Perception (Short Horror Film)

Perception (Short Horror Film)

An innocent game utilizing a virtual reality headset quickly becomes a nightmare…
I hope you enjoy my latest short horror film, entitled Perception!

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50 Responses to Perception (Short Horror Film)

  1. Vas happenin Z says:

    Holy Crap! That was so good! That scared me a bit and it didn’t help that it was nice but this was good. I kinda thought that that dude was behind it thought when he went into his car (I also thought ge might have gotten killed ) but that’s really good!

  2. Katastrophecy says:

    >guy who clearly is holding a cardboard box comes down the stairs
    >"Is that a box?"

    Work on the shitty dialogue and observations.

  3. Jimmy Durrell says:

    I love this! The concept is awesome and the cinematography is perfect. This was a great short film.

  4. WANNABE AARON says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented but I have been off of YouTube for a while but I’m back and WOW was this a great film. The tension was spectacular, the camera angles and movement were outstanding, the story was amazing!!! Man, you are genuinely one very talented film maker and you have been ever since that Poptropica series. Keep up the great work man and I can’t wait for the next masterpiece of yours.

  5. Epic Studios Films says:

    Amazing! Keep up with the great work.

  6. broadwaymelody33 says:

    This concept is terrifying holy shit

  7. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:


  8. Skylar Lee says:

    Wow, this is a really awesome film! Great job 👍

  9. Creative Corner says:

    I loved this sooooo MUCH!❤

  10. J.J Marlon says:

    wow!even though the ending I didn’t get much. the original idea was great.

  11. Ms Sammi Ross says:

    damn that was creepy

  12. Renee Morrow says:

    This is so cool and different from other short horror films. Great job!

  13. Twisted Gaming says:

    that was awesome

  14. vincent says:

    whoa very good

  15. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    Good job, bro!!! Keep it up!

  16. The Lenork Project says:

    Wow, this is a really good film! Keep up the good work man!

  17. Anyssa Rios says:

    What do you use to edit?

  18. Horror future #7 says:

    I loved it!

  19. yassine skhoun says:

    great job dude! keep up the good work!

  20. A Katsuki-Nikiforov says:

    lol i did nt see tht coming

  21. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr says:

    I like this flick very much! On its way to awesome!!!

  22. CoolArtBoy68 says:

    This short film is probably one of the best videos on your channel. I’m still confused with the ending because I’m not sure how the killer’s supposed to kill, while his victim’s wear the headset. Besides that, the short film was amazing. I also really like the location, really sets the creepy mood. Keep up the great work.

  23. Halftone Films says:

    That was pretty good! The story was pretty original I think, compared to other youtube horror shorts. I feel like the Edgar Wright esque editing was a bit overused and a little out of place for the tone and pacing, but the editing and directing in general are both good! The characters acted pretty in sync with how they would in real life for the most part, nice job. Nice sort of twist too, didn’t expect that.

  24. TimeCode Mechanics says:

    Not bad, just couldn’t buy the premise. Reminds me of old 90’s ideas of what VR is mixed with modern tech. The idea of it being so tight on his head it couldn’t be removed and him not trying to run or fight back… I don’t know. A movie where a person is trapped in a VR world is interesting.

  25. Wynthose says:

    @1:06 get rid of the guy on the right the guy on the left is probably the best actor of all time

  26. Damian Mitchell says:

    dude. dude. just dude. that was AWESOME

  27. Max Hakim says:

    that was crazy, good work man

  28. where's my rooptoff says:

    DUDE. My God, you guys have really made a move on. Your videos are amazing. I can’t believe how far you’ve gone from just Production Poptropica, which was my childhood (or at least one of the biggest parts of it.) Thank you for the memories you gave me and for continuing to make videos to entertain us. You have so many more people in this and more actors, and I’m amazed. Two questions though, how old are you guys now and are you still friends with Dayonder and the people who helped you out in Production Poptropica? Sorry for this REALLY long comment not really pertaining to the video very much haha.

  29. LB3 Short Films says:


  30. julian ubrig says:

    was that a demon?

  31. where's my rooptoff says:

    I wish i was skinny and as good looking as you guys haha.

  32. BBD Production says:

    very well done. great cinematography, i personally love the intro because for me it has a box office vibe to it, the main idea it self is awesome, but.. the climax in 7:01 kinda lacks the "boom feel" if you know what i mean xD maybe it’s lacking a flesh tearing sound or something.. that’s my personal thought anyway. but overall i really love it. you got yourself a subscriber, i wanna see what comes next. keep rockin dude!

