Perspective (2014) – Short Horror Film | Award Winning Best Short Film

Perspective (2014) – Short Horror Film | Award Winning Best Short Film

CINEMATICACTION – [SHORT FILM] A horror (award winning) short film because it’s Halloween! Cause / effect / chicken-and-egg problem. It depends how you look at it. Perspective!

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This short film has won the first prize for best short film in the age group 13-17 at the Short4Dordt Film Festival 2014!

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49 Responses to Perspective (2014) – Short Horror Film | Award Winning Best Short Film

  1. draculol says:

    00:59 smooth dance moves, man

  2. Sky Juajan says:

    Awesome Job

  3. tuyen Tuyen says:

    very good film

  4. Bbb Yyy says:

    It would be really nice if you had not shown the perspective word for the second time. But the subject cleverly i like it.

  5. Larika Slabbert says:

    daaannnggg its lit!!! love the consept

  6. Nicki Lewinsky says:

    M.C kind of looks like the mayors son from Horton hears a who

  7. theatrefilmgirl says:

    great acting and cinematography but lacked story.

  8. Twilightblue7 says:

    LOL Nice.

  9. krnstrong says:

    this is actually nice

  10. lets be mythical says:

    good one but not that scary, you should add eventual entering of ghost or a creepy basement 2 minute story.

  11. AJ Perez says:

    I’m supposed to take Diet Kellin Quin here seriously?

  12. Spiros Koufos says:


  13. A. Ali says:

    Beautiful mind

  14. Renata Lisabeth says:


  15. Vishal sharma says:

    Nice concept great bro, i like your movie….

  16. End unit says:

    Nice editing, what camera did you use?

  17. springy100 andy says:

    *door closes* FUCK THIS SHIT I’M OUT!!! *leaves*

  18. Tori Simpsons says:

    I do not get it.

  19. Carmela M says:

    Good concept. It’s similar to The Others where the situation is viewed from an unexpected POV. And to support the theme further, the scene is also shot from a one-point linear perspective. Could use fewer special effects and more low-key music, but overall, a refreshing take on the genre.

  20. Penny Iki says:

    Się naćpał i jeszcze się dziwicie

  21. noemi2007 says:

    Wow! That was excellent!!!!

  22. Arpan Tribhuwan says:


  23. MrBracey100 says:

    Ha! That was clever!

  24. omanas gaza says:

    what an amazing work it’s simply yet creative and genius it’s a movie material it’s remind me of a horror movie called the others keep up the good work ❤

  25. team c&k !!! says:

    J’ai surkiffe

  26. Just Aguy says:

    i was confused at first,but now i get it and it’s brilliant
    the thought of two parallel universes clashing
    hence why the two couldn’t see themselves

  27. Indra Bhushan Priyadarshi says:

    this was amazing dude !!!!!

  28. Kat cat says:


  29. Hal Emmerich says:

    Original idea. short and to the point!
    Well done

  30. David Fera says:

    This was cool even though I knew what was going to happen with the second part but it was still different

  31. Zecksy Boy03 says:

    This is very clever man I like it

  32. lee-lèh compliments says:

    Oh that was beautiful

  33. Stigma says:

    Simplistic and original. No lme jumpscares. I liked it

  34. Adam Painter says:

    I get it, neither of the guys could see each other so instinctively they thought that each other were ghosts. 3/5

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  36. wfcpeters77 says:


  37. Rakesh Pal says:

    this is good stuff, u made a SciFi n accurate horror on parallel time lines for same person observing an occurrence.. amazing

  38. lil Yu says:

    wow this is funny how doors just keep on slaming the doors

  39. MONSTA says:

    great concept

  40. kshiti sharma says:

    Really intelligent take

  41. Twenty øne piløts addict says:

    good but the sound effects and glitches were annoying and was all a bit confusing but nice try

  42. Ravi Knight says:

    Excellent… 👣

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  44. Jan K says:

    Creative, original, and upsetting as hell! 12/10

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  46. Imaginary Winchester says:

    Spot on!!! Very well done 🙂

  47. Alee Javaid says:

    Very good and very different thanks for uploading.

  48. Grinning Jackal Animations says:

    Wow. I could not have expected that. I’ve been browsing short horror films all morning so I can study the technique, and this is definitely the best one so far. You did a spectacular job of both establishing a tense and foreboding atmosphere and conveying a sophisticated and beautifully dark theme. Awesome!

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