Award-winning short film. Screenplay by Rick Hautala. Based on the short story by Kealan Patrick Burke.

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50 Responses to Peekers

  1. Weirdest Budday says:

    The grandma and grandpa NAILED IT! I was like "Fack that sheet!"

  2. gaivskakashi says:

    this is the scariest thing i have ever seen in my life

  3. Aakaash Basu Chowdhury says:

    I was shit horrified.great plot man. woff ..

  4. Oscar Duarte says:

    WTF. This was so unnerving. I got chills. The weird cheesyness, acting, concept. Brilliant!

  5. Bloodbjorn says:

    This is really good! I’d love to see what these people could make with a higher budget!

  6. Nadia Love Jade says:

    I love this short film soooo much. Thank you for making this !!

  7. fairytales says:

    Can I have that breakfast tho?

  8. T Belcher says:

    This was one of the first short horrors that scared the blue out of my jeans.

  9. Sonali Rai says:

    I was a bit creeped throughout the film. I don’t know why; but when he screamed at the end, I coudn’t help but laugh my head off! πŸ˜‰

  10. bubbacas23 says:

    summed up in two words called: holy crap.
    great film

  11. Judy Welsh says:

    Brilliant! Scared the crap out of me. Really creepy.

  12. Patrik KoΕ™enΓ‘Ε™ says:

    Ok, I’m on short horror marathon right now and this one is really original, love it! And I’m spooked as f*ck, great job! BTW reminds me of a short film I’m looking for for a very long time, it’s about a guy who drives and runes through town and sees all the people as figurines, do you guys know its name please? Anyone? πŸ™‚

  13. sayali jathar says:


  14. Chris Hoene says:

    Masterpiece…. };-)>

  15. MythicalRedFox says:

    That’s some Twilight Zone shit right there

  16. Andrew HE says:

    wow really nice breakfast making my mouth water~

  17. Isabella Scott says:

    Awesome. I have to say that scream made me laugh. Loved it.

  18. Kris Kane says:

    that was legit creepy as hell…but his scream at the end made me laugh so hard πŸ™‚

  19. King McLaughlin says:

    Wow, this is truly an inspired work! Anyone can effectively make the age old "Body-snatcher" trope scary but it takes real creative vision to give it a creative twist in the way you did! Bravo!

  20. Lennise Fuller says:

    Totally Three Thumbs up!..scared the Sshit out of me!! :-D…creepy ass old people πŸ˜€

  21. Elise Zimmerman says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love this video. When someone wants something scary to watch I always send them this. This still gives me chills. Great work

  22. metalhusky says:

    When i saw the quality of the picture and the camera work, i wanted to close the video, but still, i was intrigued and when she started to giggle i actually got goosebumps, wtf, i never get creeped out by horror movies anymore, i am searching for a good one for 12 years or so and this is the first one actually get a reaction out of me, a short film of all things.
    Good job guys!

  23. LeonieT says:

    I got a ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ kind of vibe xD the kinds that wants to play instead of taking over your body.

  24. Patrik KoΕ™enΓ‘Ε™ says:

    I’m watching it for a third time and now I’ve realised: the main character’s voice is incredibly similar to the one of Jessie from Breaking Bad, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

  25. Riki M says:

    LOL it was funnyXD

  26. Macayla Marie says:

    Oh my god this is one of the best horror shorts I’ve ever seen! Great job guys

  27. Ariadne Sousa says:

    Isso podia ser um curta de terror, mas o protagonista dΓ‘ pinta no final :v

  28. B H Mch says:

    The first 2 min make you starved for a great breakfast….

  29. Miss Lamb says:

    The true horror of this short film is how the man never gets to eat a single bite of that amazing breakfast

  30. hendra arpo says:

    this is fucking thing. I am not scared. I did like to laugh loudly to this movie.. Man, you make some awesome unpredicteble idea.

  31. Carolyne Christina_ says:

    Lol I used to be TERRIFIED of this. I showed my friends and then turned away because I was so scared to look at it. It still gives me the chills.

  32. V B says:

    This ruined the goodwill logo

  33. Dei H says:

    Haha, the scream at the end was so cartoonish. It was a great creepy film though. Acting was pretty well done.

  34. New Direction says:

    Loved your short!
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  35. WEBSCARED - What Are Your Nightmares about? says:

    Hi Mark. I’ve been a long time fan of your short "PEAKERS". I am a film maker/producer myself aiming to expose great horror content to the world. I’d like to add your short in my own Playlist on YouTube and would love to interview you if possible? (to write an article about Peakers in an upcoming blog/site about horror I am building. Would you be available for an interview?

  36. COME ON TITTY says:

    I came from scaryforkids

  37. King Kong says:

    a hot breakfast turn it cold..

  38. Mirjam Te. says:

    When i first watched this i didnt find it thaaat scary. but later on, when im home alone and imagine that happen to me… yeah, its scary

  39. Steven Byers says:

    This short had such a great setup. I liked the idea that the old man turned out to be like his wife, but I didn’t care for the ending. Rather than leaving the audience in a WTF mood, maybe explain what’s going on? I know, I know, things are scarier when left up to the imagination, but you need to take me there first. If I’m just confused, I don’t find that scary- I’m just confused. Nevertheless, I was entertained and I had a "Goosebumps" vibe from this short- good job!

  40. Dan Strickland says:

    No jump scares, no blackouts, no cheesy effects.Great short.

  41. smshah232 says:

    That first Peeker is a bona fide GILF. I’d like to see a little more of her body than half her face, if you take my meaning.

  42. Reyza Vama says:

    that creepy. :((

  43. Wolfatadoor says:

    Effective stuff! Every time I’m at the bottom of a staircase I think of that old lady’s face!

  44. Silverheart says:

    Mr. S, you rock. I’m gonna miss film class.

  45. Wolfatadoor says:

    Loved it.

    Also the lead looks like an Aaron Paul n Mike Judge lovechild.

  46. Moonlight Glow says:

    that stare is fucking creepy!!!

  47. Dusk Silvers says:

    That was amazing but creepy. I would like to know what those creatures/people really are because that’s what confused me.

  48. Ryan Reed says:

    That’s some spooky shit.

  49. Rebecca Nelson says:

    damn it…
    the first part of this one made me frikkin hungry.

  50. Bodacious Will says:


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