Pictured – Short horror

Pictured – Short horror

Another short horror in our apartment. Check out the rest here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGRZsFfCA9c3E79YbRfVTZOBUcgt9Ws5p

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49 Responses to Pictured – Short horror

  1. Ludwig Van Beethoven says:

    if i see a picture move,first in going ti draw a gigant penis in the missile,then,in probably going ti burn the picture

  2. Diego Henriquez says:

    like el que es de Chile , jajajajajajajajajajjkjjj

  3. Daniel CC says:

    this is the scaryest

  4. Dolphin Girl 131410 says:

    Woman hears strange noises- "Seems odd."
    Sees plant on the floor- "strange."
    Sees girl in the picture is not how it was- "maybe I remembered it wrong. "
    Sees girl in the picture disappear- "HOLY SHIT."
    Sees girl in the picture move again- "Well, shit is going down, but I’m just gonna stay here and watch the girl in the picture move."
    Sees girl move again- "I’m going to get a weapon to defend myself against what is clearly paranormal phenomena or a hallucination."
    Sees girl move AGAIN- "I’m just going to keep looking at it, like some sort of creepy TV."
    "Oh. Now I’m dead."
    Really, REALLY good short film though. Well done!

  5. The Voice of Reason says:

    First rule of horror- if you see a picture changing, or hear strange noises, swing the damn hammer at the next thing you see.

  6. Fitim ` says:

    qui dopo aver visto l’inspiegabile?

  7. P R O B L E M A T I C says:

    BR 🍌🍍🌻🌴

  8. Maj Tolentino says:

    Well i would love to have that picture . Its some sort of an art to my view

  9. Jacob Lofthus says:

    The ending got me. Good work!

  10. Maplaptop says:

    3 min fake horror gets loads of YouTube views.

  11. Brittany Reid says:

    I love your films! They are the best I’ve found, anywhere on the internet, and I’ve seen a lot! She is by FAR my favorite actress. It’s not easy to express so much emotion (as if you were all alone) in just a couple minutes, and she does it over and over. Well done! I’m subscribed! I hope you’re still making films, and continue to make more!

  12. Russell Russian says:

    Note; never buy a picture in black and white and have a girl staring daggers at you.

  13. Nee xx says:

    I dint see why there would be any hate for this this is AMAZING

  14. ROSHAN ARORA says:

    Lights out heroine…she is pretty good in horror movies…she must try something big

  15. Trayvon Smith says:

    did hehehehe you have to do it is not a big fan level fanatic you I know how it was done cuz I don’t know who you are but you know I don’t do I need to know that you need to do the stuff that I don’t know how to jump and do I’ll let you know how to jump in jump in jump junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk junk you know you really know you know you know you know you know how to write you don’t have to get that money and get that out what you can get the money and get something you can do while let it get that bad what you can do all that and get that power what you can get that money get back and you get that money and give you that you get that money you get back and you get the money and you get that give back you get that money yet you get to get back you get that bail money do you get to get back you better get the right thing then get back and did you send that thing could you not

  16. The Voice of Reason says:

    Watching the playlist. This bitch has died likje 12 times. She should just go to a small room with 6 other people, who are her friends, with blank walls, no boxes, and have a knife, and no sheets. And several mirrors.

  17. Old glory says:

    Stupid. Just stupid. The effects aren’t even bad, it’s just the characters. No one would EVER DO THIS. It isn’t believable. If I saw a fucking picture move, you best believe I’m out of that fucking house. Do better

  18. First Name Surname says:

    Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink. Good luck.

  19. Zak says:

    Ma Dio porcoo
    che cazzo e?
    ma vaffanculo

  20. cats400 says:

    The moment I saw that bitch in the picture move, I’m throwing it out of my window

  21. Russell Russian says:


  22. c. j. macq says:

    i’m beginning to repeat my short horror movie views. but with this one its okay because its so damned good! thanks again for this little gem.

  23. The Shadow Man says:

    An idea i had, was that you would open an everyday door in your house, to find a small room, with another door, you’d open that to find another small room with a door, you’d be weirded out, and decide to leave, so you’d open the door from which you came, only to find another small room with a door, you’d be scared at this point, rushing back to where you came, passing by the rooms over and over, until you’d be stuck in a room with no doors, the door you’d came in would vanish, and you’d die of starvation and thirst.

  24. well OFCOURSE says:

    JUST BUST THE DAMN PICTURE WITH THE HAMMER!!!!! and then burn the broken picture with fire, herbs and holy water

  25. spiders venom says:

    much love guys your great

  26. DSoundtrack Gallore says:


  27. Ana Gamboa Evans says:

    Am I the only one who if I saw that, I’d try talking to the girl in the picture. Seriously, find out what happened and if it gets dangerous, get a priest over to my place to bless it and take the picture and burn it.

  28. L e says:


  29. EnnderLink says:

    dude, this is 1000 times better than any horror films

  30. Ricardo Gondim says:

    This short horror is awsome..

  31. Gísli Stefán says:

    1:44 this kind of ruined it for me. If you expect an intruder in your home, whether you suspect it’s supernatural or not, you don’t pick up a weapon and then look into a mirror to reassure yourself. You go full rambo mode.

  32. Demarco PoLo says:

    Aw this shit happing to this girl … don’t she ever think

  33. Michele Galli says:

    you are a genius!

  34. nadand val says:

    So amazing. Really, good job, keep doing this videos

  35. Lil Nerf Vert says:

    Has a hammer in the hand.
    Doesn’t smash the picture.
    Prefers to cover her eyes until the thing gets her.

    Horror movie people are seriously another species

  36. SUPER STAR says:


  37. Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Wahid says:

    Niantai Tuto chaio

  38. Scary Vids 2020 says:

    note to self don’t watch ponysmasher videos after sun goes down

  39. Russell Russian says:


  40. Boj Ayon says:

    you were the ones who made the short film ‘Lights Out’ then it was made into a full film

  41. Juan Sebastian Gonzalez Munevar says:

    por town nooooo  like si veniste por mastercraksam

  42. SMHM says:

    If i was in such a house, i would had jumped through the window.

  43. Catherine Abellanosa says:

    wait, isn’t she the girl in "lights out"? the short film one.

  44. Satan says:

    How about take that painting off the wall and burn it
    or just burn the entire house.

  45. Darth Vader says:

    Nice vid. From Italy!

  46. Nicolas Alberti says:

    Good idea for an horror story

  47. Alex Headley says:

    My house was settling while I watched this and it freaked me out!

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