

You aren’t the only one working late…

With a long night ahead, a man alone at work encounters a strange disturbance during his bathroom break.

Starring: Lee Silva, Taylor Kerby
Directed by: Mitchell Kerby, Taylor Kerby
Director of Photography: Mitchell Kerby
Edited by: Mitchell Kerby, Taylor Kerby
Sound Editing by: Mitchell Kerby

Shot on Canon T3i/600D
Edited with Adobe Creative Cloud

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49 Responses to Occupied | Short Horror Film

  1. sarang s kumar says:

    whats just happened? o.O

  2. ashish gajbhiye says:

    There was nothing like a horror element in it, no sense at all. Why was the so called ‘horror thing’ in it attacked him only?

  3. Kirsty Wright says:

    He used more paper to wipe his hands than his arse 🤔

  4. Shamma Sumbhaniya says:

    end is not good 😝

  5. Karstens Creations says:

    As the saying goes, there’s 5 minutes I’ll never get back…

  6. UndeadGamer 197 says:

    its ten thirty the lights are off and my closet it cracked just enough for some1 to look thru lets go fullscreen

  7. Brianna like a boss Taylor says:

    Ha is it just me but in the start of the vid he looked like a body builder but then he was crying later in the film and also when it was time to go I would of said um….not trying to be. Weird but can u wait. For me and the monster would of been REALLY NOW and also is it really commen for a grown man not to have a phone I mean my sisters 7 and sh has one like WTF so the morals is a phone can save your 🍑

  8. Kazema Hussain says:


  9. Dailybasin says:

    That nigga Didn’t Even Shit I couldn’t Hear the ‘plop’ probably Just something Wrong with his knob So he has to sit while pissing

  10. gagan sharma says:

    not a interesting movie. most of short movies are very interesting but this movie is not.

  11. Ravi Knight says:

    I agree…😈

  12. Nandini Raybaruah says:

    for me its bor!!.. sorry!!!!…..

  13. Andre Holder says:

    Uses one sheet of toilet paper

  14. WubbsTheWeirdo says:

    U wanna know why I don’t use public restrooms? Ye. This is why.

  15. Trent Vaughn says:

    I’m a couple years late, but this is phenomenal. Great work, great storytelling, great shots, great atmosphere. There isn’t anything here I can say that hasn’t been said before so just know that I will definitely be subscribing. 🙂

  16. Arshiya Shaikh says:


  17. Stro_benz says:

    That final shot was amazing

  18. I_Dropped_It says:

    One time my school put locks on the bathroom stalls, but on the outside. My school is smart

  19. Morcego538 says:

    i use baby whipes and im proud of it!!

  20. batman likes pizza says:

    Thank you comment section 😂😂😂😂

  21. kim black says:

    Now this should have definitely won an award. I could see this as the opening for a really good full length movie.

  22. Strider Soft says:

    yeh, that was a good one.

  23. elektro3000 says:

    Guys, guys! Have you never taken the Immaculate Shit? Where it comes out like magic and the toilet paper comes back clean?

  24. K.S. K says:

    it wasn’t a ghost,,,it was a psycho killer…🤔🤔🤔🤔

  25. William Powell says:

    I dont understand how this is popular

  26. Rafael Trivino says:

    He’s fine he just got the wind knocked out of him.

  27. John Doe says:

    Attention amateur film makers: Please stop with the flickering lights. It’s not scary and it’s a painfully cheap/outdated effect.

  28. Dadex Dadic says:

    This is good,scary,very nice

  29. Kunal Shah says:

    moral of the story:use adequate amount of toilet paper or the spirit will do it for u?

  30. Emma Emma says:

    LOL LOL He’s taking a shit. xD

  31. Seth O'neal says:

    did this fool whipe his ass with one sheet??? 🤔🤔

  32. unknown93516 says:

    you can see the blood being poured lol

  33. Hexkwondo says:

    great movie. The hallway scene instilled a sense of dread in me. But the ending was a little underwhelming and felt like a cheap jumpscare

  34. no name says:

    so this nigga died wit shit in his ass crack

  35. Fernando Veiga says:

    Instead of staying in the bathroom seeing how the monster moves the door he could have jumped to other toilet and run while the thing was distracted by the door

  36. hamster0nevrose says:

    A common way to say don’t shit in my toilets

  37. Sajjaad Francis says:

    sucked, what’s the point in using effects and sounds for the scare instead of a monster etc, boring and not scary

  38. Christopher Bedrosian says:

    wow oh wow! I think i need to use the bathroom now LOL

  39. shico jones says:

    his fingernails Occupied with shit…not enough TP bruh

  40. The Siren says:

    seems like he had a pretty shitty day.. buh dum tsss.

  41. The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV says:

    1 square of toilet paper he deserved to die

  42. damian andres says:

    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!

  43. Pat Lucas says:

    Dude had his phone which has a flashlight. Even just activating the home screen provides a lot of light. And….did you know you can actually use a phone to call for help? It’s a little known fact about cell phones.

  44. Digital Infotainment says:

    Not that horrific !! But good work in the sound department. 🙂

  45. Harihara Sarma says:

    bull shit got new name – ‘occupied’..

  46. Just KK says:

    The one piece of toilet paper has me weak 😂😂😂

  47. UndeadGamer 197 says:

    thank god its over

  48. jesse law says:

    Wow! This blows!

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