  33. Aliant says:

    Wow you’ve really UPPED your game Graham!

  34. dsadad21 says:

    Awesome concept and great twist at the end, deterred by horse shit acting. I laughed the whole time. Get some better actors, otherwise great job dude

  35. New Direction says:

    Loved your short!
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  36. TurtleJumpsEnterprises says:

    Awesome video dude! Keep them coming!

  37. Adriana Medeiros says:

    It’s awesome 🤗👏👏 Job well done.

  38. MasMash Films says:

    This was amazing! Really a very good horror short on youtube! Just out of curiosity were the street names on the clipboards homages to other horror directors (carpenter, kurbrick, etc.)?

  39. RK_Studios says:

    Yo That was really cool! Nice work! I made a short a while back with a similar genre, mind checking it out?

    Also, what camera did you use? I loved the flatness of the shots.

  40. Lost Utopia Films says:

    WOW awesome job on this! This has some of the most creative and smooth scene transitions I’ve seen in short horror on Youtube. The premise with the VR and the tension building was also fantastic! I’m subbing! I recently just made a Creepypasta short film and I’d love to hear what you thought of it, you’re really talented!

  41. TheBlues32 says:

    My only complaint is that no one thought to grab the guy who gave it to him and call the police on HIM instead of assuming he’d actually take responsibility for what had happened. Even if they aren’t thinking clearly, you’d think a friend would tackle the guy in a rage or something.

    Come to think of it, why didn’t anyone stop him and ask why he had to leave the room with the device just to call the police? Any of them could have done so with their own phones…

    But minor complaints aside, the premise was brilliant. Finally, it isn’t silly to say, "If you die in the game, you die for real!" …nah, that still sounds silly.

    And I guess his friends sort of help kill him. By holding him in place, he couldn’t run.

  42. Anna Darling says:

    This was awesome. It would be even awesome-r if you id a follow-up video using the same actor (or perhaps someone else who was playing this ‘game’) to explain what the rules are, what he’s working toward with the points… It all seems really interesting!

  43. Videotic says:

    This is awesome! What camera did you use?

  44. Mana productions says:

    I like the thought of this really great work KEEP IT UP !!!!!!

  45. London Purvis says:

    I fucking LOVED this! The acting was perfect, not too exaggerated and not too stiff, and the premise was amazing. I suspected that the horror of the game might end up being real, but I did NOT expect the twist that followed. Great job!

  46. Jim Belanger says:

    Very good, I mean very.

  47. Jake Stahl says:

    Wow. Just wow. Scary, intense, beautiful cinematography. Gotta say. That dude with the beard was creepy good at showing his anticipation during the killing scene. I’m expecting great things.

  48. Dayonder Productions says:

    And the plot thickens yet again!!!
    Ben was miraculously saved from his injury. However, the impact left him without any memory of what happened since he found the camera. 
    Meanwhile, another individual has retrieved said camera, only this person, a young man by the name of Sam, is aware of its power. For he has had many strange encounters with demonic devices. It all started years ago when he came across a murderous GPS. The device lead him to a mysterious figure who specializes in electronic contraptions of death. A figure referred to as The Technician. He was looking for an accomplice, and he found one in Sam…
    Meanwhile, Harry managed to escape Rachel’s wrath after his miserable failure. All he wants now is revenge on Ben for ruining his relationship. He is greeted by the technician, who says he can get rid of Ben in a way which he’ll be able to get away without legal trouble. All he has to do is bring Ben to a party. Harry eagerly accepts.
    Ben is now leading a somewhat normal life, even though he has no memories and his family thinks he’s dead. But aside from that, he’s good. Harry takes him to the party, where Claire is continuing her search for her past life. Once there, they are confronted by Sam, who gives Ben the technicians latest invention- a device called perception, which transports the wearer into an alternate realm of darkness, where the technician lies waiting. He attacks Ben and leaves him bleeding and unconscious. This whole time, Harry deliberately tries to make sure no one can get the device off Ben’s head. Believing Ben to be dead, Sam takes the device and leaves, off to claim another victim for the technician. 
    Now, Harry realizes the error of what he’s done, and flees the scene. Meanwhile, Claire can’t help but notice there’s something familiar about Ben, and Sam , too…
    And who knows what Rachel’s up to at this point.

  49. vamp says:

    nice…and so much potential!

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