Rocky Horror Picture Show-Hot Patootie-Bless my soul

Rocky Horror Picture Show-Hot Patootie-Bless my soul

No one uploaded this scene onto Youtube yet, or at least not the scene itself. So I figured i’d do so. Enjoy!

Note:Like the Mystery Men video I just recently uploaded this video was recorded off of another website. This time being from a website called New York Magizine.

Note:I use to never understood why Eddie was killed off by just an ice-pick. I figured he’d be much more of a fighter and that a chainsaw or a shotgun would have been a more believible way for Dr.Frank-N-Furter to kill him off. Most people(the comments that were posted in response to my question) say that Eddies more of a lover than a fighter and that half his brain is frozen. In that case I guess it counts as an explaination.

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50 Responses to Rocky Horror Picture Show-Hot Patootie-Bless my soul

  1. Serasia says:

    So….remind me to not ever steal the spotlight.

  2. ...x says:

    Fuck this film is retarded

  3. Marty Hall says:

    Mr. Curry much love but stupid ass movie, but much thanks to the generation that fell prey to it. It sickens me refuse to watch it.

  4. Laura Hardy says:

    2:08, when she wanna fuck but your dick still frozen

  5. F1KillerQueen says:


  6. michael sagemaster says:

    eddie is the doctors first creation, eddie was upset by rocky, and out performed him which upset the doctor that eddie was a better performer. thus he killed eddie.

  7. lostchild14000 says:

    well if you look at this movie REALLY closely, its easy to see why he was scared… think about it:
    frankis an alien with highly advance technology and a cryo stasis room in his lab, And he needed human body parts of some kind to make that monster. plus, near the end, columbia mentions how franks been a hedenist.

    my guess is: hes scared because frank probably took out half of his brain and put it into rockey. plus (if you really look at it) frank didn’t kill eddie because he broke loose, or because he started flirting with colubia. he killed eddie because he was becoming the center of attention, and after eddie dies, the other transilvanians (the drag queen aliens) have all disappeared except for his servants… and they all start to act so much moodier because the party’s over and their master has pretty much just made himself look like a violent child.

    what really speaks volumes is that no one calls him out on it, so he’s probably done shit like that before.

    frank represents an evil darker side. he’s an exaduration of greed, not a man.

    PLUS frank has a machine that can turn you to stone and control your body. eddie probably knew what he’s capable of and majenta & riff finally turned on him after he had replaced them in his horror picture show

  8. David Ross says:

    AR. There. Any. Virgin out. Ther

  9. thegriffin88 says:

    I went to highschool with a bunch of theater kids as friends. This movie was our entire jam for those 4 years. All the words, all the lyrics, all the callbacks we couldn’t say in front of the adults.

  10. Jo Winchester says:

    In response to the ice pick question.. Dr. Frank N Furter is pretty intimidating. If he was coming at me with an ice pick I’d dip too. Frank runs the place, he’s the boss, Eddie recognizes that

  11. blebis says:

    Eddie was too much of a man for Dr. Frankenfurter, showing up his own game and his mute fuckboy.

  12. Gary Sanders says:

    to: wytzox1 ( 1 yr ago ) Nothing to say about Meat Loaf (love his music) But I agree with you about —when SNL was worth watching. 80’s,I Wonder If that has anything to do with our age

  13. sha11235 says:

    Guess Eddie wasn’t tough enough to stand up to Frank there.

  14. lol ok bro says:

    can someone tell me how high this is for eddie? like the highest note he goes up to?

  15. sha11235 says:

    I think the girl he is singing about is Columbia.

  16. Lucifer Baron Grey says:

    meatloaf elvis hey baby you know im roster rockgod edie was blesing rockgods morison jager elvis saturday lets party drunk sex baby lets crazy columbia lim rebel drunk love alcochol rock sexmmachinee hot patotie bless my soul and erotica ghost

  17. Beenthere Donethat says:

    Love that guy.


    Meat FUCKING Loaf.

  19. Slayer Did it Better says:

    I’ve never understood why Frank N Furter killed him.

  20. General Aldo says:

    I’ve never fully understood how Frank could so easily kill/tame Eddie. Because Eddie is a pretty big man compared to Frank and could easily kick his ass

  21. Toby Finke says:

    anyone think this sounds just like Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll?

  22. sha11235 says:

    In answer to why Frank used an ice pick, in the stage version he used a chainsaw.

  23. Sekhubara says:

    Just an observation: who in their right mind would build a door that opens DOWNWARD? That’s a safety hazard.

  24. Mauro Fiorentini says:

    Lovely party!

  25. Alberto Bianchi says:

    eddy sei fore

  26. luke_2700k says:

    Awesome song, however this video has terrible audio quality.

  27. Pupii says:

    Esa si es una robada de escena y me encanta 😀

  28. Why Tho says:

    The saxaphone was blowin on a rock n roll show climbimed in the backseat we really had a good time lmao

  29. Levi richardson says:

    Theres no reed on that sax lol

  30. Emanuel Rice says:

    0:55 The person who dances in the background but is jealous and wishes it was them.

  31. hellothere says:

    One of the most hectic scenes to film so I hear.

  32. kaykay says:

    meatloaf’s done!

  33. terri hooks says:

    I love meatloaf in this!!! lol

  34. pukedragon says:

    Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

  35. Logan Blake says:

    Franks scream at the beginning was everything

  36. frank sinatra official says:

    **pulls saxophone out of my pocket** why Hello There

  37. FireWolfBoy9873 ! says:

    I have a cat named Pedro, and my mum loves this movie, especially when Magenta goes, EDDIE! at 0:03. So every time my mum sees Pedro, she goes… PEDEE!

  38. Rosie Lo says:

    So did he make that song up as he was singing it or had he been storing up that time when he was frozen , cause he surely couldn’t have known where he would end up if he got out of the freezer. Would he have just sung the song to an empty room?

  39. Alphatrout 9741 says:

    whatever happend to Saturday night’s…..

  40. Tayyibah Ayub says:

    aaaaah, is it just me or does the guy with glasses kinda look like Clark Kent, aka Superman?

  41. benjamin jordan says:

    rocky horror. the best.

  42. Thomas Sullivan says:

    that’s the way to pick your friends

  43. JSD says:

    This song makes you feel bad for Eddie. He clearly loves life but its cut short by the jealous scientist

  44. Alexander Hamilton says:

    here’s the good stuff! none of that live show crap.

  45. willz HatesU says:

    Better quality pliz?

  46. Kenny Byers says:

    I’ll always cherish the hours I spent chatting with Meatloaf……. high as a kite on anaesthetic … hahaha my soul was chatting to Meatloaf’s soul for hours it was transcendent ::::)))))

  47. Dylan Calvo says:

    Damn Adam lambert. Meatloaf owns this

  48. Odever says:

    Meat Loaf is my idol.

  49. Reggie3638 says:

    Meatloaf got axed by Pennywise, that’s so SMASHING!

  50. David Linnemeyer says:

    They were going to cut this song because no one could do it justice. Meatloaf came in and nailed it.

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