RED BALLOON (Horror Movie 2011)

RED BALLOON (Horror Movie 2011)

13 minutes thriller short film Directed by Damien Mace and Alexis Wajsbro Red Balloon Trailer Horror Movie 2011

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50 Responses to RED BALLOON (Horror Movie 2011)

  1. Heather Ions says:

    Well made and suspenseful. πŸ™‚

  2. Noctis The beilever says:


  3. Marli Andersen says:

    That was great!

  4. Asha Nimo says:

    Omg she’s from Eastenders!

  5. Diane Winchester says:

    Selfish bitch ofΒ a babysitter.Β  Not sad to see her go.

  6. PeekabooHamsters says:

    This wasn’t scary

  7. reyes robledo says:

    is she dead plz tell me no

  8. stephanie porter says:

    6:05 hey are you home alone right now? same

  9. Noctis The beilever says:

    Yay my plans of sleeping are over and I can’t because I’m on a planeπŸ˜”πŸ˜ž I’m gonna fall asleep on the plane and have nightmares of that mascot in the plain and gonna crash the freakin plane😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. sadsadsadsadsadsad sadsadsadsadsadsad says:

    ok but when the little girl is smiling in the mirror… damn thats some sixpenceee shit

  11. Ok says:

    πŸ˜‚ ditchin the girl omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to be fair thats what id do id be like fuck the lil shit πŸ˜‚

  12. Isaac guerrero says:

    "it mister snuggles hey mister snuggles" mister snuggles:bitch put me down your disappointing

  13. Jack BMW says:

    WTF is this shit?

  14. Addre says:

    lol why did she go in again i would be tf gone if i had that dream. That is the most retarded shit ive ever seen someone do…

  15. AJ and KC says:

    Ok do not watch the part at 6:05!!!!!!!!

  16. Naughty Demon says:

    Screw that, I’d leave the kid even if she were my own and gtfo of there

  17. Samantha Carr says:

    how dies the criminal keep unbuttoning dorthys button and get back to His hiding spot .with her not hearing

  18. emluvsgirr says:

    maybe I’m thinking too much into it but if the little girl was talking to him before why did she end up screaming? also what, was the guy like her brother or something?

  19. gajonn codxx says:

    This was back 2011 my first horror movie ever.

  20. Ermac Gaming says:

    Great movie but wish there was a little more and the ending just needed something in it well great short horror movie

  21. Zie K says:

    Holy shit the build-up in this film is so powerful my heart is pounding…

  22. Hope L says:

    Kudos to the babysitter for not being a typical horror film idiot and actually getting out of the house immediately (even if she did leave Dorothy behind lol) and calling 911 immediately

  23. pipermarshmallow11 says:

    captions please!

  24. Clinic528Superstition says:


  25. Paul Mccafffery says:

    Oh God. Attack of Bugs Bunny’s Uncle Part 2 = Trousers

  26. Lily Hettler says:

    The mom is the bunny on tv it said radford she called and said ms radford



  28. Jo Cogswell says:

    God, this was the scariest short films I’ve seen in a while. Fantastic job! Was the bunny her brother or something?

  29. Rushabh Bhakta says:

    Good short but kinda hard to suspend disbelief enough to forget that the FIRST place police would check for an escaped criminally insane patient would be their former residence, especially if it was near the asylum lol.

  30. LJCADG says:

    From the very start of the film when there was a shot of those stuffed animals I thought to myself that I didn’t like that rabbit doll and I suspected just before the reveal that, when I saw it’s body appeared to have a shirt which is abnormal for a doll of course, that it was a human.
    I love horror movies like this; people are more scary than ghosts or monsters and I’ve always loved babysitter horror movies; amazing, great job! πŸ˜€

  31. RANDOMGUY says:

    There is this pain in my ear when everything gets silent. Are they using that spielberg low frequency stuff. Cause it’s really making me feel uncomfortable

  32. Kelsey says:

    I wonder what happened to her

  33. That Guy Who Loves Mac And Cheese says:


  34. sma 1134 says:


  35. This random Person says:

    When u see the eye on the rabbit😱

  36. 7strangegarden7 says:

    That was absolutely one if the best Short Horror films I’ve EVER seen. Loved it. Scary, Had an awesome story line. Actresses well fit. Great casting job! A well done achievement!

  37. Zie K says:

    Damn… this some @sixpenceee shit…

  38. Orpheus Telos says:

    So. If anyone peeped that the killer started to unbutton the little girl’s shirt. My god. What the hell?

  39. causabon99 says:

    Why didn’t she get tooled up before going back in?

  40. Isabel Beerens says:


  41. Microphonecheck12whatisthis says:


  42. LitGilbert Yay! says:

    I’m still scared of this film

  43. Abhay Namboodiri says:

    Was the criminal a relative of the guys in the house
    cause the name was ratford and she called the owner Mr ratford

  44. c. j. macq says:

    excellent camera work beginning at 3:33! Hitchcock wanted to do a similar shot (in reverse) in the opening sequence of Psycho but the technology didn’t yet exist. thanks for the film.

  45. Vexed Viewer says:

    this was very good

  46. Clinic528Superstition says:

    Who’s on an ipad?

  47. Isaac guerrero says:

    she valls the cops and goes back in why … why … Why the cops have guns to shoot why go back in

  48. Ivan Grozni says:

    cute bunny πŸ™‚

  49. Cake The Dog says:

    holy pellets this one freaked me out 😣

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