Pokémon – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

Pokémon – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

Do you know of a song you want ruined? Leave your idea in the comments and if I like it, I’ll do it!

With all this Pokemon Go nonsense, I had to do the original Pokemon opening intro. Thank you, Im a fricken SHE-Bird, for the idea!

Evil YTP parody music video made in demonic “G Major” in a creepy studio to ruin your childhood. Scary remix cover to cause terror and nightmare fuel.

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20 Responses to Pokémon – Theme Song (Horror Version) 😱

  1. McCrackerNutz says:

    Do Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At

  2. Leonardo Sanchez says:

    Pokemon.exe has been horrifyingly corrupted

  3. Good Measure says:

    now do the orange islands theme song next

  4. Jon Gandee says:

    My brother likes this show.

  5. Goodgirl86 Minecraft Mj Fan says:

    Lol funny

  6. Michael Portman says:

    Pokemon!oh no shit

  7. Im a fricken SHE-Bird says:

    Oh wow you posted my other request its sooo cool! Thanks and pikachu is so cute!!

  8. Xehanort10 says:

    "I’m gonna be the very worst like everyone is. To enslave them is my real test. To kill them is my cause. I will travel across the land searching far and wide. Each Pokemon to understand the evil that’s inside. Pokemon gotta kill them all. It’s you and me. I know it’s my destiny. Pokemon. Oh you’re my worst enemy in a world we must conquer. Pokemon. A heart full of lies. Our evil will pull us through. You kill me and I kill you. Pokemon. Gotta destroy them all. Gotta destroy them all. Pokemon."

  9. Koneko says:


  10. GhoulKiller9001 says:

    you should do fullmetal alchemist opening 1 "again"

  11. Pia Pena says:

    Now do the Diamond and Pearl theme.

  12. Elijah Cruhigger says:

    MY CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!!

  13. Chris Guinn says:

    can you do fisher price laugh and learn theme song?

  14. SuperNova_Films22 says:

    Hahaha wtf

  15. Silencer Gaming says:

    That is not scary

  16. Samuel Ao says:

    who got here from the Chadtronic Subreddit

  17. sonic cool star says:

    Satinmon catch the devil

  18. Super Sonic Boom says:

    Do Lavender Town Horror Version.I’m curious as to what it sounds like.

  19. Poot Mallory Teh Object Thingy says:

    Do Pokemon Xy

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